MIX: Disc Jockey Nappy – Best Of 2011

Of course I’m late. I haven’t met a deadline all year.

I wanted to compile a selection of tracks that I loved that didn’t land in any of my other mixes (I think this makes mix number 12 for the year… really narrowed down the selections), and I reached out to Khal from and Adrian from to supply their favorite tracks of the year as well.

The Trillbass track hasn’t been released yet, and I’m one of a handful of people that hold the master of that Coki track. I also have no clue if the Space Jesus remix was supposed to be consumed publicly, nor do I know whether he considers it finished, or what it’s actually called. He just left it on my hard drive, and I found it as I was shuffling through files this weekend.

As per usual, this mix is a one shot with no effects. I hope you enjoy and share around. This has been a fantastic year in music, a fantastic year in my life, and Generation Bass has gone from 2 million to 3 million visitors. I want to thank you all for allowing us into your lives, and wish you a happy 2012!!

Disc Jockey Nappy – Best of 2011 by Disc Jockey Nappy

01. Kastle – Sea Legs ft. Powell
02. Starkey – Villagers
03. Sduk – TeeHee
04. Rustie – After Light
05. Nero – Reaching Out
06. Space Jesus – FuckingLastOne
07. DKS – Feel 4 U (AFK Remix)
08. T Vicious – Ouch
09. Hatcha & Lost – Why So Serious
10. Mistabishi – Industry Whore
11. Kromestar – Jabber Jawz
12. Stagga – Wild For The Night
13. Badklaat – Freq Skank
14. Youngman – I Warned Ya
15. AdHD – Inside Out
16. Mighty High Coup – Boom (Klever Remix)
17. Coki – Macca
18. Lil Wil – Bust It Wide Open (Crizzly Remix)
19. Aeph – Faith
20. Bro Safari + Nerd Rage – Real Life
21. MRK1 – Power
22. Jogo – Fffuuu
23. Trillbass – Drunk As Fuck
24. Dodge & Fuski – Fuck Em All


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