Kreayshawn – Gucci Gucci (Bassel Remix)

DJ Bassel gave me a bio, and I hated it. I hate most things, so perhaps it was good.

I met Bassel in Tennessee in the woods somewhere backstage at a festival, and he seemed oblivious of his position. As I was speaking with the guy, Funkmaster Flex was playing his edit of ‘Grove St. Party’.¬† RIGHT BEFORE MY FLIGHT TO ATLANTA, I’m driving around listening to the prime time DJ on the biggest hip-hop radio station drop a dubstep remix. Given my involvement with ‘Thugstep’, and my years in the game, this never really completely settled properly in my head. A DJ with 5 gold records was playing dubstep on a rap station that broadcasts to 8 million listeners. Perhaps I was thinking too much about it.

If Bassel continues at this pace, he is undoubtedly next to blow. His edits are phenomenal, and I will cross my fingers that someone convinces him to leave Chattanooga and adopts him into a major city so he can get the crowds, spins, and attention he deserves. Another genuinely good soul making great music.


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