Munchi – Rotterdam Juke EP

Bow!!!Here is a lil present for you guys!! Rotterdam Juke EP!!I've been waiting for this date 1 june tbh lol. Finally I can say that its all good again after the Hawaii madness, back on track, no more problems with it and feeling gooddddd!! It took me some time to get everything together tho haha, Read more [...]

Heartbreak & Munchi – H/M

Fuck Yea!!!!After all the shit that happened in Hawaii and all the other delays the i'm so happy to present to you all the first H&M promo of 2011. Heartbreak has been on fire this year, but for me its my first promo since November or something. The traveling was a factor that I didn't counted Read more [...]


ITS THE MAWFUCKIN PANFLUTE!!!Ok for real, I got problems. I got a serious pan flute addiction like for example heared in the 3Ball songs. Or the like totally unnecassary panflute additions to tracks.. gotta love them! Support the panflute, it's gangsta (yeah, even more than the O.G. himself, the Read more [...]


This will be the first time I post Dubstep over here, but with good reason.Atomic is a 16 year old kid from the UK that I found out about by just Youtubing a bit. Considering the amount of views versus the quality that this kid puts out is just ridiculous. THIS KID NEEDS A DEAL and Read more [...]


Ok so what im going to do right now is called shameless selfpromoting.My EP is finally out on T&A Records!!! I'm happy as fuck!!! And as some of you know I always like to seperate the tracks and talk a bit about them. Some of you read it, some of you say "fuck you, idc" and skip to the downloads. Read more [...]


I havent posted for a long time over here, but ill try to post some more!Anyway imma go straight to the point:Funk is going a direction I quite dont understand with the whole catchy melodies, romantic-all-heared-before shit. When you first had a option to choose between montagems, the raw Read more [...]


After the Munbreakton a couple of months ago, we're back at it again with some new shit!   Fuck H&M!!   Looking at the name of the EP you might have a thought so let me confirm that with the following:Yes. we have a shared dislike for the H&M stores so why not represent that with a Read more [...]

Munchi – Kuduro Promo

So after a long ass delay here it is, the Kuduro promo! The tracklist has been changed almost completely. I found the tracks of the original too old to use and scrapped almost everything. The 2 bonus tracks are the only ones left of the original promo. Now for a little explanation behind the tracks: Read more [...]

The Summer Of Moombahton Compilation

The sun is shining for Moombahton!Yesterday (29th) was my birthday and this is my gift to all of you, for the Moombahton movement and as a sincere thank you for all the support that it has been recieving! Also a big thanks to the artists who contributed to the compilation!The compilation has Read more [...]