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Generation Bass Presents Moombah Volume III : Balkaton

Here’s volume III in our Moombah series, Nevermind the Moombahton, Here’s the Balkaton!

This EP is by Shazalakazoo and it’s called “Bang! Bang!”.

Being Released on Monday 31st October!!!

Shazalakazoo – Bang! Bang! EP Teaser (Mixed by Neki Stranac) – Out on 31st October by djumb


01. Bang!
02. Danca Do Facao (feat. MC Gi)
03. Neki
04. Rojo Rubi (feat. MishMish)

Mixed by Neki Stranac

Generation Bass prides itself in being one of the strongholds of the Moombahton movement. Developing and giving way to young producers to take the genre into new directions from Goombaton & Gabbahton to Moombahsoul and everything in-between. The next chapter in this continuing story is “Balkaton” and the awesome BANG! BANG! EP by that great band with the unpronounceable name Shazalakazoo!

Shazalakazoo is a band from Belgrade (Serbia) formed by Milan Djuric (usb-clarinet, plastic knobs, faders, rubber pads, silicon chips, singing and shouting) and Uros Petkovic (electric violin, turntablism and silicon chips). The band plays danceable electronic bass music spiced with the sounds originating mostly from their own region – the Balkans. Their interpretation of Balkan melodies, harmonies and rhythm patterns are often intertwined with the influences that come mostly from Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa, creating the unique musical blend which they call the Folkstep. These guys are on the forefront of the dance floor and have shifted slowly into Moombahton territory, blending their trusted organic sound with the hard hitting slow beats of the moombah movement!

The BANG! BANG! EP is a hard hitting “Balkaton” monster with 4 original tracks and two amazing remixes, one by Generation Bass regular SaBBo and one by Bert on Beats from Estonia, giving you a total of 6 heavy Global Bass bangers to burn up the floors across the world.

“Bang!” and “Danca Do Facao” set the mood with some great drum programming and dirty synths, referring to the origins of Moombahton, the slowed down dirty Dutch House. “Neki Stranac” is not only a highly prolific Moombahton producer in his own right (he is half of Shazalakazoo), his moniker has now been turned into one hell of a monstrous Moombahton track. Clipping synths and organic percussion form the base of what is surely a classic Moombah joint in the making! The following track “Rojo Rubi” blends Andalusian flamenco influences with an almost cumbia feel, brought together by the hard hitting beats of Moombahton.

This is the next level of global music. Forget everything you think you know about global music and blast out these tracks, this will relate to crowds worldwide!

As a added bonus (as if you need one!), our boy SaBBo turns “Danca Do Facao” into a scorching dance floor monster, complete with hard hitting synth blurbs and steady banging Moombah riddims and amazing Estonian producer Bert On Beats steps up the game by speeding “BANG” up to almost KUDURO speed, making it a true late night party monster!

Don’t sleep on this release and support the global Moombahton movement!

Danca Do Facao-Shazalakazoo ft MC GI (SaBBo Remix) by SaBBo

We’ll give away a free track on Monday from the EP but for now grab some free Neki (alter ego of Milan from Shazalakazoo) tunage:

SuperStereo feat. Szolga Józsi – Goran in the Disco Club (Neki Stranac Moombahton Mix) by NEKI STRANAC

Hide & Scream ft. A Girl And A Gun – Caligula (Neki Stranac Moombahcore Crap) by NEKI STRANAC

Palčići On Fyah – Kudurica (Neki Stranac Razmiks) by NEKI STRANAC

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