Guvibosch : Jerusalem Bass

We've told you about Guvibosch before about 6 months ago HERE!He's originally from Jerusalem but now based in Berlin. He has collaborated with Rocky B as "Neft" on an EP which we'll be releasing soon called “Dead”!Guvibosch is back with some new tracks that highlight his individual take on Read more [...]

#FUTURE TARRAXO : Photo Romance – Lagoa Roxa

The future in #Future Tarraxo is looking very bright. Many, including me, will point to the brilliant "Perfect Lullaby" mixtape by the awesome Nguzunguzu (who once told me some years back that they loved Generation Bass, I mean who doesn't lol) as the instigator for this whole new movement of sound.Pioneers Read more [...]

Renart – Élégies

An amazing producer from France whose stuff I've been into for a while now. Pure Class!"The fox is dead. Being a sly rascal, Renart confronts the fauna of the forest, and flies away like a Wyvern. Let him beguile you… Imagine a Fox-Pegasus with cherub wings, flying right through synthetic clouds. Read more [...]

25 free Drvg Cvltvre Remixes

Our dude Drvg Cvltvre just let loose on 25 free amazing remixes covering his Doom Disco, Avante Garde & Techno flips of pretty cool tracks to make them even cooler. Head over to his soundcloud and grab them all for zilch. Here's a few to get you started:Read more [...]


In November 1995, The Wire published an article titled "Advice to Clever Children." In the process of producing the interview, a package of tapes containing music from several artists, including Aphex Twin, was sent to Karlheinz Stockhausen.He commented:“ I heard the piece Aphex Twin of Richard Read more [...]

Introducing: Salsa Choke by Latino Resiste

 Day by Day, more ghetto music is coming up for global crew. And when it appear it's a good oportunity to: we knew more about a new trend musical, understand which factors result in this kind of music, know more about the country and their culture.This post is to introduce the Salsa Choke Read more [...]