So where is this new thing based on an old thing headed to at the moment.

Well, here’s a selection of Zouk Bass and Zouk Bass inspired tracks that came out recently:


This just dropped so I thought I’d update this post:


Another update and a killer, killer track:

Pa Kongal

First one is from Mexico and I’m loving the tropical vibes on this, great stuff:

You can also grab a whole Ep which includes Cumbia and other stuff from his label:


Next up we have great Techno inspired track from Portugal, cool shit.

Casey Van Buren

This one dropped today and I find this a pretty progressive and interesting Zouk Bass inspired track. Funny that he also used the image designed for me by Steve Ohh.

Steve TellcO

This one has been out a while but we never got around to blogging it. Harking to Fela Kutiesque vybz.

Chuck Upbeat

Russian producer Chuck with his new one. Maybe a Zoukey Major Lazer!

Sauvage FM

You can grab a free album from these Frenchies containing a couple of Zouk Bass inspired tracks. Feeling the Voodoo Zouk one and the Steel drums one:


From the USA with a stripped down edit of the now classic Los Rakas tune:


Obviously you know all about this compilation but it’s worth posting again, loads of good zoukyness on this:

So where’s it all heading?

Overall not an overwhelmingly “mind-blowing” collection of Zouk Bass tracks in this post but it’s pretty good stuff at this early stage of its development, which is still very encouraging.¬† I’m sure more golden nuggets will soon be on the horizon or are brewing as I speak, I know it.

Artwork by : Steve Ohh

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