Chip Bass Monthly

YEP… So the Chip scene was kind of shaken by the fact that Blip Festival is indefinitely cancelled with the last one occurring in Tokyo this month but I don’t think Chipmusic is going any where and is probably just going to open up even more in the coming years with new events going to start popping up.


Dotama x USK (Miii Trap Remix)

LOL .. Chiptrap.. so that has happened now.. Actually a fairly good tune but I would be happy if we didn’t have a whole flood of this. YAY JAPAN!! Free Download



Hexawe is a group/collective/site dedicated to the software Little Piggy Tracker (LPGT). This release is one of the strongest I have heard most of the artists are from the Chip scene and so hold onto that aesthetic in terms of production and aesthetics but there is some room for newer sounds and samples due to the use of more modern hardware.. Track 2 By Bleo and Track 10 by Starpause are particularly skwonky!!



More not strictly chip.. this guy makes Lazerbass type stuff amazingly with the Nintendo / Korg DS10 Cartridge. A mean feat and a great release because of it.. Check out Kittenrock for the download.



Everyones favourite Latvian with another swagged out skwomp groove.. Really like the funky vibe he has started putting into the more recent material over the more aggressive sound.


Rolly Mingwold

Stepping firmly into Dreamwave / Chillwave territory with this one but the artist is the king of alias’s Carl Peczynski who makes amazing chipmusic as well (under Sadnes, Oxygenstar, Radlib). A great track on a great label check it out here.




Missed this one but it is some classic Japanese Gameboy dance mayhem and it is called the Chipbass EP so I kind of have to include it (was that term coined here first .. I don’t even know or care but its cool that it is a concept artists are down with)..



Talented pixel artist from Venezuela,  UI offers this great release of NES Chiphop beats. Authentic, bass heavy and have a solid swagger to all the tracks its well worth a listen. Check out the previous Killer Beats while you’re at it..



This artist never fails to make the most interesting fakebit out there. Such a lovely melding of chip aesthetics and sounds with huge modern production values. This EP is a calming ambient chill glitch reminicent of a bunch of IDM I used to really dig. Free Download as well so grab it!



This track is great purely for that intro sound effect… hahaah some really solid and refreshing ideas through out but loses me a little with the huge wubs in the middle. Still cool to hear this kind of stuff happening!!

Chip Bass Monthly


Took a bit of a break from doing these but hopefully back to once a month again now.. A lot of great stuff has come out in the last few months so I am going to launch straight into it..



Some of the first footwork/juke influenced chip to be released and by Cheapshot no less on the newly formed Cheapbeats label! Using the gameboy advance program Nanoloop 2.3 he manages to pull some great FM sounds and that 160BPM energy really works with these sounds. To top it off there are two remixes by Footwork/Juke Producers Guchon and B.O.O.M.A .


Omri Suleiman

So this release is one of the best Chipmusic releases I have heard in years it is both highly authentic whilst sounding fresh and relevant today. From the UK Omri is an old school Amiga scene musician who has come back with this release.. “Music for a 15 year old me” .. The release is best experienced how it was intended which is on the microsite coded by Raquel Meyers and GotoAT (HERE) where you can also download the entire release. While listening just keep in mind that all the source files would fit on a Floppy Disk.. (more details on the release here).


Maddest Kings Alive

Another new track from Australia’s Maddest Kings Alive.. this time with some obvious trap references in amongst the Chip melodies.. it is another track added to what will be a very solid release when finished called Combat Magick. Available for pay what you want download now!



Loltvian skwønk super star Kodek has an absolute banger on this compilation released by Bulgarian Party Crew “WTF IS SWAG”. Pretty sure if swag is anything it might be this track.



This is a relativity new Russian Net Label that focuses on “chiptune, chipstep and skweee”. The latest release Transpolar Dub by Snork25 has a very early Cow’p or Quarta330 sound about it, it doesn’t do anything exceptional or out of the box but sometimes that is ok. All available for free download from their official website.



Well.. I now have a most anticipated Chip Bass release of 2012 contender. All these preview snippets are gold taking Stu’s amazing tracking skills and applying a wonky bass heavy swagger to them. Surely going to be Massive!!!



A totally new name on the scene and comes out with some of the most refreshingly relevant and beautiful sounding chipmusic ever. Kittenrock has actually stepped in and delivered consistently good releases recently in a pool of self released stuff or very niche labels like Ubiktune and Metrodub (and considering the big names for the scene Pause and 8bitpeoples have been dormant for sometime). This release is effectively fuzzed out and reverby gameboys set on a monochrome background.. Beautiful! MORE LIKE THIS PLEASE CHIP SCENE!





Chip Bass Monthly

Got a very special interview with Huorotron this month plus the regular mix of videos, free downloads and the like.


CRYPOCRACY: the new release from Huorotron available now
For those that don’t know Huorotron (Finnish bro Aku Raski) makes brutally heavy electronic music (calling it electro or anything else would be doing it a disservice). Nowadays he is playing major festivals around the globe and remixing the likes of M.I.A and HIM but his humble beginnings involved making some of the hardest nastiest Gameboy Music the world had ever heard and I had the chance to talk to him about his thoughts on Chipmusic.


When I was 7 years old I got a commodore 64 and way back in the day you know you loaded these songs and loading the songs took so long you never wanted to turn them off so you had this game on in your room for a week with the music playing. This chiptune sound drilled its way into my head, so years later when I discovered someone was making software for the Gameboy and that I could compose this kind of music I freaked out. It was perfect; it doesn’t cost anything and it’s super punk. Like the sound you get out of a Gameboy is already really distorted it’s not like some fancy synthesizer that you need to make sound rough it sounds like shit from the get go. You never get tangled with any details, you can’t do a lot of stuff you can do with laptops so you are left with the bare minimum of essential ingredients to just focus on the music and that’s what I loved about it.



Regarding the whole scene aspect of Chipmusic I found I couldn’t associate myself with it because a lot of people were going with what I call the high road, really just recreating the golden moments of playing Zelda and Mario bros. While I was really into taking this new instrument I’d discovered and focusing on the stuff that I loved in music genres; this darker industrial electronic place. I have a lot of friends in the Chipmusic community and we have mutual respect but when it comes to the having pink CD’s and pixel art…. Well when you see one you’ve seen 200 and when you have seen 200 you have seen them all. It’s  a scene that has a hard time evolving because of that, it’s like it’s dead to start with. No disrespect, it’s just these happy melodies are simply not my cup of tea.


One of my two Gameboy cartridges died and took half of the tracks with it. So I kind of had to evolve and later on as I looked at it, it is the most natural thing to do to take it to the next level. Like keep the stuff that you feel in your head and not what the retro music community or whatever wants you to say or do.

I think its great to see an artist embracing the Chipmusic ethos of gritty dirty noise and limited channels whilst not feeling limited to specific hardware or having any need to please a scene. His influence on the Chipmusic community I think is quite noticeable with more and more artists trying to break the mold of stereotypical cutsey videogame sounding music and I like to think lots of the artist I feature in these columns are following in these footsteps.


Makeup and Vanity Set

Ok so it is hard to pass this off as Chipmusic I know (it’s 100% dreamwave) .. but I have been really enjoying this release and the guy that makes it used to do Chipmusic as The Protomen and its released on the new Label Telefuture which has a bunch of Chipmusic releases so it isn’t too much of a stretch. The release was actually written as music for a short sci-fi film of the same name you can watch that here. The release is also available as a VHS and poster which I think speaks wonders to the aesthetic here so fully realised stream and download the thing below on bandcamp or preorder the VHS .


Vitual Kikomotu

This is a fantastic idea for a release “Ten esteemed chipmusic composers working on ten different computers come together with one aim – to wring pure ACID from their respective platforms.” So it is some straight out squelchy acid made on a bunch of consoles by some of the biggest names in Chipmusic. Particular favourites are the Goto80 and Hizmi tracks. Stream a mix of the tracks and download the whole thing at Kittenrock.



KeFF from finland is really on to some good stuff recently, been really enjoying the slightly wonky take on dub / skweee flavours. The above track is off a release (that also includes ChipBass favourite DKSTR) and a bunch of other beats and bleeps (not all chip). Get the Grillin’ 10 year compilation from here . Also below is another recent KeFF track that is a total skwomp groove.. huge and funky and showing great potential for future releases.




Some very beautiful slow chipdub from the C64 master goto80. Released sometime ago as part of a project called 2SLEEP1. It also has a video to go with it but I personally like listening to just the audio, with all the lights off. Chipped and Screwed? Witchtune? whatever its awesome…




Smiletron is one of those artists consistently able to produce something that sounds uniquely like his production aesthetic while bringing enough new to the table to keep you listening. His latest release “Solstice” is a little more chilled than previous but still maintains that great balance of clean and dirty chip music production, maintaining enough grit to make this not just sound like another over produced fakebit EP. All Free download grab the tracks now!



New SAITONE!!! it came out in may but I missed it.. This Japanese artist remains my favourite chip artist of all time so flawlessly combining winning elements of rhythmic glitch based IDM with legit gameboy tracking. Really this is a great suprise and I hope we hear some more from him soon!



Chip Bass Monthly

So truly upset that this time last year I was giving my Blip Festival New York round up and review. I didn’t make it this year and after seeing all the photos and videos trickle through it looks like a missed a really really good one. A bunch of new stuff from a couple of old favourites this month keeping me inspired to keep doing these posts!!


Henry Homesweet

Constantly redefining what chipmusic is by making some of the most incredible music around Henry Homesweet has released the first in his new series of live improv hardware jams this time featuring an 808 alongside his GameBoy Advances. You can check out all the previous iterations as youtube playlists: Lo-Bit Bassment and the Out-House Sessions. And you can download the whole above jam from Soundcloud.



In 2009 at the Blip Festival afterparty I believe two Chipmusic superstars Covox and Random joined forces for a one off performance as Condom. Afterwards legend goes that the project files were deleted and the tracks were never heard again until now! I think the myth and supergroup nature of this project is really part of what makes it standout and for those that were there this release is sure to bring back great memories. You can download / stream the whole live set recording from Bandcamp.



A new track from Barcelona mad man Rigo Pex aka Meneo. It has been some time since we have heard chip stuff from this fellow and this track and video is everything his old material had.. intense mad tropical party destruction. A whole EP (the first since Santanalga in 2008) is to be released on Subterfuge soon. You can here a full stream of the EP (including Chip-Punk Anthem “Tiger Woods is Gay” T.W.I.G) here and read a little about each track here.



This came out just after last months post but well worth mentioning, some massive Game Boy Chipbass, covering electro, unadulterated bro-step and generally some of the most amazing wave channel bass programming you will ever here to have come out of a Nintendo handheld. Collecting some of the tracks previously posted in these posts (Wank Harder & Fuck Yeah). Its a Pay what you like download so definitely support this Japanese artist and get on the donate and download!



Spanish based Chip Label Low Toy, who have had some very high quality releases have put out this grimy release by Neuroflip all music coming from a Commodore Amiga, AHX Tracker. This means it is noisy distorted and brutal… Get pon the free download here.



A standout act at Blipfest 2011 he has gone from strength to strength this recording of a full set made for infamously awesome Utrech, Holland, Chipmusic party Eindbaas and it is just straight up massive. Electro and Dance stuff all the way through including some amusing covers (“Everyday I’m Chip Dancing”) well worth the download as an essential Chip Party Mixtape.



The confusingly named ??? from Canada has teamed up with some great artists for a new release and it is incredible. A double sided mix tape one side Dub and one side HipHop influenced chip can be streamed from the site while interacting with Flash visuals from UI. Each tape is half hour and can be downloaded separately but I highly recommend playing around and looking at the visuals while listening on the site it adds to it greatly. You can also grab a GoTo80 remix track that appears on the Hop tape from here. DO IT NOW PLAY HERE.



Some very dirty wub wub chipstep that has some great moments. Released on the highly recommended MP3 Death label for me the standout track is Green Slime and some of the others get a little too samey with their wobbles. But all in all good fun and FREE!



Even though I wasn’t there the chip community has amazing people who document everything so here are a couple of standout moments for me that I experienced later or heard on the stream

KODEK (don’t know the track name but amazing Univeral Ice Funk)


Monodeer (new unreleased footwork/juke style track)


George and Jonathan (Dubstep Daycare)


😐 Krew (no idea but naked mayhem)


Dr. Von Pnok (French Electro Madness)

Chip Bass Monthly

A little late this month and not as much action as normal but hopefully enough here to keep you busy.. Blip Fest NYC happening this month sure to be a whole lot to talk about at the end of it.. picture from the awesome Pixel Monster again.


MiniBurgerTime is a frantic and surreal piece of Skweee / Chip Bass with a great video to go with it. I have always been a fan of McFiredrill, he also heads up the internet radio station Datafruits .. which is well worth checking out..


Some Australian 16bit Mayhem from Abortifacient… Some really killer bass sounds coming out of the Sega Mega Drive with that distinct off kilter sound he is known for.


Distortled Box Compilation Vol3

The Spanish crew behind Distortled Box have been at it for a few years and it is great to see some new names on this compilation lots of bass heavy and distorted madness well worth the download. Distortled Box download page


Whoa!!! So NNNNNNNNN delivers an unashamedly massive Brostep Chipbass banger from Japan so large that it may of caused more earthquakes (too soon?!?) Literally some of the most brutal stuff to come out of a gameboy ever.



Data Airlines haven’t released anything for a while and either has Psilodump but this release is some really solid pop style electro-chipbass and a return to form for both..


Henry Homesweet

The ever consistent bleepstreet put out this new Henry Homesweet banger download it from here.



One of the true originators of Chipmusic delivers a new release which is full of great mix of Chill and dance tunes. Truly some amazing stuff that transcends the genre!



Some Russian very 8bit flavoured skweee made with the Korg DS10 software.. a solid release..

Chip Bass Monthly

A huge month with some truly massive a long awaited releases hitting the internet.. CHECK IT… (image from Pixel Monster)



This is from a CD the swedish Chip master goto80 released last year (the Cherry CD buy it here) but was only uploaded recently it is an amazing bit of amiga bass action… And if you are so inclined you can check out the .MOD source file here



The follow up album to last year’s zOMG! and holy shit does it deliver.. essentially an album comprised of 3 EP’s each varying slightly in style showing a wide breadth of diversity. The track Minger we highlighted last month is not the only banger on here and really the whole thing is best listened from start to finish… Definitely the best Cheapshot release to date and going to be on my high rotation for a while.


Droid On

Brazilian abstract Chip Bass, has some really large moments in these tracks and there is a great dissonant and wonky quality to all of them that is really unique.


Knife City

Long awaited release from the Anamanaguchi drummer.. This includes the track that slayed everybody at Blip festival Last Year “Slam Dunk Lifestyle” other than that it has some of the best programmed gameboy dance music you are likely to ever hear!



Some absolutely solid Chip Dub out of Latvia really nails that reverby dub vibe and has some great groove going on.



And the Latvian Skwugg/Skwømp king doesn’t stop this month coming out with a bit more of a skweee release less chip but still equally original and heavy hitting!



This is an older release that this month was put up for free download.. definitley worth a revisit and still holds up against most the stuff being produced now.. solid rocking chipbass out of Argentina.


Maddest Kings Alive

This is a pre-release of sorts I guess with a few more tracks still to be added but what is there so far is rocking. Amazingly chopped grooves and a perfect blending of chip and sample based material.


A short EP of ambient footwork influenced Chip.. the most innovative release to come out in a long time.. download the whole thing here and get a snippet preview below



Blip Festival Australia happened last month and there was some really killer Chip Bass acts (Abortifacient and Monodeer stand out in my mind). Lazerbeat from Japan really did deliver though and he has put his whole set up as a download from bandcamp.. abrasive slow chipbass grind..

#Seapunk: totally a thing

Its an ongoing trend in electronic music for micro-genres and sub-sub-genres to be given names and discussed to the point where everyone knows how ridiculous it is. #Seapunk is the penultimate example of this in my mind… more a meme than a genre a pure result of the internet and quite obviously a joke in its creation and execution, but something that many people forget that doesn’t mean the music isn’t sometimes amazing and worth paying attention to. If you want to argue about what is and isn’t #seapunk read this then go away. [pictures by artist Christian Riese Lassen]

For those unaware it is an internet based concept, lifestyle, fashion, design and hence musical style based around retro-futuristic acquatic utopia’s, think gifs of digital 3D waves made in the 90’s viewed on netscape .. with dolphins … and beach parties and twitter. Lots of people say “But Aquatic music has always been around… what about Drexciya… what about Handel??” the point isn’t “hey look what we are doing is fresh and new” it is literally… “hey look we’re on the internet lets have some fun by using 90’s oceanic themes in our art and music instead of conforming to some other strict genre guidelines”.. and it is in that that seapunk is interesting. A “post-genre” genre that doesn’t have clear and concise guidelines beyond the fact that it embraces 90’s rave or it has a aquatic/oceanic/positive beach vibe or simply someone chooses to call it seapunk.

My first experience with this music was actually before the term was coined by LiL Internet in the infamous tweet in June of 2011 when I went to Blip Festival in May in New York City.. Chip Music artist and Unicorn Kid Collaborator Talk to Animals played a section of the set that was amazingly euphoric 90’s rave with some tropical beach vibes..

a few months later as this music was already being made within these circles and Unicorn Kid released the Tidal Rave EP.. Which you can download all 3 tracks for free from his soundcloud.

In my mind this release set the template sound, design and fashion that is Seapunk.. however interestingly nobody (that I know of) just copied the formula of Unicorn Kids sound. Instead the fashion and design elements were picked up by Ultrademon (aka Fire for Effect) and Zombelle and Coral Records was started with #Seapunk vol. 1 and basically got blogged a whole lot. The result of this is a bunch of people listening to a compilation of music that has no real linking feature beyond a musical/sonic representation of a design/fashion and we end up with a whole bunch of music and band wagon jumpers; some great, some interesting, some fairly dull..

Here are my picks .. fight me … tell me seapunk doesn’t exist … tell me seapunk is dead and slimepunk is the future… I just like the music..

Chip Bass Monthly

End of Feb already.. had a huge month with Blip Festival Australia happening so apologies if I missed some things this month.. (pic from Graff artist Gameboyone.)


The one and only ChipBass powerhouse that is James York aka Cheapshot is about to drop a new release called Streets of Bass and its going to be huge.. a follow up to the amazing zOMG! release last year you can hear for yourself with this exclusive preview of the track Minger.. Stay tuned to Cheapshots Facey for download details

Awesome Chipbass / Skweee / Game Boy wonk from this Finnish bro. Really love hearing his particular sound develop hopefully see a new release soon



O Samuli A

Some more stuff from Finland, wonky Chipstep available on Vinyl!! Really keen on the groove that is in some of these tracks



Kodek & Not Fear

Straight up Ice Funk Skweee, great to hear Kodek exploring some new sounds and working with other artists this is really quality .. cool fun video and name your price download.. no excuses grab it.




So the first one of these came out a few years back this one is even better. Including some of the biggest names in Chipmusic and some of the hardest bassheads as well (Cheapshot, cTrix, Knife City, Sabrepulse to name a few). really liking the sound of a lot of these tracks and its all free grab both this one and the old one from the site HERE




Australian Voodoo Bass scientist delivers this new freebie. It was the last track he played as the Opening act of Blip Fest Australia and it really left an impression on me.. Huge Abstract Massive rhythms and great sound design.. grab it!




Finland is killing it this month.. This release is one of the first that I know of that is an artist who is active within the chipmusic scene being released on a well known Skweee label. A great release and very true to the skweee stylings whilst keeping a very authentic chip flavour as well. Highly Highly recommended. Also a reminder that this guy is part of weekly beats and has been uploading some great jams HERE

Read full review of Tijuana Bible – DKSTR on ©



Weekly Beats Roundup
Fossa – Proto Dynastic Felines Some electro skweee funk badness .. NICE!
Minikomi – Nauticus Omnivore Again killer track from Minikomi even if it was mucking about with software he doesn’t like
bleo – standard deduction wonky funky and all sorts of weirdness, somehow holds together into an awesome track
Lazerbeat – 06 Monsters This track totally nails an emulation of the chipbass sound and then some.. like cheapshot with added grit or something
Dos.Putin – 4’rizza Huge Bassy Chipstep funk from the renamed 486kid..

Chip Bass Monthly

2012!!!! WOOO! This year is going to be ridiculous considering the amount of stuff that has dropped in these few short weeks. I am hoping to be less focused on strictly chipmusic from within the chipmusic community and add some skweee and other fun stuff into these posts all under the ChipBass banner (we’re all one big happy family righht??)


Kodek & 486


So the first release coming right out and naming itself skwømp. No suprises here just heavy hitting wonky beats from two of the worlds best.. pioneering their own sound and totally owning it. Pay what you want download so swing the boys some cash for being awesome!! (check the remix of a Kodek track by 486 aka Dos. Putin below as well)



A Promo for the Bleepstreet artist Zet. Nice insight into the man and his tracks.. just watch it (hit closed captions to get Subtitles) Check out his stuff on Bleep Street Here. Also a huge Kodek remix that was upped to soundcloud this month


Henry Homesweet


Quiet possibly the most beautiful video and song combination I have seen in sooo long it turns the epic song into a short film that has so much heart and positive vibes I think I have watched it a million times. This is truly an outstanding achievement and this guy will be moving far beyond chipmusic’s humble indie community very soon with the quality of this work. Please support the artist and purchase the release this track is from, Enter 5D. Also a Drum’n’Bass remix of the tune from Diamonds & Dynamite surfaced check it.



Amazing Japanese Gameboy Bro and all round good dude has fucking nailed Chipstep just when we thought it might be on its way out. This track absolutely bangs and there aren’t many downloads left so jump on that


Knife City

So the legend that is Knife City has released an EP.. It isn’t produced, it isn’t well thought out.. but fuck it the tracks are good and at least we have some tracks to pop on our ipods. Recorded after a drunken show at Magfest it is well worth checking out.. Special mention to the Better Off Alone Cover and the absolute hardness that is the track “rules”.



So a few people from within the Chipmusic community decided to put together a project to get people to sign up to write original free to download music every week for the whole year. So Weekly Beats was born. Many of my favourite artists have signed up and are delivering some amazing tracks all for free download. Because there is so much (4 new tracks from 100’s of artists each month) I am just going to do a quick round up of some of my fave’s (maybe 5 a month) but just go there have a listen you’ll find something new.

Minikomi – Kingston Bitcrush: Every track has been amazing but this one manages to encompass tempo changes, sax samples and a Dubby feel that is amazing Download/Stream

DKSTR – Hiekkakivi: killer arabic flavoured skweee out of Finland could be off a Flogsta Danshall release. Download/Stream

Droid-On – Strapo: completely mental groove but with a massive bass and kick keeping it centered. Download/Stream

Matt Nida – Nevermore: Like a forgotten sinister track off the Drive soundtrack. Beautifuly haunting. Download/Stream

Beastmode – Reptile DnB: Heavy hitting Chip Drum’n’Bass slides nicely into halftime at moments. Download/Stream

Chip Bass: Best of 2011

In no particular order I thought I would go through some of my favourite Chip Bass releases of 2011. I think there were some real classics that came out this year that defined the sound and direction that artists have and will continue to explore.

Cheapshot – zOMG!

The definitive Chipstep release that all others have and will continue to be compared to (Download here). It is great to see that he made his mark with this release and then has moved on to new Chip Bass territory with tracks like the Tokyopop remix. Also congrats to the man behind Cheapshot, James York who became a father just before the new year (he has assured us music will still be written and created in 2012, looking forward to it!!)


Monodeer – NOISE.BMP

Every track on this release is solid, having such an advanced grasp of sound design, rhythm and general massiveness it is a must have from last year. Monodeer also put an impressive show on in Tokyo this year which I am sure is going to mean we will see this guy touring about the place soon. Heavy Hard Dark Big


??? – Wall you need is love

The Canadian artist known only as ??? really made a mark with this release early in 2011. His light dub-influenced rhythms, heavy bass and absolutely heart warming melodies really make this one of my favourite music releases in any genre this year honestly sooo very good, things have been quiet from him recently but hopefully we will get some more of this in 2012.. Download here.


Chalices of the Past – Yucatan Explorer

Chalices of the Past has a distinct and unique sound, with their lo-fi tropical vibes. Distorted steel drums, massive kick drums and wonky chip melodies what else could you ask for.


Kodek – Organ1s3d Gr1m3 II

Kodek put out a bunch of great releases this year but my god this release just blow everything out of the water. Download it now