yeeehaaaaaGeneration Bass is a multi-award nominated blog/label/institution, which focuses predominantly on introducing dance flavours from all over the globe.

The blog is run by Vincent Koreman Koreman, who is based in Holland and DJ UMB, who is based in England. These same two guys are the head honcho’s behind the new Generation Bass Digital Label.

From it’s humble beginnings in Feb 2009, the award winning Generation Bass Blog has come a long way in such a short space of time.  It has been exposing listeners to the hottest new trends in global/electronic/dance hybrids.  From Dubstep, Kuduro, Tarraxinha, Cumbia, Barefoot, Kwaito, Zouk Bass, Laser Bass, Moombahton and more, the blog has pioneered a host of exciting new sounds that can be defined under an umbrella category they describe as “Transnational Bass”.

Many of the underground artists it has first broke all over blogosphere have gone onto success and picked up by labels like Owsla, Man Recordings, Echufada & Mad Decent and others.  It is only a matter of time before one of its discoveries becomes a global superstar, it’s inevitable!.

It has now amassed over 4 million visitors and is hitting thousands of visitors on a daily basis and this is growing.

It has gone on to win awards, The Best Up and Coming Act or Organization from Music Centre Netherlands and has been voted a Top 10 blog by AfroPop Worldwide.

Most recently been nominated for an European MTV Award and also nominated for Germany’s Visual Music Award.

1371491_10151902215479647_46807004_nIt has been featured on various South American TV stations and mentioned as a highly influential blog by broadsheets worldwide, including the UK’s Guardian Newspaper who described it as an essential source for new Transnational Club sounds and Germany’s biggest online newspaper SPIEGEL, who said it’s a Hipster Blog essential for anybody into Global Bass sounds.

It has also been cited as an influence by other big blogs like The Fader and Diplo’s Mad Decent and Daniel Haaksman of Man Recordings has called it the best music blog on the planet!  It has inspired a whole new crop of imitators.

Generation Bass has also put on “Generation Bass Festivals” in both the UK and the Netherlands. They have also hosted live events & Generation Bass stages at some of the biggest festivals in the world like Mundial, Incubate, Lowlands (HOLLAND), Roskilde (DENMARK) Pecz (Hungary) and Drop Beats Not Bombs (UK) & Essouira Festival  (Morocco).

Generation Bass DJs have played alongside or acted as support acts for Speed Caravan, Gilles Peterson, Datsik, Poirier, Douster, Daara J, Buraka Som Sistema, Von D and Bentley Rythm Ace, Joker, Reso, Bomb Squad, MRK1, Haaksman, Headhunter, Jakes, Bomba Estereo, Shackleton, Neil Landstrumm, Cooly G and many, many others.

In the latter part of 2010, it entered its new phase as a digital record label and already people are starting to cite it is as one of the labels to watch out for.

Generation Bass say that their releases will be varied and diverse, just like the music they cover on their blog, taking in everything from Zouk Bass, Dubstep, Cumbia, Kuduro, 3ball through to Moombahton and other new genres that they discover or invent.

In 2011 they released their first worldwide compilation Transnational Dubstep to critical acclaim HERE and read more about it PRESS JUNKIE.

Through its founders, Umb & Vince, it has pioneered many concepts and championed many genres to worldwide success. As an indication of their visionary powers, what Generation Bass talks about today usually catches on a few years later in the commercial world.

Generation Bass has spread by ‘word of mouth’ and, likewise, that’s how they hope to see their releases spread, through word of mouth, because they don’t believe in the hype!

This is GENERATION BASS, platform for cool music & art from wherever.1376952_10151902215979647_206190086_n


  • Pradip (Lord Lingham) March 31, 2009


    You have a good blog – like the entries. Did you produce the mashup of modeselektor and fugees?

    I host a show called Mondo Electrico on PBS (www.pbsfm.org.au) in Melbourne, Australia

  • Sakalamoiz & Zaibatsu April 25, 2009

    hey Pradip,
    We love your show!
    Great blog Generation Bass. Keep it up!

  • buzz_aldrin May 19, 2009

    perfect blog
    except for can you make the mp3’s streamable? just a luxury complaint cos my hd is always full with crap and downloading actually takes effort

  • Lilmissbadnewz May 20, 2009

    that’s sad that he past away R.I.P DOLLA

  • Luciano June 2, 2009

    Hi Vincent! Great gallery of projects!
    I would love to post my band MANO SANTA- Mistura fina fina to shake your rompompom- here at your page. What we do is a mix of brazilian electro with reggae/funk/jazz elements. Check us out!! Thanks before hand.

    1 LOVE)))))

  • Balkadan June 3, 2009

    great blog, putting you on my blogroll list!

  • Le Freak Selector April 22, 2010

    ola Generatin Bass. first congratulation x you site. just want to ask if you can help me with the promotion of mi new album Borderline – Le Freak Selector (13 original tracks – Global Urban Beatz style). acctualy is hosted in Newton las Pelotas! its free download:

    if you have any idea will be great, bless and thanks x all the support that you are giving me

    Martin Le Freak

  • Rasam May 31, 2010

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  • heston June 17, 2010

    hi i’ve got the latest jozi video.and i want you to be the first people to have it.

  • sharps July 5, 2010

    You might like this:


    Glitchybass remix of a classic Puerto Rican tune

  • Antidata 05 May 4, 2011

    Fugue in C minor (BWV 847) J.S. Bach on bass guitar!!


  • Kovary July 6, 2011


    It’s Kovary.

    Check out my latest unreleased groovy moombahton-disco tracks at the
    link below. The pack contains 2 originals, and a moombahton bootleg of
    the latest Duck Sauce song.


    Feedbacks are welcome

    Cheers, and have a nice day


  • Mike Squillo July 7, 2011

    Would luv if one of you guys pick this up, this is moombahton at its dirtiest. Like seriously its just dirty play it and download it, cheers. 


  • La Troup July 11, 2011

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  • Clubb Rock July 11, 2011

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


  • Achilles July 20, 2011

    what do u think of zomby? d:)

  • Diego Arias July 22, 2011

    Big Up Generation Bass ////

  • sweet electra July 27, 2011

    Hello friends, we are releasing a new videoclip, I hope you like it and give it a shout!! 

    Giovanni E 

  • Graham Marshall August 6, 2011

    http://www.mediafire.com/?idb18w0mxoxe5  free dubstep album i saw

  • http://feraliskinky.com August 7, 2011




  • R Sayles August 25, 2011

    Hey guys, I have just got back from Poland and love it.

    I want to come DJ in Warsaw and other areas so if people could help me make that happen I would be grateful.

    I produce and DJ as ACTRAISER and have loads of releases on dubstep / techno / drum & bass labels



  • Cristiano September 3, 2011

    new vid from Italy
    if you like it i’ll write the link to download the cd and as soon as possible also the stems
    greetings from the beach

  • Token September 4, 2011

    check out my original moombahcore tracks! all produce and or remixed by me! 


  • Pathaan September 5, 2011

    Then treat yourselves to some musical gifts herehttp://soundcloud.com/djpathaan

  • cropcircles September 13, 2011

  • Benjamin Pena September 21, 2011

    hi, my name is ben and i go by the alias of producer snafu.

    you have previously reviewed my music and i really appreciated it. i would love if you could review my new all 8bit album featuring some new dubstep tunes. if you could email me @facebook-100000742450965:disqus  producersnafu (a) yahoo dot com i can give you the download code. hope to hear from you. 

  • Serega Pshenichniy October 18, 2011

    Hello, guys, check my mix, please. This is how we do it in Russia)

  • 09006894 October 20, 2011

    hey guys just finished my latest remix, give a look ,cheers


  • Van Tek October 31, 2011

  • skweeast team November 3, 2011

    Moombathon versus Skweeast – skweeast goes the world!


    check out whole new skweeast soundcloud page


    If someone wants to try make skweeast style track, we canl send you original vinyl folklore sample to be reworked into skweeast track, if  iterested send us email on our souncloud.

    Skweeast team

  • Alive November 14, 2013

    Hey there, just found your blog and thought maybe you’re interested in some Trap from Germany.. Check it out 😉
    Trap Part 1 by Alive

  • getMusic December 3, 2013

    I’d like to know the procedure for submitting music for review consideration.

    TaDa’s latest album is on iTunes Pre-Order itunes.apple.com/us/album/element/id740429395

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  • The Shy Guys June 1, 2014

    We’re a passionate EDM duo called The Shy Guys, hailing from Orange County, CA, and we’ve just released our first album called “First Attempt” (and soon will be releasing our second one) . We’d love it if you’d listened to our tunes and give us any feedback!
    Here’s what we sound like : http://youtu.be/zluCcaaMRSY & http://youtu.be/znmd1n7I0rI
    Download album (for free) here: http://goo.gl/vseJs1


  • Realtalk productions November 29, 2014

    check it?

  • Anonymous December 1, 2014

    My name is Nick Rideout and I am a producer currently under the moniker Launchpad Infinity. I have an EP out and have released one ‘single’ off my upcoming album. I host and play shows in San Diego in the underground bass music scene in the clubs and at festivals and desert parties. I have played shows in Illinois, Mass, and New York as I’m originally from Boston and my family lives in the mid west. I am not on any particular label but I’m associated with Super Sabine, Killinoize productions, Bass Tribe and others.

    All this to say I am passionate about creating music and performing it around the world. I would love to send over the single I have released off my upcoming album, and the EP I put out. If you like what you hear I would love to send you a demo copy of the new album so you can decide if you want to help promote it.

    Thank you,

    Nick Rideout

    Launchpad Infinity



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  • adabu mwendaberi December 9, 2014


    I would like to share a remix I did. hope you like it. https://soundcloud.com/adabumusic/deejay-mphozar-wont-you-be-my-baby-adabu-remix

  • Gudson July 10, 2015

    Hi, i’m producer of Chill Trap and i have two new tracks

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