Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – WEPA!

Wow what a week if you missed the battle between Caballo and our DJ Umb over the present and future of Moombahton you missed one interesting battle of words. Here I’ll do you a favor it went something like this.

In the end (if there is such a thing as a end) it always amazes me how people debate over the arrangement of sound waves. I’ll take what I call The Universal Defense or Reality Defense. If you see things this way it all doesn’t really matter who is the best, where it’s going, where it’s been, who created it and what it is. How can anyone truly own sound anyway? Arranging sound waves, oscillating frequencies, speeding things up and slowing them down is just the manipulation of what has existed before time was conceived (or invented). So who cares? Enjoy the art and let if flow from within no matter who you are. You can be a master of it once it comes out naturally without effort. Or the classic line, “When you can’t tell the dance from the dancer.” I ramble on nonsensically about things we oddly take pride in. So what do I know anyway? Nothing and I’m cool with that.

Much respect however to Caballo and DJ Umb. Caballo is an opinionated writer and sometimes that can bite but in all honesty the best writers throughout history were quite opinionated and even more so, eccentric. (Not saying Caballo is eccentric of course). And DJ Umb with his contributions to the world of dubstep, kudoro, and moombahton he brought them to a whole new level. A genius editor and I definitely see things his way. (I’m not sucking up to the boss I swear). Both brilliant, both strong willed, and that’s why they have met such success.

Let’s go up north now or at least north to most of us in the cumbia world. I noticed a while back that there was a lot of innovative cumbia coming from Canada that I really wanted to cover especially from the collective known as WEPA. I have been a fan of theirs for some time now. I’ve had the honor to have my music featured in a couple of their mixes and now the honor of blogging about them here.

WEPA is a crew based out of Vancouver, British Columbia made up of the three dj/producers Will Eede, Dustin Zwaryck (Gameboy) and Ben Ulis (Self Evident). To best describe WEPA I’ll let Will Eede take care of that; “The three of us got together in early 2010 and formed a crew/club night/endeavor we originally simply called “Digital Cumbia”. We felt that considering how unfamiliar our local audience was with cumbia we had to be very overt and obvious to create a familiarity and get people to notice the direction we were taking. Later when I traveled with Ben to south america we realizaed the name “Digital Cumbia” was a rather clumsy title for touring places where cumbia is commonplace. We were also playing some other different genres as well so we decided to rebrand ourselves as “Wepa!” and the rest is historia,.

Besides us our crew comprises of a family of collaborators and artists namely Vicho Swing (ragga vocals) Dustin’s sister Sarah (spanish vocals) Ashley (aka Tones, DJ), Coya Boyz, Carlos “Los Equis” (blog author/photog) and many more loving family in vancouver and internationally.”

Their sounds are experimental incorporating dub, ragga, hip hop, jerk, dubstep and according to Will “Almost anything that has ambience and makes you feel that you are living a special and unique moment.”

I chose this week to feature WEPA due to their new mix titled MAPUCHE that was just released. I can’t describe in words how powerful this mix is. You really need to check it out for yourself (turn off the lights).


Want to see what they look like? Go to their Facebook page and LIKE them http://www.facebook.com/WepaCrew. Want more? Then watch this!

Wepa ! – Digital Cumbia - from Will ◊ Eede on Vimeo.

Here’s some samples of member Dustin Zwaryck a.k.a. Gameboy a.k.a. Buster Keaton. I appreciate his contributions to my Facebook group in the past as well.


Do you like Danny Trejo in the movie MACHETE? Then you’ll love this, I know I do.


This next one is true digital cumbia in every sense of the word DIGITAL.


This remix fits well with the last two posts but even so it fits very well here. Ben Ulis a.k.a. Self Evident chopped and screwed this gem to beyond perfection.


Adding his two cents to Coya Boyz I bring to you this brilliant digital cumbia remix


I saved my favorite Self Evident track for last. If I had to choose one track to describe the sounds of future cumbia this would be it. This is it!


To listen to what else Self Evident is up to check out his personal SoundCloud account. There’s a brilliant variety of sounds there.


Inspired not only by musicians but also authors, painters and visual artists, WEPA continues to evolve further with their unique sounds. They plan on sticking around growing their crew and traveling to new places and festivals. It would be wise to keep your eye on them.

Thank you Will Eede for the wealth of information you shared with me as well as your support and contributions to the evolution of cumbia may it never cease.

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