USHER – ∆†∆Cclliimaaxxx∆†∆ (Cabo Blanco Remix)

Straight to Cabo Blanco, one of our forthcoming artists who will release on Generation Bass soon, to shed some light on this really great remix of the Usher/Diplo track:

Everybody and their moms have done this remix…listen, I know. But I wanted to do one that really complemented the mellow and sexy nature of the original, while on a completely different palette. So, I decided to add a neo soul chord progression on to a Jersey Clubish beat that would come in at full force after the break. Let me emphasize the “ish” because the track is not 100% Jersey Club as it doesn’t have certain “Club” elements and blends some “Trap/Dirty South” elements. Nonetheless, it has Jersey Club in its roots, so I present to you my twisted Jersey Club remix of a certain popular track which shall not be named for copyright reasons. Skrillex.

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