Rising Transnational Bass producer Gingee drops an EP which draws inspiration from 80s freestyle rap, the L.A. beat scene, zouk bass, and underground hip hop.This track below caught my ear with its Zoukesque vybz, luv the percussion on this and the fusion of Organic with Electronic, cool stuff.Cop Read more [...]


Our dude Gully put together a Twerk Top 10 for us and here's what he says.These 100BPM Twerk tracks are the ones that even when it’s sub zero temperatures in the middle of January, still make the club feel like a beach in Barbados...P.S. It’s all personal opinion, let us know what your favourites Read more [...]

Dazed Dog – Fusion EP

Dazed Dog - Fusion
A sizzling new EP by the German basstronaut commonly referred to as Dazed Dog called: FUSION. It definitely lives up to it's name as you can hear all sorts of Tropical Bass & other influences melted together throughout the EP. You can even hear multiple influences within the individual tracks themselves. Read more [...]

Dolomites : Aria Maria [Japanese Gypsy]

The brilliant Dolomites release a track that will unleash mayhem on your Balkan/Gypsy dancefloors.Here's what they say:FREE DOWNLOAD for a LIMITED TIME:Monster Balkan Tribal Beats and muzik from Japan, the Balkans, Africa, Asia, the Americas and beyond the Trangalactic...These recordings Read more [...]


Mala Noche is Nicolas Dias, a Portuguese producer based in Aix-en-Provence, France.Supported and played by many big names from Diplo through to Buraka Som Sistema.  He is primed to take the Bass scene by storm in the coming years with his cool riddims that take in everything from Tarraxo & Kizomba Read more [...]

Buraka Som Sistema x Vhils – STOOPID VIDEO

Finally, it's here. Explosive!!!This song was inspired by our travels to all the amazing local dance scenes we had the pleasure of crossing paths with over the last few years. Especially Venezuela, DJ Baba and the whole Caracas Tuki crew. If you want to know more about this musical universe please Read more [...]