Melo is doing for the ladies . Second Sky – Messenger (DJ Melo Remix)

Ok. Quick post single track , i’m running to La Merce festival , but before i go i need to post this amazing track from Melo . Massive ladies vibes , so sweet so calm . A hi quality trip brought by Melo . Should i call it transnational moombahton???

Essential download . I hope to listen more like this .

Second Sky – Messenger (DJ Melo Remix) by azdjmelo

Now i’m running , this track comes with me in my ipod to flow in the streets of Barcelona . Thanks Melo for that .


  • Lightning Eyez September 28, 2011

    FYI this track is on the Spring of Moombahton – one of my favorites

  • Azdjmelo September 29, 2011

    thanks umb!!

  • Azdjmelo September 29, 2011

    oops, thanks mata!!!

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