Sexxy Saturday Cumbia

       Art by            Tropi Delia HO HO HO! DING DING DING!Christmas is celebrated in different ways accross the world. It is a season of dancing and skanking; a season of music and rhythm. It is the season of praise and thanksgiving Read more [...]

NON vs NAAFI : The Legendary Battle Mixtape

NON and NAAFI both belong to the most exciting labels who have transformed music in 2015. And they have a lot in common. Both deconstruct and reconstruct music from an anti-colonial, anti-cultural-imperialist perspective, exposing the conceiled political charge of music by doing things differently Read more [...]

Vaphoree – Flakka EP [Dancehall-Grime]

Cover design by the artist himself (the man behind the mouthwateringly sharp URL Futurefest posters!)Producer and designer Vaphoree from Madrid is one of the promising upcoming artists for 2016, a member of the club trax avant-garde who hasn't come to full bloom yet this year. With Flakka EP, he Read more [...]


GAN GAH is a young DJ and producer borned in the suburbs of Agadir but now based in Brussels.Fed by traditional « Gnawa » and Berber rythms since ever, this accomplished musician, who has been performing for many years as a beatmaker under various pseudonyms, knows how to shake a dancefloor with Read more [...]