Munchi – Rotterdam Juke EP


Here is a lil present for you guys!! Rotterdam Juke EP!!

I’ve been waiting for this date 1 june tbh lol. Finally I can say that its all good again after the Hawaii madness, back on track, no more problems with it and feeling gooddddd!! It took me some time to get everything together tho haha, but now that its 1 june no moreeee!!

Ok so what is this ‘Rotterdam Juke EP’ then? Well after being in Chicago with the fam over there, I felt inspired. Seeing the movement over there was mindblowing. And i knew that i had to make an EP out of it. My first try was the Nguzunguzu Mambo Juke Rmx. That was the first and only that worked out tho lol, because I didnt learn enough about the genre yet. So after listening to a lot of juke in the likes of Rashad, Spinn and more, I felt good about it after a month or so. I still couldnt make music at the time so it was right in time if you think about it haha.

So I started to experiment and combined juke with dubstep, salsa, bachata, mambo, baile funk, papiamento rap, dutch rap, etc.

Whatever felt good tbh. I’m really glad to finally have an promo EP out again, because I skipped some months ehh. Well lets say
ill recuperate that haha.

BOW! Now for some oldskool talking about the tracks:

(I wonder eh, do you guys actually read it? haha I kinda like typing that shit up lol) ((oh and u already saw the BOW 2 times eh? well blame lex lugers beats, because ive been listening to them and waka flocka apparently was rappin in over a few of them. I even had the urge to make trap shit, and let me tell you my friends, i enjoyed it thoroughly, breaking shit in the process.. fuck yea..))

Munchi – Paperchase by Munchi

When you hear the start of this track you might think huh? Rage Against The Machine?? Yeah its them indeed, but I used it for another reason. Because a Dutch rapper named Hef used it by sampling it.

I always wanted to do something with this track and now I finally could haha! Because of the paperchase line in the track, I sampled Lil Scrappys ‘Money In The Bank’ aswell. That was also one of my favorites and a must to sample, so why not combine the 2 ehhh!?

The combination Juke & Bubbling always sounded good to me, and that clashing with the RATM/Lil Scrappy sample makes it even more crazy! I fucking love blending shit together haha.

Munchi – Yazzer G Tin Air Max by Munchi

Immorales is a Dutch Antillean group who make Reggeton, Rap and Bubbling over here in Holland. Most of the tracks are in Papiamento, but they have shit in Dutch aswell. One of the people in that group is called Yazzer G. I especially like the combination when Iski and Yazzer work togheter. It’s really underrated in my eyes, because they clearly have this own vibe going on. Anyway, this is kind of a mashup of my favorite songs by this dude and I made it in my version of Juke. It has a bit of Bubbling in it, House progress and a shitload of choppin. Why I did this? When I was in Chicago with the fam over there, checking out the Battlegroundz was incredible, but one thing stuck in my mind. It had some similarities with the shit in Papiamento. Different music and all but the same kind of vibe. It made me feel home for some reason.

Munchi – Mi Ta Bek by Munchi

Mi ta bek is im back in papiamento. This is a juke track with an old vocal of one of my good friends MP. He’s saying bitches shake their ass and niggaz bounce, something like that. Shout out to Immorales in the form of the ‘Riba Puta’ vocal snippet. Basically this track is in majority a juke/dubstep type of thing, but you hear back bubbling, trap, mambo, baile funk, bmore skullstep (intro) and reggeton.

Of course the obvious vocal break ‘guess i got my swagga back’ is from Excision and Datsik. at first I was making another track that was like a tribute to them and that was a vocal break of it, but I found it more fitting here, because I finally feel that I’m back haha. Also, as I told in previous descriptions, i was in Chicago a while ago and was mindblown with the whole footwork thing. I really wanted to make shit, but I didnt learn enough about the genre yet. so after listening a month or so to rashad spinn etc, i felt good enough to blend my own shit in it. BOW!! IM BACK IM BACK IM BACK!!!

Munchi – Mamajuana by Munchi

Mamajuana what is that? I would say, look it up on Google friend haha.
I thought it would be a good name for it, because once again I was drunk while makin this concept. The whole track feels drunk to be honest haha, not in a bad way tho, but its kinda cool that it feels like that. This track has a heavy Bachata influence, but compared to the other tracks this is most true to the real Juke. Like I probably told u before, I use Bachata for everything haha!! How would a footwork/bachata dance look like? Probably fucking awesome dont you think?!

Munchi – Andando by Munchi

The dude that you hear in the start is one of the greats in bachata: Eladio Romero Santos. Thats my dude right there man for real, RIP you are a great inspiration to me. The original track I made was this G-Funk track and it was one of my favorite beats. The thing is, personally I make tracks outta emotion and that specific track couldnt work out. So I flipped it again in Juke. With the basics now being Juke and Salsa, added more percussion, Cumbia and Mambo elements, lil bit of a Reggeton touch and a tad bit of Ambient influence in the buildups.
For me this track is the travelling around places as a DJ. Its pretty fucking awesome man and i just feel blessed and thankful for it. Thats why I put the intro in it aswell of course.

Sonido Martinez knows which song I mean if I say that his favorite song inspired me to make this track, kind of the same vibe. I tried to just keep it minimal and just vibing, just in time for the summer! So when u on the road or just chillin on the beach this summer, just be like: fuck, im feeling fuckin good today!!

Positive vibrations, yeaaaahhh! BOW!

Munchi – Straat Takki by Munchi

What is ‘straat takki’? Street talk. This track wasnt going to be on the promo tbh, but I just had to. I know its not really Juke, the most Juke part of the track is the buildup and ending, I dont even know what the main beat is haha. Fuck it, i kept the beat raw and unpolished, just the way it should be. So who better to spit on it than one of my favorite Dutch rappers Heinek’n. + The fact that he is from Rotterdam, so he couldn’t be left out on this shit. The whole beat is basicly a fuck up of my favorite tracks of him.

Made this concept when in LA @ Dillons Francis’ place. Had my laptop connected to his ridiculous bass speakers and well, let me tell you: this track is pure that. And not forgetting the excelent siren that we got from Dave lol. I overused that shit on this track mannn haha, but fuck it, THERE IS NEVER TOO MUCH SIRENS OR AIRHORNS!!! Learn from my dudes Schlachthofbronx, they know how to make justice to the airhorn haha!!!

Ok so now that you know everything u need to know, there is only one thing left to do…

Download Hereeee!!!

Heartbreak & Munchi – H/M

Fuck Yea!!!!

After all the shit that happened in Hawaii and all the other delays the i’m so happy to present to you all the first H&M promo of 2011. Heartbreak has been on fire this year, but for me its my first promo since November or something. The traveling was a factor that I didn’t counted in and it’s pretty difficult when you don’t have a laptop to make things while your gone haha. Now that problem is solved aswell and we’re ready to take on 2011!

Now a moment for some oldschool talking about the tracks, fuck i missed that haha:


[soundcloud url=”″]
Jump Up & Twist
This a little something I like to call Moombashment. I actually heard Toddla T say it, and it kind of stuck with me. It’s more of a hype track. Moombahton, inspired by Bashment, Dancehall, and Dutch House influences. Lots of energy, and another attempt of experimentation into another Moombahton genre.

[soundcloud url=”″]
The Legend
This is actually one of my favorite R&B artists, the song being one of my favorites too. I basically wanted to take this classic and make it danceable. Its something I like to call Moombahsoul. Good soul music fused with Latin inspirations.

[soundcloud url=”″]
Moombahcore is a very special and dark part of the Moombahton world. I try not to immerse myself in to the sub genre too often, but I do get down and dirty sometimes. The rock and roll riffs, combined with the short chopped wobbles and vocals, sets it off. The track is very minimal and very aggressive. I would say this is more of a brostep type of vibe in the Moombahcore world.


[soundcloud url=”″]
This a remix to the known ‘Welcome to Jamrock’. I didnt want to change a lot to the beat tho, why would you do something like that?! Disrespectful. Anyway, I chopped up the vocals, added this vocal from this awesome Lauren Hill speech and tried to keep it a lil bit dubby. I made the original concept when in Hawaii. I was so shocked and thankfull about everyone helping out, it inspired me on some other level type of shit man. I couldnt resist the temptation to make music anymore, but believe me I knew it in the end. That shit gave me the headache of a lifetime so I didn’t do anything after that till I felt a bit better. Wanting to change the vibe to a more hyped up thing, I decided to leave it as truthfully to the original concept. This because it was in a weird stage of my life and obviously a lot was going on in my mind. Everything is a learning experience tho. Maybe i’ll make a VIP later on of it.

[soundcloud url=”″]
Me And My Bitch
This is one of my Moombahsoul tracks. It’s kinda different than the others i’ve made tho. The others are more in a vibe for listening than for in the club. Me And My Bitch is the only one different to that tho. Of course you have to know the sample and the vocal, both from Jay-Z – Song Cry. I always wanted to use that track but never did, now i finally found a way to do it. Moombahton and Soul with just a lil bit of Ambient. When I was working on the beat I remembered me and Ayres talking about this Kanye track and also I was reminding the Empire State Of Mind beat, that lil dot sound what you heard was so raw and subtile but yet so crucial to the beat. So I really wanted to find a way to put that dot sound in this track, but in a more Moombahton vibe. Also, i’ve used that fucking synth I was addicted to back then, when I first heared Kartier – Bailando Sola. That Reggeton track blew my mind back then, and to give it a shout out this way is awesome haha. I made this one when I was in New York btw, at my dude Kokos from Xao Productions. With me being a bit hectic n shit I basicly didn’t have any time to make a track, so I made this one and Gracias. I spent the whole day working on these two tracks, and the fact that I was working on a laptop for the first time wasn’t speeding up the process. But in the end it worked out and I can finally release this one!

[soundcloud url=”″]
Warface VIP (Munchi Likes Moshing Rmx)
Why did I make a Warface Rmx? Well listen to the fuckin original and than you’ll know. FUCK! I saw Dutch Dubstep dj Gomes playing this shit and it instantly reminded the Incubate festival in Tilburg in 2010. That shit was so fuckin awesome, and at the end of the first night of me being there we were just in time before the last party ended. DJ Umb and Jakes were playing then. I love Dubstep and with Breakcore or Drum n Bass its my favorite music to freak out to haha! Anyway I was mindblown by Jakes’ set and I always knew I had to do a track of his aswell. The way the original track drops is so fuckin hard dude. Straight to the point and no bullshittin. Also the thing that I like from Jakes’ tracks is that it has the feel of the more older Dubstep tracks. I tried to maintain it in the original vibe, with a more dramatic ‘war’ buildup haha, and of course the drop. Hope you like it!

Thank you for all the support you have been giving us over the months and thank you for all the support during my fucked-up-ness in Hawaii. It’s overwhelming man, real talk.

Heartbreak is being a hater/bitch in Chile at the moment hahaha, because i ran a bit late with posting it. That is my bad so don’t go blaming him for it. And to Heartbreak:
Good luck over there!! Kill it!!!

Ok, so i think you all have seen enough talking etc…




Ok for real, I got problems. I got a serious pan flute addiction like for example heared in the 3Ball songs. Or the like totally unnecassary panflute additions to tracks.. gotta love them! Support the panflute, it’s gangsta (yeah, even more than the O.G. himself, the cowbell).

So imagine how many times the replay button got molested when this got in the picture:

Teaser Matanza from Meschi on Vimeo.

Originally called Matenlo, now under a new name Matanza from Chile are taking the shamanic rhytyms to 2010 in exactly the right way. Agreeing 100% with the drunk lookin dude in the beginning, lol.

Support good music, support the cowbell, support the panflute, DO IT!!


Bubbling Ain’t Dead!! 12 TRACKS + BUBBLING SAMPLES

Now ain’t that some hardcore swag. Nah terrorcore swag. No this is on some speedcore swag. You could try to achieve this other level type of swagdom, but that seems impossible.

So Im finding myself half dead at Mad Decent Studios in LA at the moment, doing the most boring thing ever for hours (closing in on days): awnsering e-mails.  But this is a thing that needs to be done aswell and I don’t want u guys think I’m ignoring your mails. I’m trying to respond to everything and thats exactly what I’m doing right now, even if it’s gonna cost me days lol.

You know what that is? That’s called determination mothafucka.

Anyway enough crap talking about my e-mail sadness.

I’m kinda pissed.

You know why?

I was listening to this mix by my dudes Silky Boys and that shit was fuckin’ awesome.  Then after a bunch of awesomeness I hear this sentence:

“Push me. And then just hurt me. Till I can get my. Satisfaction. Drop the beat.”  synth starts fading in..

I’m thinking to myself “Oh no they didnt, they wouldn’t dare to drop that shit?!”, but they did! THEY FUCKIN’ DID!! Then out of nothing I found myself listening to one of my favorite Bubbling tracks ever, while doing the most boring thing ever! And I kept replaying it again, again and again. Dude, severe grind-hood flashbacks of when I was freaking out to that shit.

That track is called: Benny Benassi – Satisfaction [Naffie Bubbling Rmx]

I can say a lot of things about this track, of how awesome it is, and also the fact that Naffie hates Moombahton, but I aint mad at that. He made this HUGE track.

U also have the newer kind of Bubbling. In the likes of Master D – Mad Drumz, Shaun D – Pull Up. Then u have the DJ Bigga – Boeke track.

Personally I think it’s one of the best -if not the best- produced Bubbling tracks ever.  This shit hits so hard, it’s like no other Bubbling track..

Talking to a few of these dudes they are very suprised that their shit is even known outside of Holland, let alone even played outside of Holland.  The thing is everybody is either moving on to Dutch House or they just stop making it after they get older.  So the group is getting smaller and smaller, while there still is a huge potential in Bubbling.  Have in mind though that most of the people that are making or were making Bubbling are still young as fuck.

One of the DJ’s that is in the picture now and had old Bubbling fame is of course DJ Chuckie. He just switched to House at the right time and he made it work for him.  That’s cool and all, but his ‘Carribean Drums’ track is still being played in Holland. Either that or you can hear the major influence it had on the tracks now. That kind of says something.  (I even heared a 3ball remix of his ‘Party Crasher’ track, WTF.)

You also have all these older tracks from the tape days that are almost impossible to find + the tracks in the Kaaza era when u had a Bubbling remix of every new song released.  Now it seems more organized, but everything from that period -especially the Kaaza era- is basically lost. Same goes for the early version of Dominican Mambo, almost impossible to find online.

So basically my point is, why is this genre dying while it never had the peak it deserved, had this major influence in one of the biggest genres atm, never had a proper releases (except the lame commercial Bubbling Beats Series) and the ones that still seem to notice and give attention to the genre live anywhere except the country of origin (Dave Quam, Wayne&Wax).

Like I told you in the beginning, I’m in LA at the moment, so I don’t have my full music library with me. Consider this part 1, where part 2 will be a shitload of tracks that never even left Holland and shit nobody in their right mind will even begin searching for with Google as a starting base.

I’m out.


P.S. I’m posting something on GB with my laptop @ Mad Decent headquarters.. LOL


This will be the first time I post Dubstep over here, but with good reason.

Atomic is a 16 year old kid from the UK that I found out about by just Youtubing a bit. Considering the amount of views versus the quality that this kid puts out is just ridiculous. THIS KID NEEDS A DEAL and you will agree when you hear these monster tracks. Trust me this kid has a lot more up his sleeve than this, this is only the beginning.

Chrome by Atomic Dubstep

Wormhole by Atomic Dubstep

Thug Life by Atomic Dubstep

Abduction [Final Mix] by Atomic Dubstep

Death Machine [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Atomic Dubstep


Ok so what im going to do right now is called shameless selfpromoting.

My EP is finally out on T&A Records!!! I’m happy as fuck!!! And as some of you know I always like to seperate the tracks and talk a bit about them. Some of you read it, some of you say “fuck you, idc” and skip to the downloads. Whatever you prefer, thank you for the support over this hectic year!

I’m still in doubt if I still have to wake up from this or if it’s actually happening, lol. But one thing is for certain, i’m not planning to stop making weird shit for the peopleeee!

So I hope you will like this EP, we did with a variety of genres. A album is coming up aswell with a even bigger variety so be on the lookout for that too. See this as a desert, (Fuck a appetizer, I always start with desert and then eat the main course. MJWAWWNN)  as a tastemaker for the main course thats coming to fuck you up. HA!!!

Ok enough brag ‘n boastin and bla-bla-bla-ing, now to the tracks!!

1. Shottas / 2. Shottas (DJ Ayres Edit)

Munchi – Shottas ft. Mr. Lexx by Munchi

The original had cut up vocals of Bounty Killer on it, but Mr. Lexx pretty much killed this one! The clapping sound you hear troughout the track is just me slapping a random rhythm with a spoon while eating cereal. I had a mic back then n recorded some random things haha. It has a bit of the Fidget influence and ofcourse House/Funk/Reggeton/Electro/Dub/Dancehall in it. I just made what i felt not really looking to genres. Its just a raw filthy ass track that only cares about fucking you up with bass. And if you are thinking wtf is this?! See this as a big ”Fuck You” to all the people who think naming genres and making formulas is more important than the musical creativity itself. YA.

3.  Toma Essa Porra

Munchi – Toma Essa Porra by Munchi

This track started as a Bmore track called “State Of Emergency” (with Jay-Z vocal), but i wasnt happy with it because it had like 2 tracks in it. Eventually I decided to make a part 1 & 2 for it and the first one was on the Bmore 2.0/2.1 release. Still the 2nd one didn’t sound right and I put the vocals in it of my favorite funk track ever (using only the break vocals), my favorite Os Ousados track and a finishing touch with Mr. Catra’s raw voice. This made it sound almost the way how i wanted, so i chopped them up even more and put more Dutch House influences in it. Like that it had exactly the hyped energy I was looking for. This track is mixing the Bmore/Funk/Dutch House influences.

4. Murda Sound VIP

Munchi – Murda Sound VIP by Munchi

This was the VIP of the original Murda Sound track that was on my Dubstep Promo. There was a preview of it on my 2nd Bmore Promo but this is the full version. The vocal you hear in the beginning is of Bounty Killer and originaly was chopped up in ‘Shottas’. Obviously this is Baltimore Club with Dubstep.
The bleepy lead is actually a bit off aswell. I kinda liked that effect, because it seemed more raw like that. Also the Dancehall vocals fitted for what i was going for, yeah I fucking love to chop vocals lol. MORE FUCKING BASS!!!

5. Hope

Munchi – Hope by Munchi

This is a track inspired by that great video of Cinnamon Chasers ‘Luv Deluxe’ (i was so addicted to that song) and the beat of the beginning is inspired by that Fleetwood Mac song ‘Gypsy’ (no joke) i like that little step in that song at the end of the 4/4 its so addicting lol. I tried to combine that feeling the ‘Luv Deluxe’ track gave me everytime with the ‘Gypsy’ step and mix it with Moombahton and Burials work on vocals without losing touch to a Reggeton/House base, giving all the elements enough room to compliment eachother. If your lost dont worry, my mind is a fucked up one lol. This one means a lot to me because I really was hoping and I was in a fase like what is happening here?! It also has this dreamy vibe to it because i couldnt believe it. You get really thankfull when you go through hard times and get so lucky.

6. Madre No Llores

Munchi – Madre, No Llores by Munchi

This was actually going to be my first EP when nobody liked my shit. I was going to try and push it via Digital Tunes. It would be a 3 track EP with the same vibe, in that Burial influenced Ambient Dubstep kinda thing. The tracks voice is a 1/4 second Sade snippet chopped and pitched up in every possible way to make it sing. I think no one can express this emotion at the level of Sade and when restricting it to only emotion and tone without the words to express I think you hear that quality even better. As if she couldnt express what she wants to say. Also sampling Jim Carrey from the movie ‘Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind’. Vinyl sound, rain and wind appear only as final touches, icing on the beat. In the intro you hear me writing something, in the end just scratching it and lighting the matches to burn it as it have never existed. The offbeat beat and the subtile sine beeps were things to add to the emotion. That said, this is a track I made for my biggest inspiration: my mother.

This is my first release and to be honest it actually feels weird that it ain’t free, because im so used to that.

But if you like it support me by buying it at one of the links you prefer:

Turntable Lab
Zero Inch

Thank You!


I havent posted for a long time over here, but ill try to post some more!

Anyway imma go straight to the point:

Funk is going a direction I quite dont understand with the whole catchy melodies, romantic-all-heared-before shit. When you first had a option to choose between montagems, the raw shit etc, now the romantic thing  is everywhere.

While thinking about this -read, while actually being mad about this- I got a facebook message from the ppl of Xão. I know that they know their shit because i’ve been listening to their shit for some time so i checked it out. Seeing their last video, (the live mpc mix) this one was even more crazy. FUCK!!! (yeah. with bold letters and with the caps because its that hot.)

So I had to post this shit right here, right now. Funk needs more attention.

Here you got some raw mpc bashing combining the Funk/Bmore thing the way it should be. This shit scared me at 1:30, be warned because you gonna get wild.

Don’t you think this is a good creative direction for funk?

Ai caralho.


– vid made by the CHAACH




After the Munbreakton a couple of months ago, we’re back at it again with some new shit!
Fuck H&M!!
Looking at the name of the EP you might have a thought so let me confirm that with the following:

Yes. we have a shared dislike for the H&M stores so why not represent that with a cheap ass cover!
Now for some talk about the tracks before you listen to it:

Pun Aint Dead  *link*
Who the fuck invited Pun? Yeah I did, fuck you. Who said he is dead? He’s back for a sec on this raw 2010 Moombahton flavoured version of his track 100%!!!
Chavvi  *link*
This song is me having fun. I was chatting with a chick that loved the Munbreakton EP. She happened to like bhangra. I’ve always loved bhangra. So what I did was take bhangra, dirty house and put a bit of Heartbreak into it. The original was 130, but as Moombahton it sounded 10 times better.
Esta Noche  *link*
After the Kuduro Promo I have been listening to alot of Soul/R&B/Rap from the 90’s. Shit, i’d listen to that 90’s Soul vibe 24/7 back then. Either that or some Rap. Well, before the whole Reggeton addiction that got out of hand lol. I always wanted to do a Moombahton remix of this one. What happened to Montell anyway?

Arroz Con Pollo  *link*
On this song right here, when me and Munchi were coming up with ‘The Bridge’. The idea: Lets take some old school hip hop and see what would happen if we flipped. I grab this sample, and ran with it. I felt like a kid in a candy store. 
H. & M.
Face off  *link*
The last track we did for the EP. We wanted this to be the best moombahton edit ever!! So what we did was like a face off: Heartbreak vs Munchi. Each having one round to show people what we got. Back to the basics on this one, on some vieja escuela shit. Afrojack’s style, 108 beats, Dutch House meets Reggeton.  

So now that you are informed on the tracks, ep and some more blablabla..


Munchi – Kuduro Promo

So after a long ass delay here it is, the Kuduro promo!

The tracklist has been changed almost completely. I found the tracks of the original too old to use and scrapped almost everything. The 2 bonus tracks are the only ones left of the original promo.

Now for a little explanation behind the tracks:

Sebastian – H.A.L. (Munchi Bootleg Kuduro-More Rmx)

This was one of the first tracks i’ve posted on Soundcloud. Made this remix for the simple reason that it was my first gig and I wanted to play this track so bad. Sebastian is a beast for making the H.A.L. track. This is what I try to achieve when I try to make a balance between Dubstep/Bmore/Kuduro. Sebastian!! Thanks for giving me that inspiration man.

Kelis – Milkshake (Munchi’s ‘Tnx 2 Subeena’ Bootleg Kuduro Rmx)

Just like the title says Subeena sparked the idea. She posted a message on Twitter on how dope it actually was. I was thinking Dubstep or Kuduro so I started to f*ck around and this is the result! The whole track feels like it’s in a rush or something. This because the progress of the track is raw and all of a sudden. Like you don’t expect the beat to begin at that point, but it kinda says: ”I dont give a shit mf*cka, I just did!” Oh and for the careful listeners: THE COWBELL IS BACK!! BLAME CUMBIA!! lol! You gotta love that f*cking cowbell.

Munchi – Minigame 2010

Ahh, one of my favorite Funk tracks ever. Also finding the computervoice just in time for this track. F*ck dude, can you hear the happiness that this has caused?! I mean, do you hear the overkill in this track with the computervoice!  This shit is Kuduro with Baile Funk, B-more and a touch of Bubbling. O yeah and I couldnt resist the ‘This is Munchi’s new shit!!!’ in Portuguese. You know why? Because it is!! lol.

Steve Starks – Git Em (Munchi Kuduro Rmx)

Having this idea like instantly, from the moment i’ve heared it. I got hyped up and sh*t especially because of 2 things about this track: I loved that element of the original track that you would hear the bass stop and only hear the tics. And even more, the synth. Don’t know why, but it reminded me of that GREATNESS once known as ‘The Moon – Blow Up Your Speakers (Naffie & Chuckie Bubbling Rmx)’. Always wanted to use something like that shit, kind of reverbed and filtered. Imagine my hypedness when I finally got to do something like that! The track itself is Kuduro, but influenced heavily by B-more, Dutch House and Baile Funk.Btw, you noticed the msn sound? Just couldn’t resist it!! My bad for that. lol.

Ta Maluco

Where the first 4 we’re something that was influenced by alot of things from outside Kuduro, this is more in that minimal, straight to the point, raw Angolan style. With the only difference that it’s more cleaned up. Not too much tho, don’t make it too pretty!

DJ Pode Quebrar

The first Kuduro i’ve ever made, but I want to talk more about this subgenre. This is the style of Kuduro you hear here in Holland. I suggest you look it up! Mostly made by the Cabo Verdeans from here. Check out Motafied BeatzLange Sjaak, D.Neves for example.

As Cachorras De Amanha

This track doesn’t make sense. It’s a cheap, annoying, weird ass track. I do have to tell you though, that I have a preference for music that is cheap and contains annoying, weird melodies. The main melody is like in the beat and is made of a slap bass sample. Using the most overused fx sounds I had available, making this -yeah i’m saying it again- CHEAP! Enjoy lol.

Enough talking,


The Summer Of Moombahton Compilation

The sun is shining for Moombahton!

Yesterday (29th) was my birthday and this is my gift to all of you, for the Moombahton movement and as a sincere thank you for all the support that it has been recieving! Also a big thanks to the artists who contributed to the compilation!

The compilation has most of the Moombahtonistas on it and is made of 2 parts, past & present. In other words, 12 old and 12 new tracks. A perfect introduction for when you’re new to the genre or just to get up to date with the 12 new tracks.

If you’re wondering who made that sexy ass creature that is as Moombahton as Dave Nada himself,  the artwork is done by the one and only Mohak of Heart in Migration.

Oh and just to inform you manito: Moombahton is here to stay!


Summer of Moombahton



1. Dave Nada – La Gata
2. Sandro Silva – Told Ya (Melo Moombahton Edit)
3. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (A-Mac Moombahton Edit)
4. N.A.S.A. – Watchadoin (Alvaro Remix – Uncle Jesse Moompatron Edit)
5. Lady Gaga – Alejandro (Afrojack Remix – Audio1 Moombahton Edit)
6. Rihanna – Rude Boy (Tommie Sunshine Mix – Morningstar Moombahton Edit)
7. Neoteric – Hey Got Lines
8. Drop The Lime vs East Flatbush Project – Tried by Sex Sax (Doc Adam Moombahton Edit)
9. DJ Apt One vs Josh Wink – Higher State of Moombahton
10. Slap & Dash – Fried Toy Moombahton
11. Knight Riderz – Party Alarm (Wyld Stallyns Moombahton Edit)
12. Munchi – Sandungueo



1. Modjo – Lady (A-Mac Moombahton Rmx)
2. Picksterone & Melo – Mas Poderoso
3. Sabo – No Pare Moombahton
4. DJ Epidemic – Ravaged Toadstool Girls
5. Hyper Crush – Ayo (Wyld Stallyns Moombahton Edit)
6. Moombahtron – Space Runner
7. David Heartbreak – Moombahma (Munchi Edit)
8. Sabbo – Make It Sexy
9. Sigur Ros – Saeglopur (Yeah! Remix)
10. Riggs & Murtaugh – Moombalator
11. Kid Kaio – We Don’t Give a Fuck (Uncle Jesse Fuckin’ Moombahton Edit)
12. Datsik – Firepower (Munchi Moombahcore Rmx)