Portugal is basically on fire atm, maybe the country making the most exciting and innovative dance beats worldwide atm.Found this last night and man it made me go bonkers, I was so tired though that I didn't have the energy to post it until this morning.This is the BOMB!Read more [...]

Bert On Beats – Arriba [Transnational Bass]

Bert on Beats is becoming a bit of a veteran in the Trans Bass scene, it seems funny saying that, but we've known him for so long and he has yet to let us down on a track.His output is always immaculate and to the highest standard, it really is a crime that he is not known worldwide like some others Read more [...]


A veteran of the Kuduro scene, DJ N.K aka Pedro Cardoso is a Portuguese producer.Born in Lisbon, the son of an Angolan Mother and Portuguese father, his taste for music developed from a very early age under the influence of his parents whose daily dose of African rhythms stuckmwith him as he grew Read more [...]

Is it time for Reggae again? [Nu Reggae]

When Major Lazer came to public attention, I understood it was an eletronic band using the culture of Jamaica and Reggae. For Me, it was one of the first times I had encountered it or at least to me it was one of the biggest most recent projects about Reggae.Well, ok, it was Diplo and Mad Decent, Read more [...]