#Future Tarraxo

Here's a mix I did paying tribute to a great new sound that I've been falling in love with for the past few years, #FutureTarraxo.The term "Future Tarraxo" first came to my attention via a track so named by Bison on his Wave of Tarraxinha EP that we released a while back.As soon as I heard Bison's Read more [...]


A great, atmospheric chilled bass number here by Salt Lake City producer Khensu who imbues his tracks with an icy cool Transnational Ambient vibe.This one has an Arabic flava:And this one with more of a Far Eastern Oriental vibe:Read more [...]


If you wanna know what's going down in India from a Bass perspective then you can't go wrong by following Nucleya's movements.Nucleya was an integral part of Generation Bass Artists' "Bandish Projekt" in the very early days but then the boys went their own ways and here is where Nucleya is now with Read more [...]

Maramza : Toffee Shoes [#Future Kwaito]

South Africa's Maramza has turned in another delicious cut, this time focusing on the #Future Kwaito sound. This is really funky with an 80's vibe about it.He's also currently working on a remix for an upcoming Generation Bass release, I & the Artist just can't wait to hear it! Until then soak Read more [...]

Maurice Louca, Rozzma & other Space Jamz

Great new mixtape by Phil Battiekh from Switzerland who has been involved in the Egyptian music scene for a few years now. The mixtape takes in stuff from the Egyptian scene from dudes like Maurice Louca, Rozzma, Figo and Islam.1. Sharraq Rah Tegharrab (It Will Set)- Maurice Louca feat. Alaa 50 2. Read more [...]

Roundup #1

I haven't been doing roundups for a long time since my time is scarce. Today I have some time left and I'll keep you updated on what i've hearing.https://soundcloud.com/raava_music/mananahttps://soundcloud.com/lmcbeats/let-gohttps://soundcloud.com/dj-heroin/dj-heroin-hnrk-kryofugehttps://soundcloud.com/drewthearchitect/sunmoon-w-hnrk-1https://soundcloud.com/kodyakhiphop/hang-on-every-wordhttps://soundcloud.com/jordanbratton/drugs-you-should-try-it-coverhttps://soundcloud.com/lewisjamesgrant/think-ill-be-okhttps://soundcloud.com/thenobodiesmusic/fallen-demo Read more [...]

Ripley : Rise and Shine Mixtape

Great mixtape here made up of a lot of great Dancehall tracks but also including most other trans bass genres such as Gqom, Afrobeat, Baile funk, Kuduro, Jersey Club and so much more.Ripley is one of the most intelligent, level-headed and ethical Dj's I have had the pleasure to meet on the internet Read more [...]

Osanno – Apophis [ Egyptian Neuro-Trap]

This is a bit of alright!!!Lover of new micro-genres and making shit up, here's some Egyptian Neuro-Trap. The world is a much happier place with new genres. A new micro/sub-genre a day keeps UMB at play 🙂 I just love new shit!Seriously, this kicks some ass! Kinda takes me back to 90's Transglobal Read more [...]

Mixpak FM: Lechuga Zafiro

Here's something from Uruguay with a bigger bite than Luis Suarez, this mix by Uruguayan producer & DJ, Lechuga Zafiro dropped for the ever impressible Mixpak.Here's what they say:"Mixpak FM 089 comes from Uruguayan producer & DJ, Lechuga Zafiro. His productions and remixes aren’t far Read more [...]

Essential EPs #6

After 5 successful 'Essential EPs' selections, started almost a year ago, we tried to do it differently this time and post the EPs (including albums & compilations) as immediately as possible when they come out and only list the best of them here as essentials. That means, no more extensive reviews Read more [...]