Mokujin : Ghetto Opus EP on Blaq Records


Released two weeks ago on Blaq Records, this bomb assembled by Mokujin is going to blow some crates and dancefloors. A loud beat, a grimy bass and a voice with an evil inspiration, it’s dark, it’s an outburst of anger ! A small EP with three tracks, an amazing intro and two Opus blending strong tech and future garage.

This Opus comes as a name-your-price download, so there’s little reason not to get it !

[bandcamp width=350 height=470 album=3580817597 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false]

From PR :

Mokujin does it once again with his futuristic vision on club music, his unique approach to underground culture, always gold just like dawn.

Blaqnet is the rebellious young sister of Blaq Records / Pantamuzik, it is the punk renegade black sheep of the family, always walking the thin line where experimental meets club music, where techno meets ambient-noise, where breaks meet future garage and phantom rave within a unique convergence of artists from around the world, always stepping outside the trends with a DIY attitude showing her love for the underground with free releases for your downloading pleasure.

Blaq Records is a transnational label, based in Mexico but with artists from Iceland and Germany, the talents sheltered in this label have no frontier.

Was is worth seeing Chet Faker at Le Trianon in Paris ?



It’s the second of June and we happily walk in Le Trianon, an old theatre transformed into a concert hall. Chet Faker will perform there 3 concerts, as his success got him to add two extra dates. As usual at this venue the atmosphere is cool, no real need to rush

Sau Poler opened the concert with a live performance.

Although his sounds are rather appealing, he was not to my mind the best pick. His productions swinging between a soft harmonious house and a darker atmopheric tech where you can find inspirations from Cinematic Orchestra (Flite) were not boring but misplaced as the opening for this venue.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

Without being packed it’s crowded, Sau Poler pursues his long journey into the night and more people get on board, the front row suddenly burst into shouts and cheers, the harmonies grow more precise resoning with a voluptuous echo in the theatre.
It’s hot here… But the warmth will not turn to tropical heat, the lights turned on and Mark Ronson purring Bang Bang Bang into the speakers, it’s time to hit the bar…

Checking on the crowd, I smile and tease Sara Stella, mostly girls there and a few boyfriends with saddened tired faces and a cheerful gay couple. I have never been to “a girl concert”, loud sexist denomination supposed to suggest that girls have no musical tastes and are only here because Chet is handsome. Not true (disregarding Chet’s physical aspect) it will be a great concert, impressive with technicality and talent. Girls were right once again, they knew were to be. White shirt and hair tied in a bun, he starts to drumbeat his controller. Loud, enthralling, groovy.

The tracks wind on, the recipe is almost perfect, Chet has an advantage that saying, he doesn’t have that many tracks to play and most of them are excellent.

There’s of course a great moment of communion when the expected cover of Black Street starts, interferring with the audience, he asks a girl to translate his demand “no phone for this one, you may snatch away the phone of someone’s who’s disregarding this”. The song starts in a great cheerful moment. Even though it’s a cover, i think No Diggity is really his best track, you have to be smart to get the idea of choosing this song and be certain of your talent to perform it.

To get an idea of the atmosphere during his No Diggity performance, you can check this video taken from a previous concert in Paris…

Overall i really had a great time. It’s the second time i see Chet Faker on stage, i still have my disappointments about a few tracks being too cheesy, but it is fairly compensated by his real talent as a musician. His use of intruments are precise and mastered, his voice is truely great.

Machines in Heaven : Displacer EP

displacer mih

Two years and one member away after Bordersbreakdown, i review again this new release from Glasgow-based Machines in Heaven. This few lines that i write with joy and a bit of sadness as i really liked the output of the original trio (actually i hope i do not say anything wrong about it, Graham himself told me he left the band).

Bordersbreakdown had me thinking of Holy Fuck and Errors, this EP has flavours of the dub trips of Jon Hopkins and the sweetness of early Apparat productions.

In a general way, this EP is more electro-oriented than Bordersbreakdown and is really the heird of Hindu Milk the previous EP but whereas it had strong 80’s influences the new EP is less melancholic and closer to late 90’s, early 2K monumental electronic compositions.

Listening to the 5 tracks composing Displacer, 4 different versions of the track Displacer and a second track called Feel Slow, i refound this lift happy feeling i had when playing the early prods of the band. Possibly i wished so strong and breath taking as Voodoo Mechanics but then it doesn’t make the other tracks bad, far from it.

And as i mentioned the four versions of Displacer i had the surprise to see that among them is a remix of Drvg Cvltvre, member of the GenBass crew !

Big up to him, this remix is awesome, with an energy building up along the track pulling your feet off the floor to a higher ground.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

Displacer will be released (like their other materials) on Hot Gem on the 5th of June.

Digging the crate : Slow joe after the accident


I think Slow Joe was part of the first article i wrote for Generation Bass. Blues one of the strongest music ever created has moved generations of music lovers, it infiltrated other music styles, disappeared and reappeared in unexpected places around the world.

Slow Joe’s story looks like an accident – I am not going to re-write what i said about Slow Joe, but the unlikely encounter of Cédric de la Chapelle  – guitarist and member of the French band the Ginger Accident -, with Slow Joe in Goa brought about a beautiful musical project, a salvation for the old man certainly and a burst of fame for the Ginger Accident band.

After a few years and two albums Joseph Manuel da Rocha aka Slow Joe is still doing fine, with a true energy on stage and quality – though classic -, productions.

Slow Joe & The Ginger Accident
A1 I need a Woman
A2 When are you comin’ home
B1 One more Time

Production : Caravelle / Back to Mono Records

The mint of this 45T is rather disappointing, unless i got the only faulty copy, but well there’s a bump on the B-side that spoils the listening. The sleeve itself is really nice and has a sentimental value as it the first mint before Sony and Néance worked on a second release.

Digging the crate : the art of rebellion


adf 1

If there’s a band that really changed my view about music, it should certainly be Asian Dub Foundation. I followed them from the beginning, well to be honest from the first moment i saw Buzzin’ being played on MTV in Canada -, to the departure and surprising come back of Deeder during a show in Paris (he walked away again a few months later being definitely replaced by Spex.

I followed them, played their music loud everywhere i was, yelled their lyrics, wished i could do something as good as them.
I found courageous to assimilate consciousness in their music, consciousness not limited to politics but also referring to the transversality of musical trends.

Contrarily to Baaeur who would use “exotic samples” as empty adornements, they pushed forward their roots and will to bridge the gap separating cultures and generations by fully integrating samples that would create debates.

Free Satpal Ram

FX 326

A1Free Satpal Ram (Primal Scream Mix)
A2Free Satpal Ram (ADF Sound System Remix)
B1Free Satpal Ram
B2Tribute To John Stevens



570 039-1

A1Naxalite (Main Mix)
A2Charge (Sherwood Dub 2)
B1Charge (Main Mix)
B2Charge (ADF Sound System Remix)



FX 335

A1Buzzin’ (Full Length)
A2Digital Underclass
BBuzzin’ (Dylan Rhymes Remix)


Enemy of the Enemy
LP VIR 201

A1 Fortress Europe
A2 Rise To The Challenge
A3 La Haine
B1 1000 Mirrors
B2 19 Rebellions
B3 Blowback
C1 2 Face
C2 Power To The Small Massive
C3 Dhol Rinse
D1 Basta
D2 Cyberabad
D3 Enemy Of The Enemy

Enemy of the Enemy is the last piece of work i got. It’s now my favorite album and not having Deeder’s energy in it troubles me a little, but i really appreciated to have a fierce point of view about E.U and its policy. It was a risky bet, politics is really a twisted thing, one day you’re the hero of the day with a rightful cause the next a gruesome tyrant with the blood of innocents staining your shiny fascist boots. At least they tried hard and with faith to stick to something they were sensitive to. Most bands happily confine themselves to the safe common places about love and life, coming in all sorts of forms according to the seasons, love at the beach, breaking heart under the rain, dying for love in winter – ADF never complied…

More important i think is that ADF tells a story. It tells the story of persons not trying to fit in but trying to live and think about what they do and what they expect from life. It tells the story of the mistrial of Satpal who was not a political activist, just a normal person getting out of a restaurant with friends and ending emprisoned for 16 years charged with murder.

It tells the story of a group of revolutionary farmers who tried to change the stake of India, it tells the story of exploited people throwing themselves at the gates of a continent only getting the headlines if they die. More important it tells the story of people born or arrived young in a land who had to decide what to do with their lives.

adf 2

Digging the crate : superheroic bass

adam f

I always come up with good excuses to breach my commitment and cease writing for a long periods, even worse i just disappear from the social medias….
Well this time here’s my new reason : i moved. A new home closer to what is supposed to be the central nod of everything in the French cultural life, the cornu copia of endless parties, cheerful nightouts and other savage things.

I moved myself, i moved my furniture, i moved my vinyls and cds…
And i got an idea, as i’m not the keenest of the team to spot out brand new things and find what will be the sound of tomorrow, i can however trace back and undust what was the music of yesterday. Some kind of archeology of bass music in my personal chaotic way.

At the end of the nineties i got my first drum’n’bass vinyl The Helicopter Tune by Deep Blue on Moving Shadow. I brought it back from Scotland with me and tried to find DnB parties organized in Paris area. It was the time of free parties, Defcons vs Mas i Mas, all night long gigs on boats, the great moments of French Dj Willyman. After a few years DnB mainstreamed in some kind of way. Depressed-looking ravers geared with hoodies and small backpacks were to be replaced by glamourous high heeled girls, it was champagne instead of cheap beer, and the mud we danced on turned into a nice wooden dancing floor. I’d not say it turned bad, just different. Then like every thing that reaches a climax, DnB walk down the holy mountain of fame to bury itself in the underground, just where it came from.

Checking on a pix posted by UMB i remembered that i had in my collection a couple of plates illustrating the superheroic moments of DnB.
Listening to Adam F was very trendy at that time, in fact everything labelled Jungle/D’n’B, BC or even simply UK would be enough to pop a gig and pack a dancefloor in Paris.

I went to see Adam F in 2003 or 2004, invited as a blogger for a French webzine. The headline was supposed to be big with Adam F and Dj Craze and an opening of Cyantific.
At that time i wrote a rather mild, unenthousiastic article which got me busted and crossed off the I love Jungle guestlist. Not my fault, the party was boring.
Adam F is an excellent producer, Stand Clear is one of the rare tracks i bought on a digital plateform, the Origin Unknown remix is an all time banger -, as a Dj i found him very unpersonal…

KAOS 002 : Stand Clear
Adam F feat. M.O.P
Side A Stand Clear (Remix By Andy C & Ant Miles – Origin Unknown)
Side AA Stand Clear (Remix By Andy C & Ant Miles – Origin Unknown)
(Yes both tracks are identical)

Big opening on that track, evil vocals, stomping bass, this track is a fierceful tsunami. This is for me one of the best mixture of two musical trends.

KAOS005P : Karma remixes
Adam F feat. Guru&Carl Thomas
Side A remix by High Contrast
Side B remix by John B

Liquid and somehow very cheesy track especially the consensual remix by High Contrast.
This John B remix is far better and interesting as past the intro we get a bassline relatively similar to the Origin Unknown remix of Stand Clear.

To get back to that superhero imagery it’s been around for a long time, since the booming of the comics culture.

Mad Professor and Massive Attack, Methodman x Raekwon x Ghostface Killah, the X-ecutioners (previously named The X-Men), MadVillain and even Joe Satriani !


xecutioners kidrobot-madvil-box major massive mad surfing
Beyond the talent and the art of branding a sound as being uncommon, there’s the naive will – not in the negative way -, to acknowledge one’s talent, and to give some value to the efforts and infinite hours spent to get better, to be a better musician, more inspired and talented day after day.


Pitcheno’s guest mix for BSR



Between ambient and drone sounds, Pitcheno one half of Tobago Tracks was invited by Brother Sister Records for their monthly guest mix. We have already mentioned Brother Sister Records as we blogged about talented Okey Szoke.

This mixtape available for streaming on BSR’s Soundcloud has all the qualities we expect from an ambient mixtape. It stretches slowly from the beginning to the end delivering sweet soft sounds blended with deep bass lines.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]


The Chillout Effect

troyboi cover

Not that i didn’t want to write anymore. I think i just needed time to find something appropriate to write about, something also suitable for you readers.

Luckily my SC and my mailbox got me a bunch of new interesting sounds. I hope you’ll love them, a couple of them are really surprising…


[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

Why this mixtape ? You might feel disappointed by my choice. Lots of Brostep, poppy synths and female casual vocals. True. But there are a bunch of really acute great choices. I could write about the sounds without mentioning my source. So whatever we may think of this tape, San Francisco DJ and producer Illenium deserves to be rewarded for picking up and assembling these sounds.

In this tape you’ll find this rather amazing track by Troyboi, half of the very creative Londonian Sound​Snobz duo. Difficult to find a category for their music, it’s something of their own.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

This track by Andru. deserves also some good attention.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

Ambient synths, fat kicks and ghostly vocals. The result is really appealing.

Also included in the mix, this track by Elènne feat. Mothica has the nice groovy seducing flavour represented by the Alt RnB trend. Downtempo with lots of sidechain compressing, beautiful vocals cutting through in the soundmix.

Elènne is a project created in 2013. The band (or solo artist) in based in Stuttgart in Germany.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

All the sounds can be downloaded for free. I have to say it requires some efforts however, some of you will not take the step as you have most of times to follow the artists via Artist Intelligence Service (which i do not appreciate, even though it’s effective for the artists) or create a Dropbox account. It’s really up to you. It’s not bad to follow an artist that gave you something you like, maybe it’d had been more pleasant to do it without so much sollicitation…


Photo credit : cover from Troyboi‘s Do You ? track.




Love is a Mix_Tape : love underwater mixtape #03


It’s raining outside, maybe snowing, you miss the sea, the sun, the quietness of the waves slowly washing off the sand off your feet. Here’s a little thing for you, a blend of everything i scavenged among labels and releases a few years ago.

It starts with the beautiful remix of Sun GlittersBeside me, mashed up with Mandinga from Novalima (i thank so much Rafael Aragon for telling me about this band).
Enjoy !

Check the link to access the mixtape on (still no widget available sorry)

love underwater mixtape #03

Tracklist :

0:00, Sun Glitters, Beside me (essay’s calm interpretation)
0:51, Novalima, Mandinga
6:32, Attic, Seath Ft Alex Auldsmith
9:24, Scullious, girl
13:23, Seath, sorry
16:21, Rachel Haircut, #NICODEINE CRUSH
19:30, Above & Beyond feat. ZoJohnston,You Got To Go (Owsey Remix)
23:00, Submotion Orchestra, Always, Synkro Remix
26:14, Everything But The Girl, Miss (coven remix)
29:36, SB-Six, Find me
31:45, Noisestorm, Breakdown
36:07, Neo Geo, Vina
42:22, Stumbleine, The Corner Of Her Eye (EvenS Remix)
44:28, Lana Del Rey, Video Games (koda cover)
45:40, Thievery Corporation, Sweet Tides

Picture credit : talented and subversive Chinese artist Benjamin



Love is a Mix_Tape : Love Effect #2&3 Valentine Special Chillout

lindsay rapp kiss

Well, well, so, technically it’s going to be my first Valentine’s day as i’ve never celebrated it before. So i have the candles, the flowers, the nice thing cooking in the oven, maybe some music would help.

If you’re like me, partly regretting what you’re about to do because you doomed yourself to consummerism, shattering a long life of rebellion against the system but however smiling and happy about the surprise you’ve prepared for tonight, maybe you’ll love also these two tapes. There’s the long romantic one and the other, bouncing, more for shaking action !

Enough words, it’s time for some music !

Made in February last year and featuring a mix of superb UFOs with more consensual sounds, this tape should ravish your beloved one (or at least put her/him to sleep if you need five minutes on your own, to cry over this sudden change in you that you’re unable to assume yet !). The two tapes can be streamed on, just click the title of the mixtapes (sory no widget). Following each mixtape you also have a download link !

The Love Effect #2

0:00, The Black Arrow, The Chase (Jimmy Pé remix)
3:52, Colette, When the Music’s Loud
7:21, Next, Too Close (Whiskers Po “Hopelessly Hard” Remix)
10:55, Banks, warm water
13:27, Joe Hertz, at your touch
17:52, Zero 7, In The Waiting Line (S.P.Y. Remix)
23:00, Bijou Winters feat. Leian Limms, Skin Sketches – Kyson Remix
25:25, Lapalux, Forgetting and Learning Again (ft. Kerry Leatham)
29:10, AlunaGeorge, Attracting Flies (Baauer Remix)
33:00, John Monkman Ft. Morgan Mackintosh, K.I.S.S M.E (Disgraceland Edit)
37:04, Red Astaire, Love To Angie
40:58, Koda & Bijou, there
43:58, Beyonce, Crazy In Love (vtgnike remix)
48:00, Disclosure, Boiling (Dixon Rework)
55:12, F ∆ U X E, You Had Me At Hello
56:31, Twigs, ache
60:38, Carbon Based Lifeforms, frog
65:35, Erik Satie, Troisieme Gnossienne
68:14, Fink, See It All (DLID Remix)
71:00, Synthetic Epiphany, endgame
76:19, Kill Paris, I Do Love You


The Black Arrow on Generation Bass : Link

Disgraceland on Generation Bass : Link

Bijou Winters on Generation Bass : Link

Carbon Based Lifeforms on Generation Bass : Link

Twigs on Generation Bass : Link

The Love Effect#3 was more of a test to see if the people that usually follow my releases were keen on Juke. I however really love that tape as i got a bunch of great sounds together, some from good talented friends such as Whiskers Po or Caballo which are to my mind terribly underrated ! Check the links below to find more about the artists featured in this tape.

The Love Effect #3 (juke love)

Tracklist :

0:00, Deer, Yo (Excuse Me Miss)
03:20, Coronel, Un Caballero (Ezekiel’s Remix)
06:04, Rihanna, Birthday Cake (Whiskers Po Remix)
08:23, Katy B, Easy Please Me
10:50, Deer, Fa La La
12:49, STWO, Try To Resist
15:57, Phreshy, puff puff pass (machinedrum remix)
20:03, Slick Shoota Feat Purple, F Dat
23:39, Dji Tafinha, Ta Doce
27:12, Sade, Until The End Of Time (aywy. remix)


Deer on Generation Bass : Link

Whiskers Po on Generation Bass : Link

Vtgnike on Generation Bass : Link

Slick Shoota on Generation Bass : Link

Machinedrum on Generation Bass : Link


Picture credit : Lindsay Rapp