When I started getting interested in DJ Culture, David Bowie's once favourite DJ, Pathaan, was defintely one that I had on my radar.He was the only high profile British-Asian DJ around at that time and maybe still is and also he had good diverse and eclectic tastes, that sometimes mirrored much of Read more [...]


Two Sev is a young producer from the USA holding a lot of promise for the future.RELEASES ON GENERATION BASS:ZOUKOLOGY ZOUK BASS VOLUME 2LINKS:SOUNDCLOUDTWO SEV WEBSITE Read more [...]

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – Sexxy Frequency

Art by 420 Grafix Music the great opiate of the masses. It’s such a serious love affair, people defend the music they enjoy and fight over cultural ownership. Yes when you sit back and look at it, it just appears to be another silly human species delusion we take far too seriously.Africa owns this Read more [...]

Masilva – Mototaxi Love (Official Music Video)

In the wake of DJ Chakruna's dope remix of Colombian musician and producer Masilva's song El Poder from his album Condor, comes a brand new colorful and visually stunning music video for the song Mototaxi Love.This is the official video directed by Raúl Vidaurre. The video fits perfectly with Read more [...]

PALACIOS By Warm Places

A very interesting, dark at times, beautiful at times and mesmerizing album throughout comes our way by Warm Places.Based out of sunny Tijuana, Mexico, a truly warm place except for all the dark things that happen there, Warm Places combines several genres into his own unique sound. The rhythms change Read more [...]

Pedrolito Radioglobal – Tropicalizacion #26

Pedrolito Radioglobal is a staple in the modern tropical underground scene in Paris. I have featured a lot of his mixes on several of my Sexxy Saturday Cumbia posts as well as a few other places. I wouldn't spend so much time and effort promoting someone if I truly didn't think they were great. And Read more [...]

M.I.A. – “Bring The Noize” (Official Video)

Dee Jay Umb brought us the new M.I.A. track Bring The Noize immediately after it dropped on Soundcloud last week. You can still check out the Soundcloud stream here.As Umb says M.I.A. keeps it real with her underground sound. To supplement his post here is the dope new music video just released for Read more [...]