11:11 fuses down tempo dubs, hypnotizing bass and percussion with entrancing melodies and components of aboriginal music from all over the world. Their music connects listeners to their roots — to the elements of primal man. 11:11 is a symbol representing unity, oneness, universal consciousness & a connection to the source. A perfect example of duality represented as a singularity. Hailing from worlds apart in location, yet linked in sound similarity, their formation of a group parallels that of their music— these two wizards of rhythm stimulate awareness through tribal sounds.

11 11 – Synchronicity (11 11 11) by II:II

11:11 Mix Nov3 by II:II

11:11 – Ohm Namah Shivaya (Original Mix) by II:II

11:11 – 2012 (Original Mix) by II:II

11:11 – Battle Of Night & Day (Original Mix) by II:II

11:11 – Universal Consciousness (Original Mix) by II:II

11:11 – Universal Consciousness (Original Mix) by II:II

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