Desert Wave is an Arabic/Eastern themed concept which is both ambient and rave in equal measure.It conceptualizes a hallucinogenic & psychedelic vibe where you can trip' the **** out either in mellow mood at the Sand Dunes (dreaming your dreams) or more upbeat at the Light Fantastic, raving till Read more [...]


The brilliant DJ N.K. of the Portuguese New Wave crams 19 hot Kuduro tracks into a blistering 7 minute mix. Awesome!1. ZABORA 2. LIMAS DO SWAGG FT. DJ BILLY B - DO COTUVELO 3. OS PILUKA - BAIXOU 4. PUTO COSSA - QUADRADINHO DE TRÊS 5. DJ HABIAS FT B. REQUENTADO - QUADRADINHO 6. DJ LEO - DE RELACHE 7. Read more [...]


BDW is a producer out of Italy and I'm feeling his vibe. I think like Tilha (Future Tarraxo guy) there's simplicity, a rawness and just like Tilha, needs some fine-tuning here and there but something's def there.  He's got a vibe!Another for the future to keep your eye on.Read more [...]


Fodencia - an even rawer version of Tarraxo emerging from the Portuguese Underground via Africa. We first covered it HERE.As Okayafrica said:“‘Fodencia’ is an under-the-radar subgenre of tarraxo that’s forbidden in Portuguese clubs. There’s very little online about the genre, but with Read more [...]

TRNAH x |CRPT| – DARK is Better LP

This appeared just too late to include in my huge future-dark-eclectic post but this unique, fresh project is one of the best examples of the dark music that is emerging today, blending dark flavours from techno and minimal to industrial, synthwave and hiphop!Like our current favourite act RSS B0YS, Read more [...]

NKOTB – Roundup 6

Time passes really quick, half a year doing this... It has been a pleasure doing it and I hope this is the first of many "half years" writing in GB.In this one I will try to keep the jibber jabber to a minimum and let you just enjoy the playlist. As usual there is a lot of chill trap, future beats Read more [...]

Acid Arab ft. Sadat & Alaa50 – Hez hez

Our boys Sadat & Alaa50 just teamed up with the awesome Acid Arab who really are taking Arabic fusion to an altogether new level with their solo stuff and collections for this new track.Check it out, loving it:You can still grab the Sadat & Alaa50 album on Generation Bass:Read more [...]