Watcha Clan remix contest is a go!

Watcha Clan, the winners of our Global SoundClash championship, one of the coolest live bands in the global bass scene, are inviting you to remix their mega-hit song, We Are One.

‘We Are One’ is one of the best-received songs on their latest album, Radio Babel.  The winning remix will get released on the upcoming Radio Babel – Remixes. Their previous remixes album, Diaspora Remixed , is one of the most played albums in the genre, and how I actually came to first hear about this champion sound.

This is your chance to get released among with a world-renown roaster of artists including: 4Hero, Maga Bo, Transglobal Underground, Hijo de la Cumbia, Dr Das, and Shazalakazoo.

You have until June 6th to upload the wav, see details below!



WE WANT YOU to remix us!
#WR1 Remix competition

Dear Producers, Dj’s, Remixers…
Watcha Clan and Piranha will release a new remix project from their last album “Radio Babel” this fall 2012 and they want you to remix their track “We Are One”!
Grab the audio files here (, and get a chance to be on the compilation among artists like 4Hero, Maga Bo, Transglobal Underground, Hijo de la Cumbia, Dr Das, Shazalakazoo… and many more global beaters!
So have fun with the clan’s stems and hope to hear your remix soon!

Peace from Marseilles.

*Deadline of Remix contest: June 8th
Upload your remix (in .wav format) here: (recipient: Frank Klaffs)

*Conditions: By submitting your track to us you guarantee that you have only used the stems

and that you own 100 % on the copyright of any submitted content to the tracks.
Furthermore you agree that your track will be included in the
forthcoming album radio Babel Remixes with full credits
if selected by Watcha Clan and Piranha Musik.
In this case we will contact you before the release for official clearence of
the winning Remix of “We are One”.

global bass sounds

in another round of global bass sounds, this time all in html5 players via soundcloud, please enjoy a nice variety of sub-bass genres from a superb crew of producers. Every track is hand-picked to ensure the highest possible enjoyment. Ta Ta

(top image from:


Kush, Stereo and Jahdan on one track!? this collaboration is so heavy it’s scarey!

a massive hit from lovely Flore- minimal, classy, bassssy!

killah post-dancehall remix by Sonora (didn’t know he did dancehall, guess his hand is in everything!)

mah man and top israeli producer, Ori Shochat, continues to merge bass & hiphop and in this release a bit of mmm ghetto/juke.

the next mixtape in this winning series by mumdance has landed. new exclusive tracks and old school records create a fresh new summer soundtrack to party by the pool to.

folkstep is my favorite global bass genre, it is what got me so hooked on the bass scene, and when it comes to it, no one does it better than ShazaaaaLaKazooooo!!

Followed Caballo onto this one, emerging producer Universal Taal Project, is a name to follow. Hopefully this bit of recognition will encourage him to continue making these global bass sounds he is so damn good at 🙂

our very own Process Rebel with a huge sunday morning dub that is psychedelic enough to fit in a psychill set and roots enough to move a rastaman to the ground

happy latin tropical dub vibes by cero39,

Neki introduced us to Svetlana Industries a few posts ago and digging through thier digital crates i found this super bassy release, the first two tunes make it a piece worth buying imo, addictive melodies in the high frequencies and super low bass drive that thumps my chest alive

let’s end with this beautiful transnational dubstep piece: “A unique blend of punchy dubstep and traditional Colombian/Panamanian cumbia music, originally conceived by glitch-hp innovator Knowa KnowOne and remixed by Chaos Control (a.k.a. Planewalker & Mister Chill’R) for your dancing enjoyment!”

FILASTINE – £00T ( PWI104 )

Filastine is here for your Loot so hide under your bed and pray for it to be over soon mr. babylon!!!

Well folks, we’ve been waiting too patiently for this rebel to resurface with his gunship full blazing with pure audiological warfare. Yes he teased us with the colony collapse release just a few weeks ago and a few scattered appearances before that, but the full might of his presence has not been experienced since he dropped his dirty bombs on us back in 2009. That is up till now, with the release of his new full album £00T.

£00T is a pioneering exploration into the realities, mysteries and miseries that exist deep in the shadows of the collective unconscious sporing into it from the forgotten corners of emerging post world~!

Everything we love about the Filastine sound is in this release including recycled bits from his previous works, yet this album is, I dare say, his best work to date!

I invite you to brave up and take this journey with Filastine and help spread his sounds like willing hosts for a cure that can spread like a techno-logical virus!

Brave up and take this journey with Filastine, let your system get infected because what he is spreading is not a virus but the cure!!!


Press Release:

Outernational bass music nomad Filastine ups the ante with £00T. Fractured post-dubstep beat innovations support delicate string arrangements. Overdriven bass synths battle pentatonic gong patterns. Listen closely and listen loud.

Looting from the coffers of hip-hop, moombahton, dubstep and cumbia, Filastine keeps the bass pressure pumping and drums up front. But any similarity to club music genres ends quickly. While a growing tropical bass movement hypes a pan-global dance party, Filastine blazes a different path. Intricate polyrhythms, muted balkan trumpets, ephem-
eral soundscapes, and unique vocal contributions push this album off the known map
into uncharted musical territory.

Introduction No Step will test your speakers for the album that follows. Gendjer2  and Colony Collapse are the fruit of a tight collaboration with Indonesian indy rapper Nova. She contributes lush 60’s R&B harmonies and megaphone-filtered rhymes. Filastine’s time in Asia also brings a featuring from Japan’s chief rap dadaist ECD. In Lost Report hear him shouting against nuclear contamination over a dirty bass hook and the stuttered clicks of a geiger counter. These onsite collaborations were recorded everywhere from warehouses to rainforests, then painstakingly mixed over the course of 2011 in a rooftop studio in the muslim quarter of Barcelona, with breaks to participate in the Spanish uprisings of last year.

Throughout the album Filastine leverages rhythmic expertise that he’s gathered far and wide, from the tiny Moroccan village of Jajouka to the coke-fueled parades of Rio de Janeiro. Echoes of Filastine’s old marching band, the Infernal Noise Brigade, propel the drum corp juke of Circulate False Notes and the glitch-crunk of Skirmish. Even Filastine’s years as a taxi driver are audible in the field recordings of radio static, street noises and polyglot collages

£00T comes with a grip of videos and graphics that riff on concepts from the Arab spring to ecological and financial collapse.  With a CD design doubling as utopian money, the album launches alongside a currency for a near-future network of clandestine floating cities.

In 2006 DJ Rupture presented Filastine’s first album, Burn It.  2009’s follow-up, Dirty Bomb, brought nearly 300 invitations to perform, from Tasmania to Tunisia, with some gigantic tours in the USA supporting artists like Bassnectar. £00T completes the trilogy and launches another world tour. A new re-tooled live set uses custom software to pull off some deep AV madness, and sees Filastine expanding to tour as a duo, always joined onstage by vocalist Nova or one of the collaborating cellists from the album. Expect them everywhere.


on itunes

on faceb00k

on soundcloud

Akwaaba: Africa is the Future x : Double “Tatali” Remix EP : R2Bees “Agyei” Remix Contest : Free Stuff

What’s up massive and crew? After missing the action for 2 months I am blogging again, thanks for all the fan letters and for filling DJ UMB’s inbox with emails asking for my well-being. I relocated back to the middle east (israel) and went for a brief 1 month visit to India and loved every moment of it. Now I am back with my fingers on the pulse of the global bass scene and I hope to continue to serve as a relay station for the positive bass vibes that are flowing all around us.

AKWAABA just released a mega newsletter that makes me feel like summer is already here! So I am re-posting it for your pleasure. If you aren’t already on their mailing list, hop on:

Africa Is The Future

Africa Is The Future (AITF) and Akwaaba met at the Shoot Me film festival in the Hague last fall, during a short film festival focused on Africa. The festival was more of a pretext, as we all knew about each other already, through mutual acquaintances who kept insisting on the similarities between our approaches – they were right!

Our collaboration is a natural and logical fit. AITF considers Akwaaba to be the sharpest label for contemporary African music. And we consider AITF to be not only one of the coolest slogans around, but more importantly a solid team with great vision – have you checked out their short films?

Together, we created a custom AITF x Akwaaba shirt, along with its own AITF x Akwaaba compilation, showcasing a small sample of the modern, often futuristic African music we work with. Buy a shirt from AITF’s online store, and get the compilation with them for free. Or you can check out the music directly here.

Double “Tatali” Remix EP

Today the Tatali Remix EP is out exclusively on Beatport!! And of course our own Bandcamp shop. Wait a couple more weeks to see it pop up everywhere else… Check out the choons.

DJ Los Carlos (Netherlands / Surinam): This up and coming Rotterdam based producer is crazy for kuduro. This is the second time he makes a kuduro remix for Akwaaba, the first one being the great remix of Elegom Bounsa by DJ Djeff and Maskarado.

Kosta Kostov (Germany / Bulgaria): Versatile DJ and producer with roots in the Balkans – both literally and musically, Born in Bulgaria, based in Germany, at home around the world, Kosta recently put out a great EP for UrbanWorld, and is now schooling us to his djigit style.

DJ Reaganomics (USA):  perhaps the artist with the greatest name in the entire world, Reaganomics is a mixtape master, with close to three decades of mashing sounds together under his belt. In recent years Reaganomics has embraced tropical and booty sounds from all over the world. As exemplified quite well with his remix.

Bigote (Spain): Madrid-based multifaceted artist, Bigote moves among photography, visual art and… music. His DJ sets include many Latin American musical genres, as do his productions, bridging the gap between the Americas and Europe.

And don’t you freeloaders forget, we love you too, you can grab the Serious Attention Disorder Minimix for freeeeee right here.

R2Bees “Agyei” Remix Contest

If you haven’t heard of R2Bees, clearly you have not been to Ghana recently. These cats are at the forefront of the newest craze: afrobeats. With an S, and with little to do with Fela Kuti. A couple of years back, their collaboration with Nigeria’s Wande Coal on the song Kiss Your Hand saw them blowing up in Ghana, and to some extent in Nigeria. Fast forward to the fall of 2011, when Agyei was on repeat anywhere you turned your head.

R2Bees is a loose crew with many ramifications in Tema, the new hotbed for music in Ghana. At its core R2Bees is made up of rapper Paedae and singer Mugeez, with Killbeatz handling production. The song features Ghana’s premier rapper Sarkodie, as well as Nana Boroo, the man behind the massive 2010 hit Ahayede. Given that Killbeatz is on top of his game in Ghana, remixers will have to work extra hard to top his flyness. Listen for yourself.

The rules are as follows:

– download the acapella

– do your thing, work your magic, procrastinate on everything else in your life until you are satisfied with the result

– send us a link to download your creation (no attachments please), either by email, or in our Soundcloud dropbox. We can’t stress this enough: make sure your song is properly tagged. Make sure it has your name somewhere in it. And please make sure we can download it, if we can’t download it we won’t listen to it.

– deadline for this contest is March 31.

– winners will be selected with R2Bees, and their remixes will appear on the Agyei Remix EP. Remixers get 33% revenue share on their remix, including direct sales as well as third party licenses.

– if you don’t feel like sending it back, no stress, do anything you like with it. As long as you don’t make money off of it, we’re cool with it. If you want to license it somewhere else, or make money from it in any other way, that’s also possible, but this bit will require our approval.

That’s it!!! Get to your studios ooooo!

Free Stuff

More free stuff by our ambassadors to the African Bass Scene:


FILASTINE, The head of the counter-culture label Post World Industries, continues to renovate and renegade forms of Online/Social/Media/Art Activism with his latest EP COLONY COLLAPSE. You might have seen the kickstarter late last year where he pledged for some support finishing the HD videos and completing the EP. He got the support of a crowd and the videos got completed. The result is raw, authentic, and rhythmic.

The title track got remixed by an international cast of rebels; each taking it to a completely different place.

We are happy to make the title track available for download again after the it has reached the limit on SC. (320Kbps MP3)

Please grab the EP, continue to support such valuable work , oh and a full album is coming next month so stay tuned for more of the genious mind of Grey FILASTINE!


Post World Industries
Catalog ID : PWI103
UPC: 73621172643
Colony Collapse (EP/video) Febrero 29, 201
LOOT (full album LP) Abril 3, 2012.

After a two year hiatus from releases, nomadic bass music producer Filastine is set to drop his third album LOOT this spring. The first warning is this EP, Colony Collapse, an opus of a track, video & concept that comes backed by a grip of beautiful remixes.
For Colony Collapse Filastine paired up with Nova, indy rapper/singer/poetess from Malang, Indonesia. The duo worked on the track and video an entire year, from an initial session in Barcelona to the final vocal recordings conducted in a Javanese forest.

Grinding bass wobbles salvaged from shipwreck of dubstep support delicate metallic gong patterns recorded at the world’s largest collection of gamelan orchestras in Sanur, Bali. Colony Collapse is full of intricate layers and acoustic tricks, listen closely and listen loud.

If the title and the lyrics of Colony Collapse aren’t explicit enough, the video leaves no doubt about the concept. It is filmed at sites of ecological friction, the fault lines of conflict between humanity and (the rest of) nature. Filastine & team entered into industrial disasters, floods, traffic snarls and scaled a mountain of garbage to show you the slow-motion apocalypse, uncomfortably close and personal.

Each remixer took the song to a completely different place, no two sound remotely similar. Beats Antique (US) outdid them- selves: adding live banjo, violin and drums to create a lush composition in their inimitable style. Squeaky Lobster (BE) deliv- ers a masterpiece of stuttered avant-garde glitch-hop. Jarring Effects labelmate L’Ouef Raide (FR) transforms the track into a sparse future bass. A dark dubwise ricochet by Capetown’s Fletcher in Dub (SA) closes it out.

NOTE ON SHARING: If €1 per song, or €2.99 for the whole ep is too deep for your wallets… just listen right here or on other streaming services (Spotify, etc). Please don’t download or post via Mediafire, Filestube, Rapidshare or any of that shit, that makes advertisers and web gatekeepers rich at our expense. Thank you!

Released by: Muti Music , Post World Indutries
Release/catalogue number: Muti106 – PWI103
Release date: Feb 29, 2012

Party Rocking Mixtapes for the New Year!!


Lots of love in the form of NewYearsEve mixtapes coming in from djs all over the world. Here’s a selection sure to rock you hard into 2012. This will transform any party into a fiesta of global bass! Enjoy and please share with music thirsty friends!!!


Diplo diplo diplo MAJOR LAZER!!!
MAJOR LAZER new years eve mix for @anniemacdj BBC radio 1 by diplo


this shit is so good it gets my all excited inside O_o_o_o seriously!!


Well rounded Tropical Mixtape  full of clubbin’ bangers

Wobble Lovers – Tropical Animals Mixtape (29-12-11) by Wobble Lovers

can’t pass on a mix by Blondtron!


new release from HAT+HOODIE!!! soo funky!

Gimme Some EP by Hat+Hoodie

Gotta have some Kuduro in this post, here’s a mix by DJ UMB and AKWAABA

in the mood for something a bit harder, faster, banger? Newly released mix by my friend wizack twizack is the BOMB. some of the best psytrance my ears have heard all year!

Wizack Twizack Vs Circle – DJ Set 2011 (DOWNLOAD) by Wizack_Twizack

hard hitting dubstep/dnb by one of the leading acts in the game

Xmas Kaypers Mix 2011 – Engine-EarZ Experiment [BBC ASIAN NETWORK] by Engine-EarZ Experiment

some underground hiphop vibes to statisfy the soul. few clicks and pops here and there; overall an excellent selection by dj RICK

H1P H0P 2011 by R | c Ƙ.


need something for the day after? too much banging give you ringing years? time to chill out then

Snow Prelude (New Years Eve 2012) by CenkAkyol


thanks for being so awesome

keep at it

until next year, party on!!



Whitebear – Inanimate:Incarnate EP (WAV Inside)

wow, this release really got to me! Whitebear wisely combines Glitch, IDM and ambient with audioable influence of bass and dubstep all with a serious psychedelic tone. Complex soundcapes turn to glitch, break then flow; Psyechedelic sound infusions leak straight to the brain. This is a mature release from a young Australian producer . Debuted on Ektoplazm Nov.19.2011 and available for free download in WAV/FLAC/MP3

Perfect sounds for the cold winter and dark starry nights.

Inanimate Incarnate EP – OUT NOW ON ENIG’MATIK RECORDS by Whitebear

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download ·

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage.

follow up:



From Ukraine and Russia with [Bass]Love – Chuck UpBeat (Moscow) \|/ Minikin (Kiev)



Hi everyone, got some ex-USSR bass I want you to hear. So open up your ears, turn down the missile defense system if you live in America, and prepare yourself for some serious….



There are a few songs that always make it into my sets, Baile Funk by Chuck Upbeat is one of those.

Chuck Upbeat – Baile Folk by Chuck Upbeat

I covered Chuck Upbeat’s release on Midget Ninjas Soundsystem back in June. The release is still available for download.

There are some new sounds from the man including a preview of his upcoming Tropical Bass album which is sounding very promising. Make sure you give him some feedback as the album is coming together!
Chuck Upbeat – Album Sampler by Chuck Upbeat

Bout’ a month ago, the beat killer from Russia did a nice experiment slowing down drum and bass to make it sound closer to dubstep.

He wrote to me,

Actually I was inspired by the track of Donaeo – Riot Music (with Shy FX). I can’t say I managed to make it properly but at least I tried to show the remixes as an idea of such music. The musical atmosphere of the D&B music, the rythm of dance music, dubstep wobble sound and jamaican acapellas (or smth like that).
I have an album coming soon that is going to be very massive, atmospheric and tropical.

The result is freaking dope if you ask me, he actually made a Guetta track tolerable to my ears, the Mr Vegas track is full of energy and it is one of my favorite old dancehall cuts,  and I just love the way the drums are layered on it. My favorite of the trio is the I-One – La Bas remix, man do I love French in song, and his remix makes this all so epic and gives the song a whole new take. Props on that one man, where did you come up with that original?  Chuck commented on it that, “I made my best to make it sound good … really … I did everything I could … I hope, I didn’t disappoint u too much …” No worries there bro, it is excellent!

Slow down the D&B! by Chuck Upbeat


BASSME (love the name!) is a new record label from Kiev, Ukraine. Already a successful Russian bass music blog (props for that), Bass Me is charging forward with their first release by the Label/Blog Founder, Minikin. Listening to this release I can tell he means business. Packed with BIG powerful sounds superbly mastered to rampage large clubs, Pray For Love is an EP I expect to hear played all over the place. Minikin is just toying with sounds in this, just listen to the first minute and half of the title track Pray for love and you’ll hear what I mean 😛   Scroll down for the full press release, since it is their first release I posted the full thing so BASSME info is out there, yea!?  Tons of free downloads on BASSME blog right here:

Minikin “Pray for Love” EP BASSME01 by BASS ME . Records

ARTIST: Minikin
TITLE: Pray for love EP
LABEL: Bass Me Records
RELEASE DATE: 15.11.11
FORMATS: Digital Download
ONE LINE: Heavy bass music on 140 bpm
Cover: Katya Miller
All info, photos, bookings contact: [email protected]

The beginning of summer 2011 for Ukrainian underground music was signed with founding of a new project called Bass Me. Its founder DJ & promoter, who was in the nearest past the one of participants of Kievbass project, Alex Minikin.

New-born project started its existence as blog – permanent source of new music, new releases previews and information about bass-music artists from all around the world. Very frequently the blog presents new bass oriented podcasts, which are mixed and recorded specially for the project by DJs all over Ukraine and the colleagues from nearest neighbor countries. The second stage of project development started in September with running of Bass Me events – at famous night club “Xlib”. First two parties had enjoyed hundreds of bass-maniacs from all over the country.

Rhythm of movement of project participants and their audience took them to third stage of maturing – launching of Bass Me label, where the first release will be EP by the founder of Bass Me – Minikin, who’s tracks were released at labels Rag&Bone and Ministry of Sound. Release titled ‘Pray for love’ consists of two powerful dubstep tracks, which differs by their character, but both of them are similar deep and furious.

First track which is titled ‘Pray for Love’ is a massive dance floor hit that can get everyone to be involved into the dancing madness from the very first notes even despite its romantic name and vocal samples.

The second one, called ‘Wot’, might already be familiar to you because it was used as musical background during video-report from Bass Me Night series launch. ‘Wot’ is a mixture of classic techno sound and aggressive bassline; this track stands right in line with best examples of massive dubstep tunes from all over the world.

POST WORLD IND. PRESENTS: Professor Angel Sound – GO + Remixes

Our very own Mata Hari alongside Global Bass producer Filastine present – GO by Professor Angel Sound – the first release since the rebirth of their label/pirate ship/rebel stronghold – POST WORLD IND.


The artist lineup on this release is insane, Professor Angel Sound could not have asked for a more suitable squad to backup his official entry into the global bass scene. Unfortunately any fame will serve him little right now as the Profe’ is locked up in a Panamanian jail cell serving a long sentence. Like a breaking news report, the press release reads:

Angel Francisco López, aka Professor Angel Dust, was a leading figure in the electronic music scene of Barcelona, deejaying and throwing parties until 2008. Returning from a dj gig in Panama, López was forced to act as a drug mule. He was
busted at Tocumen airport and is currently serving a long sentence in a Panamanian prison. Unstoppable, the Professor built
an improvised music studio in his jail cell to produce GO, fusing old school dance tricks to a reggaeton dem bow riddim. The
result is a moombahton banger.

Let’s help this man find escape in the little cell he is locked up in by buying the album or a tune — “All the profits from this release go to equip the behind-bars music studio of Professor Angel Sound. ”

Enjoy the tunes people, the original track GO is up for grabs if you act quick.

Professor Angel Sound Remixed by Post World Industries

 Continuing his longtime solidarity for global justice, Filastine is in the process of producing two short pieces of cinematic art.

our goal for these videos is not only to make something beautiful, but to confront and indict the catastrophes that are the very fabric of our globalized economic order.

The two pieces are:

Colony Collapse is filmed at sites of ecological friction, the fault lines of conflict between humanity and (the rest of) nature. We snuck into a gas drilling site gone awry, and performed in the midst of traffic jams in a megacity where those fossil fuels get squandered. We filmed in a landscape of garbage, and in a supermarket where all that discarded packaging originates. This is the slow-motion apocalypse, uncomfortably close and personal.

Gendjer combines a lost style of clandestine Indonesian soul music with traditional shadow-theater as a ritual of counter-hegemonic brainwashing. Get it? You will when you see the video.

Finally, show some love to the new label by liking them on facebook, they are truly dedicated people following their hearts and love for music to bring awareness to the real struggle of our brothers and sisters around the world.

my name is WIZRAELI and I approve this message 😛

Black Friday Special: Shekel – Rise of The Persian Prince EP + Mix – FREE

Bruvs in Israel know how to get down, Shekel puts out this monster release and mix just in time for black Friday. Teach your neighbors and relatives what dark dubstep is all about, blast this loud!!!! If you a fan of Borgore, Tomba, and the rest of em bass anhilators, you will luv this release bruv! If you ain’t a huge of darkstep fan, I still recommend you give the EP a listen, because as dark and noisy as it is, Shekel is just so freaking talented he even makes hell sound good!! nuff said

 Shekel – Rise of The Persian Prince EP

1. Shekel – Everything I Touch Turns To Filth (4:22)
2. Shekel – We A De Rasta (4:15)  (Ft. Nechi Nach)
3. Shekel – A.C.A.B. (3:36)
4. Shekel – Vampire Blowjob (4:10)
5. Shekel – Move Your Bomboklaat! (4:10)
6. Shekel – Bullies Riddim (Old Skool Joint) (3:08)

grab the EP:  

Shekel’s Persian Lab Mix 2011

SHEKEL PERSIAN LAB MIX 2011 (free dowload) by Shekel

Shekel – Everything I Touch Turns To Filth
Shekel ft. Nechi Nech – We A De Rasta
Shira G – Insane (Masss Remix)
12gauge – Mechano Banano
Shekel – A.C.A.B
Bratkilla – Fraction (forthcoming ABDUCTED Records)
12 Gauge & P0gman – First Blood
Shekel – Vampire Blowjob
Murdok – Darksiders
Dirt Monkey – Koto Dub (forthcoming Dub Cartel)
P0gman ft. Maksim – Rickshaw
Shekel – Move Your Bomboklaat!
Ben Zion – Midnight Panic (DIRTY Records)
Masss – Just Keep On
Ry Legit – I Am Machine
Teknian – Dart Frog
Koan Sound vs. ODB – Max Out (Shekel’s Stomp Out Mix)


Nechi’s Page:

-Mastered by Yossi ‘Joseph’ Cohen of Masss
-Artwork by Andrew Sandler
-Special Thanks to Nechi Nech and the whole ‘Kill The Bass’ family