NOVA – 7 Billion Miles – The Rebellion begins NOW!!!

One of my favourite modern Punk RockStep bands just released their debut album. I luv what these guys do and what they stand for.

Music & rebellion is all about this and they embody it in mind, spirit and look and they capture that same raw energy live. They def have something man and I just know at some point a lot more people will also recognize this!


You need this in your life!

Here’s the promo vid:

“Today’s most revolutionary band” RADIO ONE
“Dubstep has a new heavy-weight” TIME OUT
“The modern-day Sex Pistols” GENERATION BASS
“Domestic terrorism” THE METROPOLITAN POLICE

– 7 Billion Miles –

The debut album by NOVA

FREE DOWNLOAD: (piracy is good. don’t give us a penny!)

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