Generation Bass by Celt Islam – Limited Free Download

Our good brother Celt Islam laid down this track in tribute to us some time ago and you can grab it for free for a limited amount of time!!!

It’s a Banger!

And here’s info about his new album again!

I’m pleased to offer you an xclusive free track from the brilliant new Celt Islam album, “Urban Sutra” out now!!!

The new album is full of awesome Transnational & Sufi Dub out of this worldness! Unique tracks in typical Celt Islam dubbed up stylee.

Whilst Dubstep is dying a commercial death thanks to the awful range of stuff coming out of it nowadays, Celt Islam is keeping the flag flying for authentic dub sounds that he has been pioneering since in or about 2004.

You need to get this album for your own sanity!

Grab this free track exclusive to Generation Bass:

Celt Islam – Maqaam

Here’s some more great tracks from the album to stream:

CELT ISLAM aka Muhammad Abdullah Hamzah aka The Analogue Fakir .Born Julian Micheal Moore 24th May 1972 West Yorkshire England. Converted to Islam in 1989. He studied Islam and Classical Sufism in Granada Spain under the instruction of Shaykh Abdal Qadir as Sufi {Ian Dallas }.

Celt Islam is the cultural director of The Association of British Muslims : and a peace activist and works with NiceonesUK and Viva Palestina.


Celt Islam is an English Muslim, a Sufi and a member of the northern British alternative dub/breaks outfit “Nine Invisibles ” and ” Analogue Fakir ” . Celt-Islam uses a fusion of music from Dub/Electro/Drum andBass and collaborates it with Islamic/world grooves to create a Dub driven dance crossover.

Celt Islam has played at various Dub/DnB/Dubstep nights in UK and Europe alongside Public Enemy’s Bomb Squad { Hank Shocklee } , Fleck, DJ UMB, The Orb, Hardfloor , Engine Earz, Rex Offender aka Smart Moneky,DJ Bobby Friction, DJ Pathaan and was chosen by the BBC to play the BBC Introducing stage Glastonbury 2010. { }

Celt Islam works with many musicians and artists including Inder Goldfinger {Ian Brown-Natacha Atlas-Apesta} Mick Reed { 1919 , Ship of fools and Nine Invisibles } , Oova Matique , Dr weevil, Bongo Chilli , D Bo General and DanMan {Iration Steppers}.

He creates music in quite a diverse range of styles and genres. His Sufi inspired Global

Grooves create a sometimes Meditative Dub transfixing all who comes across it. His work includes Electro-Dub driven Drum and Bass to satisfy the dance world.

Celt Islam is probably best known to date for his work in the genre of his creation – Sufi-Dub – which he singlehandedly developed and continues to define. He does so in collaboration with well known names such as Inder Goldfinger, tabla player for Stone Roses legend, Ian Brown’s band and Natacha Atlas and Dawoud Kringle who has recorded and performed with the likes of Lauryn Hill.

Celt Islam’s Sufi-Dub work has appeared on some best selling compilations including two by UK global music tastemakers Shisha Sound System. Offers are currently on the table from other tastemakers and labels for licensing of his works for compilations.

He is also beginning to gain greater exposure in the UK as BBC Radio 1xtra and BBC Asian network’s DJ’s like Bobby Friction and Pathaan make his music a regular feature on their shows.

“Believe me! if you love Dubstep but with an emotional heart beating its very core your gonna need this album!” – Bobby Friction

“Celt Islam using his personal dialect within the universal language of music, manages to soothe the soul and uplift the spirit with this truly magnificent album of a Sufi Dub persuasion” – DJ Pathaan

Celt Islam has released 2 albums titled Dervish and AL Mizan and is a mixture of Heavy heavy basslines, dub step, dancehall and d+b wrapped up with a very dubby world music sound. The album features Bongo Chilli , Inder Goldfinger , Danman { Iration steppers } , Dawoud Kringle and Masala .

Dub Reflex by Celt Islam has just been released on the groundbreaking compilation album Generation Bass presents TransNational Dubstep which is available as a CD and Digital download from all major music stores and is also featured on the EA Sports FIFA 2012 Street 4 Game.

The Latest Celt Islam EP” Raqs Al Maghreb” is now available from Earth City Recordz:

Celt Islam has two album releases due in 2012“URBAN SUTRA ” { Urban Sedated Records} and “ BAGHDAD” { Ajnavision Records }

Celt Islams albums are available to listen/buy/download here

Celt Islam websites:

Celt Islam Soundcloud :

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Celt Islam Urban Sedated records :






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Celt Islam Interveiw for Rave against Racism :


Celt Islam Twitter :!/CeltIslam

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Bomb Squad /Hank Shocklee review on Celt Islam EP :


Celt Islam started his professtional career in the mid 90s with the northern dub breaks outfit The Nine Invisibles founded by Mick Reed { Ship of Fools and 1919 } in 2000 Celt Islam started his first solo act known as Celestial Annihilation which later became Celt Islam Soundsystem and in 2006 became “Celt Islam”. 2009 came the official debut release of the Album “Dervish “ released on Urban Sedated records.

Celt Islam has appeared on many compilation albums with tracks like “ Fakir” released on beginners guide to Buddha Lounge and “Dervish” appeared on Park lane presents Café Paradiso both albums also compliled by the DJ pioneer DJ UMB{ Generation Bass and Shisha Soundsystem}, “Sufi Dub” appeared on the album Sufi’s Secret and “Dervish” on Babylon Bar both released on Lola’s world records . “ Dub Refex” appeared on the ground breaking album Generation Bass presents “Transnational Dubstep” released 2011 on Six Degrees.

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