GoldRush : The Third Omen' EP Minimix- 2013


Nice mix from GoldRush showcasing some of his awesome forthcoming material dropping soon on the Gravitas label, really awesome tracks on this:

Exclusive minimix for The Do LaB interview Spring 2013. Full Interview here:

‘The Third Omen’ EP releases on Gravitas Recordings Feb 14th, 2013.

GoldRush – Trina feat. Lil Wayne – ‘Don’t Trip’ (‘Do Trip’ GR Remix)
GoldRush – ‘Intuition’ (Unreleased)
GoldRush – ‘The First Omen / A.W.A.K.E.’ (Forthcoming Gravitas Recordings)
GoldRush – Delilah – GO (‘Bravery’ GR Remix)
GoldRush – ‘Closer’ feat. Evar After & Eileen Esposito (Forthcoming Gravitas Recordings)
GoldRush – ‘The Third Omen’ (Forthcoming Gravitas Recordings)
GoldRush – ‘Loaded Silence’ (Forthcoming Gravitas Recordings)
GoldRush – Little Dragon (GR Remix)
GoldRush – Forever Yours feat. Evar After & Eileen Esposito (Forthcoming Gravitas Recordings)

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