“Oriental Bass” is a subgenre, an idea born thanks to the musical experiments started in China by Howie Lee and his crew. A mixture of modern electronic music such as EDM, Future Bass, classic Hip-hop beats and Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese traditional music instruments, samples, sounds and atmosphere.

Chuck Upbeat started experimenting with this sound by releasing an “Oriental Bass” EP where he showed Asian inspired music transformed into dance bass beats. The EP was a surprising thing for Global Bass scene traditionally ruled by Tropical rhythms and sounds but luckily it was greeted by many underground producers in USA, Europe and what is more important by musicians from China, Korea and Vietnam.

The new EP is another step in this direction. Chuck Upbeat made two original Bass tracks mixing samples of traditional Chinese opera and orchestras. Practically no electronic synths were involved. Instead samples of Chinese sounds were transformed into synths. This approach makes the sound to be really unique.
“Lao Kick” is a mixture of EDM and TRAP genres with massive bassline kick and epic Chinese orchestral samples, while “Sheng It” is a deeper thing to play on dancefloors full of Chinese drums and cymbals with classical Chinese sheng instrument.

Global Bass genre shows that there are no genre limits in fact and a true fusion of cultures, rhythms and sounds take this music to another level!

Produced, mixed, mastered and released by Chuck Upbeat in 2016.




Chuck Upbeat`s Far Eastern fascination continues! Now he unleashed a full album – a must if you like Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese or Korean traditional music, all wrapped in global bass vybez. A must even if you don`t. Check out why:



That`s what he said about the release:

“Welcome to the gorgeous world of Oriental sounds!

Oriental music is a true fire! If you have never tried this before, go and listen to it! It started from Howie Lee and his Chinese Beats and followed by many producers from all over Far East. And right now my own production.

8 tracks consisting of sounds from China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea. Incredible, gorgeous, fresh and absolutely sick sound, you’ve got to have balls to play this shit in clubs!

This is my style of Oriental Bass music, no compromises, no fake, just real sound coming from the culture – Gagaku, Pansori, Xam, Xian music and what not!”




This guy could make millions only if Björk could hear him, trust me. He`s from Belgrade, Serbia and is complete avant-garde artist, very cunning in breaking of all known rules of music. Equipped with plastic r`n`b piano grabbed from YouTube and autotune stuck in C major, Mr. Adnan constantly pushes the boundaries of possible since his first on-line appearance some years ago. HE`S THE NEXT LEVEL. Check it out:



Though it may seem out of tune for most of us – try to think about this outside the box. Who needs rules? Who invented the rules in music? Was it God or was it us, the humans? Do we have to obey them by all means or our urge to express ourselves can overthrow them? I think that artists doesn`t have to follow them. They have to know them in order to avoid them. Thus the C major lasts forever as long as Mr. Adnan is concerned. Before you dare to judge anything, please remember that THE ARTIST COMES FIRST.




This music is natural. Nature has no straight lines as we all know. And the lyrics are about love. It`s actually a natural love call, a primordial sex drive, similar to deer roar in springtime, with the same function as those shiny feathers of peacock`s tail. It lasts at least until the sex partner is attracted. Let`s hope it`s going to echo much longer than that.



And now behold the video of Mr. Adnan featuring Mr. Arbenita, his sister:







Wikipedia says:

Yavor Yanakiev (Bulgarian: Явор Янакиев, born 16 May 1985) better known by his stage name 100 Kila (Bulgarian: 100 Кила), is a Bulgarian rapper from Varna, Bulgaria. His stage name means 100 kilos in English.

Yanakiev was born and raised in Asparuhovo, Varna. His parents separated when he was 6. His mother moved to Greece and currently works there. From there she sent him money. He lived with his father and brother, until his father left them. Yavor studied in school until 8th grade.[1]

Yanakiev is of Romani Gypsy descent.”

Check this out:



If you dig it DOWNLOAD IT HERE.




Just about a month after i first wrote about Oligarkh from St.Petersburg HERE ON GB – they have released a brand new album! It`s better sounding than the 1st one, but with relatively same idea of fusing Russian religious and folk music with hip hop, trap, EDM (whatever that may be) and beyond. Same old formula, just enhanced. Check it out:



The album is for sale on iTunes, but we have exclusive free download of the 1st album track RIGHT HERE!!!






DJ Pozor from Budapest has just released a remix EP on French VLAD Label. Go grab this:



Let’s see what happens when Arabic and Balkan melody or Hungarian hiphop meets contemporary bass music. Tropical rhythms, urban lowlines, east-european identity – this is Dj Pozor’s brand new remix EP.

Remixed artists come from different worlds. Canadian virtuoso violinist Briga turns to moombahton, Belgian Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra jump on a drum and bass traktor that rides with 174 bpm, and south-Hungarian heavy-drinker rappers from Szeged tell their stories on reggaeton-trap beats.

The theme? Conservative societies know the sweetest sins. That’s why in the Balkans so many people drink like hell and deal often with prostitutes. Maybe it’s not a coincidence that the only universally eastern-european word is “kurva”, despite the distant language families. Although these topics are still kinda taboo, somehow everybody is connected…”