Nadastrom + Sabo – Moombahton Remixes EP is LEGIT

Taking the Moombahton edits to the next level is  Mad Decent with  Nadastrom  and Sabo as they deliver the heaters via Legitmix‘s revolutionary technology, already changing the experience of remixing and selling copyrighted music.  Legitmix is simply a platform for dj/remix artists to legitimately sell reworked source material without jumping through lazer-hoops of death of the ancient methods of copyright clearance.    It’s kind of a big deal when everybody wins.  From original artist selling their original works, to remixer/producers buying, reworking and selling that material and to bloggers for writing and distributing said music, all guaranteed through Legitmix’s next level platform.  I’m completely amazed.

 What does that possibly mean to you, exactly?  A lot of big remixes from your favorite artists.  Moombahton Remixes EP includes Dave Nada’s iconic remix of Silvio Ecomo & DJ Chuckie’s “Moombah”, plus proper remixes by JWLS,  Willy Joy, Sazon Booya, Sabo with top picks going to  Sabo’s rework of MJ’s “Thriller” and exlcusive remixes of Adele, Yeezy, Hova, Foster The People and Dev’s “In the Dark” remixd by your boy  Heartbreak.  Preview a minimix of the EP below.  You can purchase each individual track and their source material through Legitmix.



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1)Silvio Ecomo & DJ Chuckie –  Moombah (Dave Nada Remix) 

2)Kanye West & Jay-Z – N****s In Paris (Willy Joy Remix)

3)Foster the People – Pumped Up Kicks (JWLS Remix)

4)Dev –  In The Dark (Heartbreak Remix)    

5)Adele – Set Fire to the Rain (Sazon Booya Remix)

6)Michael Jackson – Thriller (Sabo’s Moombahton Remix)


Sabo, the guy responsible for the Moombahton Massive series and all the free music that came with it has an official release!   Out on his very own Sol Selecta imprint out of NYC are two OG house tunes by Sabo re-worked into, well Moombahton of course.   Here’s some PR words from Sabo about the release.  Grab the free download below.

SOL EP 17 Jump NYC Moombahton

1.) Jump Moombahton
2.) NYC Moombahton

After editing and remixing tons of my favorite producers and songs, I decided it was time to do Moombahton edits of my own work. The original tunes “Jump” and “NYC” were made under the name Sabo & Zeb. This was my first 12″ ever released, on my good friend Nickodemus’ label WonderWheel Recordings 7 years ago. I was actually paying Zeb (who, for those of you that don’t know, is an absolute genius in the studio) to tutor me in Reason. These 2 songs were our first effort collaborating together. I brought the samples, ideas, and vision for the tunes to the table, and Zeb helped me to make them come alive. At the same time taught me how he was doing it, and those initial lessons with Zeb shaped me to become the producer i am today. Even as far back as 2004, I was making tunes with a “dem bow” drum pattern, so these were an obvious choice to remix into Moombahton. I shortened the original arrangements slightly to get quicker to the point, re-worked the drum programming, added some more percussion to each,added more effects on the breaks and builds, and also spent a lot of time re-mixing down the tracks to give them more power. Additional mixing and mastering thanks to Matt Nordsrom and Nick Chacona respectively. Release date Oct 5th, 2011

Buy Now on BEATPORT:

Released by: Sol Selectas 
Release/catalogue number: SOL017
Release date: Oct 5, 2011


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Free download:  Taken from the recent Moombahton Massive V EP, Sabo and Nadastrom remixing Jamie XX‘s ‘Far Nearer’ which is an absolute gem.  [soundcloud url=”″ params=”show_comments=true&auto_play=false&color=000000″ width=”100%” height=”81″ ]


It’s a big month for Moombah and all these official releases.   But one release is set to pave the way for all things Moombahcore with the help of Bro Safari, UFO! and the El Cuco Recordings camp.   We’re going on a  bass-safari with these guys as they explore uncharted realms inside the 108 to 110bpm structure.  Overall the FUTURE PRIMITIVE EP [ECR001] pushes a new style of Moombahcore with it’s tribal-istic, warrior-isms without getting too serious but always and relentlessly heavy.     Make sure to grab this essential release.




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Bro Safari & UFO! – Future Primitive EP – Teaser Mix – El Cuco Recordings


Grab some free shit from BRO SAFARI & UFO! while you’re here:

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Bro Safari – 5150 [Free Download] 


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It’s been a long minute since the last round-up, but we’re back co-signing legit tunes for all you moombahphiles.   Following the MoombahLuv vol 1 release, djUMB and myself are going to be accepting submissions for the New Wave of Moombahton free compilation that’s set for sometime this winter.  Submissions for the NWM comp close at the end of October, so send your tracks and get featured.  Less talk and more beats!  Art inspirations via Sylvia Ji.


First up this wicked remix of ‘Toad Style’!  And you might have thought you heard enough remixes of this track, but I assure this is one of the best and raunchiest to date.  Frogs ans sex moans, who knew.

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Toadally Krossed Out – Toad Style (Kid Quest’s Frogasm Remix)


Listen to this, copp the download and make sure to peep to Frandomeda’s Sound From Space EP, also for free download.

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Crunk’d – Gangster (Gianni Marino Rmx0/ATM & Frandomeda Edit)


New banger alert from Teen Wolf & Shelco GarciaMunchi approved!

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Teen Wolf & Shelco Garcia-Tommy Matolla (Original Mix)


Aidona gets a moombahsment rework by daddy flix out of Finland.  This one hits hard.

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Aidonia – steppa life (daddy flix remix)


PR’s Modabot sampling gypsy and flamenco rythms for a unique re-take on some old sounds.  Buy this track.

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Modabot – Sevillanas


Big remix contest being held by Torro Torro and presented by T&A records.  Some great submissions overall, but we have to tip my hat to J-Trick’s monster remix.   More info on the remix contest and to hear the OG by Torro Torro, click here.

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Torro Torro – Country Club (J-Trick Remix)


 Vancouver’s djCure giving this Afrika Bambaataa remix a “moombahton” feel.  Swinging in at 110bpm and future bass vibes ahead.

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Afrika Bambaataa – Just Get Up (Cure’s Invisible Chair RMX)


Jon Kwest always keeps his remixes super nice.   His love for hip-hop shows from presenting his Moombah Marauder’s compilation featuring classic hip-hop remixes and now this heater remixing some Uncle Murder. Turn this shit up!

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Uncle Murder – Warning Rmx (Special ReKwest) (DOWNLOAD)


This was out as a free download by Think 2wice Records out of Kansas City,  USA.  Some smooth r’n’b textures and soul styles from Spinstyles.  Speaking on Think 2wice, they have a big release in the works.  Watch this space.

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Dj Spinstyles – Waiting to Exhale


 Another Vancouver connection this time local tech-house dj Woodhead get’s a moombahDUB remix by djSoo, yet another Canadian flirting with moombahton dexterity. Buy this track.

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Woodhead and The Stuntman – Comfort Zone (djSoo’s Moombahdub remix)


Celia Cruz‘s iconic vocals on ‘Azucar’ are unforgettable.   I can’t even tell you how far back the OG goes, but it’s way back.   El Nomada gives this track a re-mix pushing d&b elements sampling Señora Cruz’s Salsa classic.

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Nomada – Azucar


How about some Marvin Gaye and some Missy Elliot all up inside your Moombah?   Heavy soul vibes coming in with New York’s  Flubba making things sound smooth!   Make sure to grab the download.  I should mention, that this track has a lo-fi type elements, and I’m pretty certain that’s on purpose.  Give’s the tune a real warmth digital music just doesn’t have.   So when you ease this track into the mix, make love to it, don’t fuck it.  Peace.

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Flubba – Jungle Toaster (DOWNLOAD)


Submit your tracks for the New Wave of Moombahton compilation:

email Los: [email protected]

tweet Los:

Bro Safari + UFO! – FUTURE PRIMITIVE EP preview [El Cuco Recordings]

The El Cuco Recording’s camp is doing things and they are doing them BIG, with their first official release coming up really, REALLY SOON with Bro Safari and UFO! collaborating on this landmark Moombahton EP.  Make no mistake that El Cuco has been making moves and playing the free MP3 game for quite sometime, but you know they need to pay the bills way down in Arizona.   Preview the FUTURE PRIMITIVE EP [ECR001] mixed by Knick aka Bro Safari and copp some free downloads while you’re here.  Will update you on the release.  Peace out for now.

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Bro Safari & UFO! – Future Primitive EP – Teaser Mix



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Bro Safari – 5150 [Free Download]


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Bro Safari ft. Mighty High Coup – Boombahton (FREE DL)


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Frandomeda – Sound From Space EP [Moombahton]

Twisted, grimey, and heavy on the acid riffs is this kid FRANDOMEDA from Orlando, Florida.  These tracks have their place with heavy fidget like moombahcore and are in no way in the sexy and easy listening moombahton category.  Choice tune is “Aliens on Acid” where FRANDOMEDA flexes some TB-303 acid sounds and fucks with it hard.   Preview and download all 5 tracks!

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Bringing back the MOOMBAHMIX series, and coming at you in a completely different angle is OKTORED.  Say hello to Joel Dunn aka OktoRed , a crafty producer bringing new sounds to the already wide moombah spectrum,  revealing a softer side to party rocking moombahton but still keeping that shit slightly dirty.  In this mix you’ll hear some exclusive tracks from OktoRed that that take a futuristic approach to moombahton, similar to what you would expect from post-dubstep-futurisms, with that 108bpm seduction.  Just think about it as sexy, swaying beats, and maybe a bit ahead of its time?  Currently Oktored is releasing bass related music on YoSuckaMusic a collective of young aspiring producers trying to inject some new life into Detroit’s EDM scene.   Look out for an upcoming release on YoSuckaMusic for  “How Many Moons”  by OktoRed which will see the light of day as a 12″ vinyl early October.   And you thought this Moombahton shit was strictly digital… but you can look forward to a digi release of as well.  Check this dude out, we’re stoked to be hosting this mix for him.


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01. Forbidden Love (Moombahton Edit) – OktoRed
02. Learn, Don’t Burn – OktoRed
03. How Many Moons – OktoRed
04. Valley of the Kings – OktoRed
05. Mosde – OktoRed
06. Suck It – OktoRed
07. Make it Slow – OktoRed Moombahton Edit
08. Out in the Streets (OktoRed Moombahton Edit) – Africa HiTech
09. Bloodborne Pathogen – OktoRed
10. Hang Me Down (OktoRed Bootleg Version) – Me & The Ghost


Follow OktoRed:





Bonus and FREE tracks, check out “Bounce that Ass” another gem by Oktored pushing new styles.  Plus “You know” a funky-ass moombahcore shaker for those hard headed moombahheads.


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OktoRed – Bounce that Ass (download)


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OktoRed – You Know? (download)


El Cuco Recordings boss Mendez teams up with Sluggo for devastating face-melting core, that will offend everybody you know, even the ones that are quick to point out that graphic is a rip-off of Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, but yeah piracy is fucking evil, get over it.  Bonus download, check out Mendez’s edit of some tune I’ve never heard of but bangs real hard.  Hide your kids, hide your wife.

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MOOMBAHMIX001 – AYLEN – Generation Bass Exclusive

Ok boys and girls get ready for what I’m calling the MOOMBAHMIX series here on GB, as I’m prepared to release the gauntlet when it comes to Moombahton mixtapes.  Consider this series an artist spotlight, and in the coming weeks look out for exclusive mixtapes that are going to be supporting our current favorites and breaking new artist that are making an impression with straight-up crazy tunes.

I recently gave out an invitation to a seemingly unknown, yet extremely talented producer by the handle Aylen, 22, hailing out of New Jersey, USA and his tracks are nothing short of HYPE.   Even though Aylen (Andrew Lin) hasn’t seen much Moombah action in his home town, his tracks have been receiving serious rotation by guys like Bro Safari, Sazon Booya and J-trick coincidentally spreading his music to a very loyal audience of Moombahphiles also sweating his tracks.

So let’s get acquainted!  Expect Aylen’s upfront club style, making a statement by mutating Moombahton into his own polished and banging swagger.  Taking you from  shiny, melodic moombahcuts like ‘The Rapture’ to searing bass-throbbing moombahcore devestation like on ‘Drop the Bass’  to even his cheeky yet strangely good remix of ‘Macarena’!  This guy does it all.  That’s it for now, stream, download, SHARE.  Peace!

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CSS – Hit’s Me Like A Rock (Dillon Francis Remix)
Aylen – Drop The Bass (Original Mix)
J-Trick – Badman Riddim (Original Mix)
Nerd Rage & Sluggo – El Cuco
Sazon Booya – La Bomba
J-Trick – Ese Papi (Original Mix)
Los Del Rio – Macarena (Aylen Remix)
Aylen & Boo – Buzza (Original Mix)
Aylen – Chicken Plunge Ft Skrillex (Original Mix)
BILLY THE GENT / LONGJAWNS – Vibrate (Original Mix)
Aylen – The Rapture (Original Mix)
Timetakers – She Blows (Whistle Tune) (Dillon Francis Remix)
Skrillex – Ruffneck (Relok Remix)
Market Price – Talk Trash (Original mix)
J-Trick & Anndyk – Blaze It (Original Moombahcore Mix)
Bonjour Hi! – La Pata y El Pato (Lazerdisk Party Sex Remix)
Kito, Reija Lee – Broken Hearts (Dillon Francis Remix)
Aylen – PianoForte (Original Mix)


Download: MOOMBAHMIX001 – Aylen


Follow Aylen on: