Out Now: Nappy vs. Definate – This Is Anger

Rock The Dub has been offering up refixes for this project every week building up to today on Soundcloud, and it’s been a soft push for an insane project.
[soundcloud width=”100%” height=”165″ params=”” url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/1065845″]
This track started out a year ago as a concept with Definate and I. He had a 4 bar loop, and I was so inspired that I wrote a complete song to an unmastered loop. Definate cleaned his end up, sequenced it, and we shot it to a bunch of producers we liked.
Each version is completely different. Half of the submissions we got were tossed away, and I hope you enjoy the remixes Spooky, Teeza, Linton Brown, Sheer Dropz, Tim Reaper and The Two. Fifteens offered up.
I’ve given out several hundred¬† edits for free, and more projects will come.¬† But please support this one.

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