MUNCHI drops his first VIDEO!

Our most favourite big haired producer just dropped an awesome & cool video on youtube.A grime ting?Munchi is there something you cant do? hahahahaha, enjoy this homies:Not Usually - Munchi feat. LAKEYBeat: Munchi: / Vocals: Lakey: Read more [...]

Gato Preto – Tschukudu

When a MC from baile funk meet a producer of funk and soul at 80's, it becames a new project called Gato Preto.This duo have a lot of different influences, but some of it can be useful to create some new songs. Booth, like African sound and Brazilian sound, especially the MC  with loves to sing Read more [...]

Chip Bass Monthly

2012!!!! WOOO! This year is going to be ridiculous considering the amount of stuff that has dropped in these few short weeks. I am hoping to be less focused on strictly chipmusic from within the chipmusic community and add some skweee and other fun stuff into these posts all under the ChipBass banner Read more [...]


MOOMBAHTONISTA SERIESKicking off my new Moombahton series where I play homage to some of the finest & most inspiring names from the Moombahton scene from the Original Vanguard to the New Wave!Let's kick off with a man whose stature in this scene grows as each month passes by.  Like a fine Read more [...]

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – Good Health Mix

I’ve got a lot of great new cumbia for this week so I’m not going to use up too much space here in the introduction. I will say though my health is looking up. I lowered my blood pressure through strict diet and exercise. I’m actually enjoying my new vegetarian diet. I’m on a new medication Read more [...]

DKS: Exclusive Generation Bass Mix

DKS is an easy man to find, but a hard man to keep track of. I hit him after his banger 'Leave The World Behind' dropped and asked him to sort a mix for us. This was probably 3 months ago. Harassment always triumphs though. DKS (aka Max Clarke) is a Surrey based producer, already reigning support from Read more [...]