Deltatron + 4 da kidz + Terror Negro + Dumbia

Got this e-mail through a few days ago from Paz from Lima, Peru who said this: Hello my name is Paz. I’m from Lima, Peru. This is my project: Really interesting to hear that the above album contains some samples of one of my Special Ladies, Oum Kalthoum 🙂 And this is the label that I’m trying Read more […]

Essential EP’s #5

In the midst of a totally reshuffling music landscape, 2015 has so far been the best year for music in a long time. In a way it looks like 2009, very early days of what would come to be known as ‘global bass’, when a small circle of enthusiasts, producers, dj’s and bloggers, engaged in a passionate underground community Read more […]

Moombahtonistas, Before You Ever Touch Ableton Again, Read This !!

Forget everything you’ve believed so far about moombahton. The story about the teenage skipping party where Dave Nada slowed down his Dutch house set to 108 BPM to keep the reggaeton-vibe the crowd was dancing to, is false. A myth, made up to give the genre a more inspirational ‘birth story’ than it Read more […]

Tasty Tuesday Cumbia – The Future Is Now

In most of my posts, I’ve been exploring the developments of music, trying to “connect the dots”, as Caballo poetically calls it, and seeking to forecast what will happen next. Because that is what my music-heart loves most: innovating, sharing ideas, bringing people together and in that way trying Read more […]

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – Quickest Roundup Ever

Because of all the moombahton heat, which still isn’t over yet, I had to skip my cumbia roundup for one week. But what is consuming most of my time is still all the last bits of primary work that needs to be done before I can finally graduate. But I realise that I cannot leave you without cumbia for Read more […]

Sexxy Sunday Cumbia – Resolutions…

When I make a New Year’s resolution, it happens all too often that I think about it again only when realising that I’ve just broken it. Dragging on that cigarette freshly lit cigarette.. A reason why I barely make resolutions anyway. Such a thing happened today, because the only resolution that I made Read more […]

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – El Guero Unico Signing Off

Art By 4:20 Grafix This is one of those articles that I want to take a long time with. I want it to go on and on with no end in sight. But alas an end is in sight. All week I’ve been thinking how to approach this specific article. And to be honest I haven’t decided on how it is supposed to be. I Read more […]

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – Not Zouk Bass

I can honestly say that I’m happy with how this past week has turned out. Beyond the fact that I’m not feeling like I’m on my death bed like I was last week at this precise time, the zouk bass has taken over the new “trend in music” slot and I must say that I prefer it to trap. This is just Read more […]

KIEBRE Documentary From Bolivia’s Oi Mas Bass

The  global bass scene in Bolivia has been heating up the past couple of years. With the efforts of KIEBRE the innovative sounds are being represented strongly and are blowing the Bolivian global bass scene up with much impact. KIEBRE is a unique festival controlled by the massive collective known Read more […]

El Guero Unico’s Top 12 Albums Of 2012

To choose my top 10 album releases of 2012 was not easy to do, so I decided on 12, which turned out to be the perfect number. Upon choosing my favorite albums I considered a few important things. These albums are true albums. What I mean by that is that they were produced either before the artist knew Read more […]