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Portraits : Ackeejuice Rockers


In our “portraits” series today Ackeejuice Rockers. Italian bass music producers are in the place !

GenBass : Who are you guys ?

King P:
Ackeejuice Rockers is King P and Ali Selecta. We are two Italian djs. Friends since 2001, djs since 1999-2000. We come from the dancehall, hip hop, reggae and caribbean scene. Ali has explored the soul and eclectic hip hop of Stone Throw Records and other historical labels for many years, while I was playing in the Italian dancehall scene with some of the most important international Soundsystems and djs.

GenBass : How have you got into tropical electronic music ?

Ali Selecta:
It was around 2007-2008 and most of the riddims that Claudio (King P) proposed to me sounded so tuff, strictly from the Island, it was good shit! At the same time I began to rediscover the electronic beats, the 125 bpm samples of the ’90s, music I grew up with for a phase of my life. But we wanted to mix different styles, rythms, cultures, you know?
King P:
We were just waiting to be able to shake off schemes for which who play reggae had dreadlocks and who play club music, take drugs and bla bla.…Was the time and I think having introduced the use of Serato helped us to accomplish this, with a lot of different styles on tap. Before that, we walked from a train to another one, city by city with I don’t know how many fuckin’ kilograms of vinyls and cds. We can definitely say, we gave to the scene!

GenBass : Tell us about your work process.

King P: Usually we split up the work. I’m down with the production everyday in the studio and Ali searches for new tracks to remix. When I got a first bounce of the track I send it to him and we begin to talk about it. Often we discuss a lot before beginning. Sometimes a track is born and grows in one day without any brief.

GenBass : You’ve done some great collabs and even had your tracks remixed by artists such as Neki Stranac, Klipar, Ckrono & Slesh, and more. Can you tell us more about that ?

Ali Selecta:
Well, we are not born as real club producers. We love club music but our setting is a little bit different. Our tracks have a “song imprint” or at least this is what we are searching for, maybe thanks to the world we came from. So, it’s automatic to choose cool remixers to integrate that club side which our project needs.

GenBass : What are the oncoming projects ?

Ali Selecta:
We just got done working on a cool pop moombahton track with Alison Carney via T&A Records, news soon. We are working on a couple of tracks with Dj Javier Estrada. We also have something coming up for Tropical Bass, an official release. Then we got another cool 110 club beat that Udachi is workin’ on these days (Big Up Gregory)! Obviously some material for Overcooked Records as well and other riddims which are waiting to be sung on.

GenBass : What do you think of the electronic scene at the moment ?

King P:
A lot of confusion, not for the genres only, I think it’s a terrible moment. There is less and less quality and more quantity. More quantity of tracks, djs, producers…It’s a big sea full of fishes ! Of course there is a starting place for all, including ourselves Ackeejuice Rockers :-), but the more we move forward and more people will want to listen to something fresh, with a solid story behind, listening to that with cool support like on vinyl, on a stage with a real show and not only a dj set. We are not talking of a so far future !

GenBass : Is it difficult to get through in Italy ?

Ali Selecta:
Yes, very difficult. Italy is not ready for moombahton, for the mid-tempos, dancehall etc. There is a solid reggae dancehall scene in Italy, but all born from the political social clubs and all dead in the political social clubs. In the other side, the cool italian clubs of night life spin electro, house, techno and it’s difficult to listen to something over or under the 125-128 bpms.. Naturally there are some producers who are changing this standard and we are part of it.

GenBass : Where would you see yourselves playing – like a dream place ?

Ali Selecta:
To play on tour in the best summer festivals of the world of course!
King P:
Play our music in Jamaica would be amazing, achieving this, then we can return to more close places.


GenBass : Thx guys&thx to Niko Baritone from Overcooked Records for setting up the interview !



Tommy Lee – Tom & Jerry (Ackeejuice Rockers Remix) [free DL]

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/63017049″ iframe=”true” /]


Ackeejuice Rockers & Javier Estrada – Dejate Llevar (Original Mix)

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/59455962″ iframe=”true” /]


Ackeejuice Rockers – Girls, girls, girls (Ckrono & Slesh Remix) [free DL]

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/56151572″ iframe=”true” /]


You guys want to listen and download the lastest track from Ackeejuice Rockers ? We can help ! Check the link kindly provided by the band HERE !

Their remix of Club Cheval “Now U Realize” is a banger !




You already know how much we love this dude having released an EP on our label not so long ago. Now he has released his new EP on his own Yo Sucka! imprint and imho it’s his finest work thus far. I’ve been blasting it non-stop since I had it a few months back. It’s more future bass & garage influenced than his usual Moombahton output but it also contains some Detroit inspired Moombah!

It is a blistering release proving yet again that he occupies a league of his own.  We also firmly believe what the PR says that OktoRed will be the next big Detroit name.

We cannot recommend this EP enough, it is an absolute ESSENTIAL!

“Cry” is unbelievable!!!!

Have a listen to this beauty:

Here’s the Press Release:

Here we go with another deep release by Detroit’s very own OktoRed. ‘Golden Zinc EP’ is the release we’ve been waiting for and the buzz on the streets is already really strong, with early support from the great Anthony “Shake” Shakir.

‘Golden Zinc EP’ has a vast array of production styles from this talented new producer spanning deep Techno, through next-level Detroit inspired Moombahton, to Future Bass and Garage.

As YoSucka’s Brian “Starski” Gillespie (Databass / Juke Trax / Twilight 76) states:

“OktoRed is changing the game, with some next level production for those who know… GET IT! The rest will follow. I’ve been releasing records since 1993. Ron Murphy and Mike Banks (UR) once told me that I’m blessed with a golden ear and I truly believe that OktoRed will be the next big Detroit name.”

The EP kicks off with a serious ‘Bang’, before the future funk of ‘Cry’, followed by the underwater arcade bong ride of ‘Heads Up’ and into the moves of ‘As you Chew’, like the early days of Detroit Techno with lush keys and a slow groove. Next, ‘Push’ on with a surreal swing where Garage and Future Bass combine, before ‘2,4,6,8’ takes you on a journey into SiFi fantasy lands, culminating in the spasmodic tones of ‘The Two’.

Take your time and listen to ‘Golden Zinc’ LOUD, whether it’s in your car, your studio, the office, or the Club.

Long live the Detroit underground!


Grab some freebies here:

Bellybelle – Beats Me!!

Really feeling these beats from this artist from Portland, Oregon.

She covers a variety of different genres and most tracks I can’t really label, which is always a good thing.  It’s just deep and atmospheric in parts with hints of ambient but always staying faithful to the dancefloor.  She calls them “Beats Me” or “Cuddle Bass” and I lke that!

Very interesting and unique material.  I’d keep my eye on her!

Here’s what caught my ears:

Here’s what she says about herself:

Grew up in NYC. Moved all around the US. Now living in Portland, OR. I make music. I hope to make music that inspires you and makes you feel. Something. Anything. Don’t be afraid to feel. Ever.


Because Life is a celebration.

Grab her new EP on Bandcamp – Mr Boddy’s Blues

Finally, here’s some freebies:

Mix: Zee Reach – Run Me A Murdah Trap

So this producer / DJ messaged me out of nowhere, and gave me this mix before anyone else had it. I know he’s had his hands in Moombah / Baltimore, and that he’s been holding down the underground sound, holding down consistent booking in Paris for quite some time. Other than that, I didn’t know what to expect.

What drew me was the tracklist. EVERY TRACK is an edit of his or original production. The mix is as close to perfect as one could expect. My manager placed this on Pigeons and Planes / Rock The Dub a week ago, and I’m late. As always. But this mix is insane… go cop that.

Download / Stream

Zee Reach “Big Thing Vibes” Trapical remix
Asap Rocky “Goldie” (Booty Hunt Remix) /Zee Reach Edit
Branko “Going Hard” Feat.Dominique Young Unique /Zee Reach Edit
ETC ETC-Brillz-Diplo (Feat Chuck Inglish) “Bueller” /Zee Reach Edit
Diplo “Express Yourself” Gent & Jawns Remix /Zee Reach Edit
Masta Blasta “The Rebirth” /Zee Reach Edit
Bauher “Harlem Shake” /Zee Reach Edit
Rell “Grimey Thirsty” /Zee Reach Edit
Yung Joc “Goin Down” (Milo & Otis Unoriginal mix) /Zee Reach Edit
Zee Reach “Bad Trvp Shiet”
TNGHT (Hudson Mohawke x Lunice) “Higher Ground” /Zee Reach Edit
Flosstradamus “Lana’s Theme” (DJR’s Twisted Bootleg) /Zee Reach Edit
Girls Girls Girls Remix /Zee Reach Edit
Dj Comrade “Mulherada”/ Zee Reach Edit
Nicki Minaj Feat Chainz “Beez in the Trap” (SoundKeepers Edit) /Zee Reach Edit
Kreayshawn “Go Hard” Bkabyz Trapmix /Zee Reach Edit
Heroes X Villains “Original Choppaz” /Zee Reach Edit
Kanye West “Love Lockdown” DJ R Remix /Zee Reach Edit
Willy Joy “Big Booty” /Zee Reach Edit
Flosstradamus “Underground Anthem” /Zee Reach Edit
Cory Bold “Gangnam Thing” /Zee Reach Edit
Oh Snap!! “BTown” /Zee Reach Edit
Prometheus “Lock n Load” /Zee Reach Edit
Dj Chuckie & Hardwell (Munchi Trap Edit) /Zee Reach Edit
Gato Preto “Soundgals” (Ckrono + Slesh Remix) /Zee Reach Edit
Expendable Youth & CRNKN “Gunfiyah” /Zee Reach Edit



Artwork NOT by Steve Ohh…ahahhhhaa

Artwork by Carlos Knightcrawler Lopez

Yes, our dude Steve Ohh, one of the OG’s in the Moombahton scene has his very own Moombahton compilation coming out very soon.

If you don’t know, Steve Ohh has been responsible for so much artwork in this scene including our Free Moombahon Series.

Here’s a taster of what’s to come, check out this straight fyah!


KING Munchi!!

Why KING, cause he is a King amongst a bunch of shark-infested peasants who sell their souls for less than a dime!

A true innovator of our times in the Dance Music Scene = EDM – Everybody Digs Munchi!

The dude is still as broke as F**k and surely man, that can’t be right!

This is a great little insight into his future plans for 2013 and he also speaks about the infamous Azealia Banks spat.

For all our sakes, we hope Munchi gets his label up and running asap and makes it a huge success,so he can rule the roost just like he deserves to and knock some of the fakers out of the equation!

It’s really all about “Intent” and we feel Munchi’s intent is pure and real, we just hope he can deliver upon that without selling his soul!