My dude Munchi led me onto this! As y'all know I been stalking him the past few days 🙂I don't quite know how we missed this and the mix he did for Cat Woman!!!Defies belief cause this is extra-ordinary stuff!If anybody has a download link to the mix, I would be eternally grateful!He is a Read more [...]

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – The Best Genre

After an exhausting week playing my recurring role as contrarian (due to my nature of simply questioning everything and thinking deeply while keeping an open mind for change) in the political community, I honestly must say it’s nice to wind up here composing a post about my favorite modern music. Read more [...]

Himuro Yoshiteru & Out of Dots Compilation

Himuro had an awesome release on our label earlier this year, Glass Breaking EP, and he's just contributed this amazing track to a free compilation called Out of dots.The track sounds like some Future Alice Coltrane/Cinematic Orchestra Chopped and Screwed Psychedelic Bass, totally awesome!Grab Read more [...]

Mixed Bag 001

K, ive never done this, Blogging, i have to admit, i feel cooler already, and a sense that im giving back to a music community that supported me. i didnt really know what to call my post, so im going with something simple and to the point...... Mixed Bag!Here is a free give away from Local homie's Read more [...]

The 20 best Prince songs you've never heard

[Photo Credit: Justine Walpole]If u know me or if u read this blog regularly, you'll know that Prince means the world to me, most definitely my favourite musician of all time and of course one of my all time favourite artists.  His music is with me constantly and will be till I drop!In 2010, he Read more [...]