Racrufi’s Breathtaking Prehispanic Futurism

Whoever knows me well, knows that there are few things I love more than science fiction and fantasy. I've been a hobby artist and writer for about as long as I can remember and my favourite themes were almost invariably futurism, space, or rather mythical fantasy. Somehow, for me, my passion for Latin-American Read more [...]

Reincarnated Bums – Art, Music and Inner Peace

As a passionate lover of music and art as well as a dreamer, coming across more and more like-minded people is inevitable at some point. Like being on a travel, having a short chat somebody and suddenly realising that you've got something very particular in common. A certain destination, a certain Read more [...]


adam hughes art
My first ART post here, on Generation Bass 🙂 As a huge art fan and designer, I gravitate towards imagery first and foremost and the obscure and bizarre (BizArt) styles seem to draw the most attention. As a musician for 75% of my life, my main passion is in the realms of sound but sound itself is a vision Read more [...]

Beautiful Mandalas : Kathy Klein

VIA: My Modern MetArizona-based artist Kathy Klein uses a variety of organic materials to produce a series of eye-catching mandalas referred to as Danmalas—a portmanteau of the Vedic Sanskrit words "dān" and "mālā" which respectively mean "the giver" and "garland of flowers." Each piece in her Read more [...]

Packard Jennings : the art of subversion

Packard Jennings is an artist, an activist, an artivist.Like the French Nouvelle Vague a new wave washed against our dull established values. And suggested to perceive art in an other way or maybe to give it back the place it has once. PHJ is part of this movement.History fact : In France Art got Read more [...]

eL Seed : Calligraffiti

Calligraffiti is a mix of Arabic Calligraphy and Graffiti and the dude behind it is a great Tunisian (French-born) artist called eL Seed.eL Seed’s art adorns walls across every continent. Weaving together traditions from differing artistic spheres, eL Seed is known for his symphonies of colours Read more [...]

A Brief & Exclusive Q&A With John Lurie But He's So Cool He Couldn't Say Much Because He Was Too Busy Creating These Magnificent Paintings & Thinking of Weird Captions To Write Next To Them!

[Tuesday] Buy Prints of John's Art at - John Lurie ArtFollow John Lurie on TwitterJohn Lurie! One of the coolest dudes on the planet!Here's a short Bio plucked from John's forthcoming album:John Lurie first became known for his work in the late '70s leading the band The Lounge Lizards, Read more [...]