Cumbia sonidera mix – con sabor vol 2

Another cool Rebel Up mix here, this time Cumbia Mexican stylee!Cumbia sonidera mix - con sabor vol 2 by Rebel Up! on Mixcloud2nd installment of LeBlanc's obsession with Mexican cumbia sonidera. Special attention goes to the position and role of the sonidero in Mexican popular cumbia sonidera. Read more [...]

Yo me llamo Cumbia / My name is Cumbia [trailer]

This awesome video on Cumbia just dropped into our inbox. This is pretty amazing.“Yo me llamo Cumbia” (“My name is Cumbia”) is a documentary that goes in the search of Cumbia’s origins. We're going to identify the geography and history of the rhythm, within which the entire story of the Read more [...]

The new directions of Neo Funk

There is a while we don't post anything from Neo Funk. But isn't our fault, the scene of neo funk is changing, taking new directins and new artists. If few years ago we knew what is the sound of neo funk, the mix of eletronic music with baile funk influence, now we have a new opnion, and few producers Read more [...]

UNSUB : Through the Looking Glass

She's done some Transnational Dubstep and appeared on our compilation of the same name and she has also meddled with some Transnational Bass and guess what she actually is a Trans artist.So what!We knew very early on, in fact we knew a few weeks into getting to know her music, that she was a Trans Read more [...]

Filastine & Videocratz Live AV Mapping

A glimpse into the very near future.This is pretty mind-blowing and I think this is exactly what Filastine needs to vamp up his live shows on the bigger stages.  His live shows have always pretty mesmerising in the first place!  I'll never forget his shopping trolley at Generation Bass festival Read more [...]


Branko drops some Zouk Bass in this mix featuring some of the tracks we have released on our label by DZC Crew.Check it our here:Here's what he said on his Facebook page about the mix:Zouk Bass, Tarrachina, whatever you wanna call it, it's amazing how much music has been created based on that Read more [...]