Munchi Drops Vol I: Skulltrap

Here's what Munchi says on his new Tumblr :BAM! Guess what, I’m dropping a new free EP! That means that you get to skip a whole paragraph of shit that you really don’t want to read and go directly to the download right under it!! FUCK YEAH!!*explosionsssss* *munchi whistle* *airhornsssss*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So Read more [...]

Dub Phizix & Skittles – I'm A Creator – OFFICIAL VIDEO

Awesome, awesome tunage once again!Absolute brilliance!Buy single here- Created by Maxim Sullivan at Born Yesterday [email protected] Green Read more [...]

Super Uepa Cumbias Vol.1 & 2!!!

My good friend from Birmingham, Brian Parsons, one of the finest Transnational Roots Djs I know sent me this and man it's GREAT!You can grab it from the Canicule Tropicale blog and here's what they say:Yes we are back! Now for the first of the ‘Volume 2′ series of the previously posted selections Read more [...]

Travesia Tropical Vol.1 : Bolivian Bass

This is a tremendous Bolivian Bass music compilation, just what the world was waiting for! Transnational Bass at its finest. It features an array of talented and up and coming Artists including Dj Quien and a host of other names you will need to keep a close eye on.They cover a multitude of genres Read more [...]

Sants – Soundies!

 Former member of Blanka Krew, Sants has just released his debut solo EP, this week and it got me surprisely well.As i can imagine, we both share the same creation along with all the middle-class 90s brazilian (and maybe all around idk) kidz with who are about 20yo today.If you don't know Read more [...]

TecnoBrega RocKs

So Tecnobrega does officially RocK!!Here's a few noobz:THE STROKESLet's KicK off with this most famous TecnoBrega Rocks track ever made by the infamous Strokes, so good it's worth a repeat within days of it's release and it's previous feature here only 2 days ago.Can you believe one of the Read more [...]