Generation Bass presents: GBMIX#5! S X M B R A

It's been a while, but we're back. alot going on behind the scenes at Generation Bass, I managed to re-launch the mixtape concept. With many names still to come, we look at one of our own members again, this time the pioneer S X M B Read more [...]

Generation Bass presents: GBMIX#3! RSS BOYS

March Mixtape by RSS Boys!We're in april so it's time to take a look back in March: RSS Boys have something for us!Tracklist00:00 W R RSS B0YS 01:04 PYTYK 1 * 07:48 NDAZA APA NDIAMA (CEWA) ** 07:59 00T0P 11:11 RSS B0Y TLLS TH TR00TH 14:07 B0YS *** 17:10 TSAR P0L0Z - MAMB0 (RSS B0YS G0 M00MB0H Read more [...]

Generation Bass presents: GBMIX#2!

February Mixtape! Last month I told you everything about the developments that take place in the global bass scene and that we keep track of them. We have launched a monthyl mixtape concept and now it's time review Febraury!This edition was compiled and mixed by Sonido Del Principe from the Read more [...]

Generation Bass presents: GBMIX#1!

Lost track? In the Global Bass scene, it's all about new developements, movements and new mixtures. It's always progressing: new tunes appear from all over the globe, new fresh productions from young kids. Keeping up with these creations is what we do. We spread them. But over time it gets hard to Read more [...]