Post World Industries Maga Bo Releases

Coming in a bit late on this one but coming nonetheless. There was a massive remix release of Maga Bo’s ‘Quilombo Do Futuro ‘ this past month featuring many well known to us at least on the GB scene producers and dj’s.

Also recently Post World Industries was resurrected with the recent release of Filastine’s ‘Loot’. The second big release by the newly resurrected PWI was ‘Quilombo Do Futuro’. Maga Bo called upon the producers specifically for the task of the follow up remix release.

One of my favorite remixes is Chancha Via Circuito’s remix of ‘No Balanco da Canoa’. He brings the track to a new place putting the listener into a deeply pleasant trance.

There are a lot of tracks so I won’t waste any more of your time, so please dig in and enjoy.

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Here are a few of my favorite tracks off the original Maga Bo album.

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I didn’t want to spend too much time reviewing the album as well as not just copy the press release information like so many others. I prefer always to write honestly and write what I know. So here are my own words. The tracks on these albums are EXPLOSIVE melting pots of culture and transnationalism.

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