Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – Long Wild Weekend Roundup

Last week Saturday was the Dutch national day, formerly known as Queen’s Day, when we still had a queen, this year it was King’s Day for the first time. And if you are living in the city centre one of the world’s metropoles, there is some chance you may have run into a Dutch party where everyone is Read more […]

Generation Bass Cumbia EP No. 1 Paceña Tropical

It’s finally here, the EP we have been waiting for! The premier EP for the new series featuring some of my favorite nu cumbia artists. Starting things off we go to Bolivia where we find Paceña Tropical a duo featuring two young talented artists from the Oi Mas Bass collective Alejandro Cassis and Read more […]

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – UB 40 Shout Out

Art By Tu Guiana What a good life this is huh? Sitting back and chilling out every week to all the newest nu cumbia and then sharing them with all of you. Well sitting back and chilling isn’t quite accurate. Normally it’s a full week of panic to get a lot of work done, work that I love to do, don’t Read more […]

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – Vibrancy

It’s a new Sexxy Saturday Cumbia already! One good thing about being late is that we get two Sexxy Cumbia posts so close together. Cumbia the genre of music I have fallen in love with and the one genre that will surely never die, and all the proof I need for it is due to the success of these weekly Read more […]

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – A Sacred Place

Is there a possibility that music can be a sacred place where the human species can connect without having any of the flaws of humanity interfere? A place where there is no greed, envy, ethnocentrism, egocentrism and hatred but only universal compassion? Can music ever possibly be that place similar Read more […]

KIEBRE Documentary From Bolivia’s Oi Mas Bass

The  global bass scene in Bolivia has been heating up the past couple of years. With the efforts of KIEBRE the innovative sounds are being represented strongly and are blowing the Bolivian global bass scene up with much impact. KIEBRE is a unique festival controlled by the massive collective known Read more […]

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – From Russia With Lust

Artwork provided by 4:20 Designs It took less the 24 hours, 2 hours even, before freaked out by everything because they watched too much television early in their life and hence lost any grip of reality conspiracy theorists, like – “Nationalist leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky even claimed the event was Read more […]

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – Progress

Last week I was a little dark and was overwhelmed with a feeling of dread for the future. But life managed to reinforce my faith in the natural order of things. Sometimes I just need to sit back and let good things happen. Last week the bloodshed in Israel/Palestine was really concerning me and weighing Read more […]