Tropikal Camel – Black Panther

Great new release here on Tunisian label Shouka by Tropikal Camel aka Rocky B aka one half of Neft.Really interesting concept behind this release too:"Black Panther" is a journey into the Kurdish tribal music, the name of the track is by the Israeli Black panther group that was active in the 1970's Read more [...]

bblos : The New Wave of Ecuador

This here, right now, is the start of the New Wave of Ecuador!Just listen to these tunes to catch a glimpse of that country's future!This dude is just damn hot, beautiful, minimalistic, feel good melodies interspersed with imaginative arrangements and creative production!Watch out, Ecuador is Read more [...]


One of the only rock bands that really matters in the scene atm return after their second album in 2014, the glorious Darkwave outing "And Blow Us A Kiss" with a bunch of remixes from the same release and a new video.We've said time and time again, in Zohra Atash, they have one of the most remarkable Read more [...]

Techno Arabe Volume 1

Techno Arabe is a dark, dystopian Techno journey into the heart of the Middle East.Whereas, Arabtronix is about Bass & Electronic sounds incorporating Middle Eastern elements and Arabtek is more about House, Tech House, Minimal, Techno, Electronic and a variety of other Middle Eastern sounding Read more [...]


I'm quite a Prince obsessive, indeed he is possibly my favourite artist of all time, that's how much I love and rate his material. Albeit, for me most of his genius work occurred in the 1980's. The legacy of that decade however continues to live on up until today. I still find it difficult to find Read more [...]

Afro Touch Mix

Mene Mauroa just dropped this very serious mixtape dripping with sensuality and covering a range of deep, soulful and jazzy vibes all imbued with the pulse of Africa!Afro House, Beat & Tribal fused with some Tarraxo, Tarraxinha and Zouk, very sexy  Read more [...]