Dj Paparazzi Ft Dj BeBeDeRa – Makas Sonoras

2 major players in the Portuguese Bass Underground have teamed up for this scorching hot Tarraxinha number.DJ Paparazzi has been a regular on the Tarraxinha and Kizomba scene for some years now and he's one of its most innovative and exciting producers.DJ BeBeDeRa has cut his teeth deep down in Read more [...]

Scuba – Adrenalin (Aucan Remix)

Love the Industrial percussion work on this track! Killa remix of a Scuba track by this Italian duo, Aucan!Says it's due out on Basement Recordings but you can cop it for free!Guaranteed to give you a surge of Adrenalin on the dance floor (excuse the pun)!Tip O' Hat 2 AnnaK! Read more [...]


I just came back from Bucharest, Romania and a friend of mine showed me some Romanian stuff i`ve never heard before - the project called Future Nuggets. Basically, the project is all about digging some old Romanian tracks and rearranging it in new way, which is something that I have always been supporting. Read more [...]

Drvg Cvltvre presents: North by Northwest

Another day, another dollar. Made by billion dollar companies that don't give two cents for a young orphan in Gaza, or Ghana, or Amsterdam for that matter. The industrial complex is a machine that chews all the life force out of you. And your money. What can we do except listen to some music that can Read more [...]

The French Touch (Part II)

This article comes in two parts and was written with the precious help of Sara Stella, amazingly keen on French electro music. The first part is accessible HERE. As the movie i mentioned in the first part of this article will be released in November of this year, i thought that a good kick in my lazy Read more [...]