Generation Bass presents: GBMIX#5! S X M B R A

It's been a while, but we're back. alot going on behind the scenes at Generation Bass, I managed to re-launch the mixtape concept. With many names still to come, we look at one of our own members again, this time the pioneer S X M B Read more [...]

Aïsha Devi – Mazdâ [Meta Love Song]

Wow, this is pretty mind-blowing and I love the description too:"Mazdâ’ is “an ‘R’n’B incantation. It’s about burning the ego and finding inner peace. It's a meta love song.”It's by Swiss-Nepalese artist Aisha Devi who sounds like a cross between a Transnational Bjork & Kate Read more [...]

Prince : “This Could B Us” [PrinceStep]

I made a special request not so long ago for my Purple friend to start embracing more underground sounds into his music and it seems he has started to take on board some of my advice. He teased us with snippets of it on his last release Art Official Age and some of it worked and some of it didn't. Read more [...]

HotGem – Everybody hustlin' mix

Another great mix here from our Hottie Head Honcho from the HotGem label (that sounds catchy, she ought to use that 🙂Starts off in terrific ambient mood setting the scene for a great journey into HotGem Land. Features Ruff Sqwad, Nancy Sinatra, Chaka Khan, her matey Koreless, Pusha T, classics Read more [...]