Doombahton Vol.1 : Modern Industrial Music for Modern Industrial People [Out Now]


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Generation Bass’ love for abrasive, grinding sounds goes back to the very early days of the blog and we share this passion with our number-1 favourite and one of the most influential artists of the last 5 years: Munchi. In 2011, we were blown away by an enigmatic Mexican DJ named La Muerta who, out of a random situation, got onto the vibe of fusing low BPM dembow with hammering gabber kicks when nobody else had ever done something like this before.

Since that time more producers of global club sounds have ventured into darker, industrial territory. From the infernal cumbia of Generation Bass OG Drvg Cvltvre´s Latin alter ego Sonido Del Principe, to Nazar‘s politically inspired dystopian kuduro, to London-underground club-trax futurist Kamixlo. Over the last years, momentum for industrial sounds with Latin and Afro-Caribbean rhythms has built up ever more strongly, especially now Latin America, Colombia in particular, has one of the most vivid hardcore scenes in the world right now and these hard sounds seem to resonate with the reality of growing up in Latin America today.

From the other side, the darker & harder styles are moving ever more into the direction of rhytmical vibes, absorbing elements of genres like DnB (crossbreed). One of the trailblazers in this area is Pieter Winkelaar, one half of the industrial hardcore duo The Peoples Republic of Europe (TPROE) who started as a resident DJ of the Dutch goth-industrial party Cyberia, becoming increasingly frustrated by that scene’s complete lack of inspiration and hostility to innovation.

His appetite to experiment and create new hybrid industrial genres shaped a whole vivid underground of new-generation dark music which struck a chord mostly with innovators from the hardcore scene, centred around labels such as Noisj and Pieter’s own label Monsters of Doomcore as the party N.O.R.A.D. which brings the sounds to the dance floor. But from there, ideas are being pushed further into the direction of more and more rhythm, dubbed rhythmic noise by the Monsters of Doomcore label. His idea to fuse dancehall, moombahton and industrial hardcore connected with me as something the times are ready for. A bridge between worlds. Something at the same time ironically absurd and deeply meaningful and serious at the same time. On the bandcamp release, Pieter writes:

For many years the traditional goth/industrial scene was stalling and declining in quality. Especially in Germany ready made fast food like cybergothic was produced, and things went bad. The Peoples Republic Of Europe did experiment in the past with new sounds like dancehall, dubstep and moombahton on some tracks, and plans were made to get more acts into doing this. Which failed because the traditional goth/industrial scene is stuck in its own hole, unable to escape the narrowing cycle of copy of a copy of a copy ad infinitum.

This all changed when TPROE became more active in the hardcore scene, and got into contact with Victor Evink of Generation bass. On a N.O.R.A.D. party there was much jokes backstage about weird musical crossovers with crossbreed and bossanova (Bossacore) and the one in december 2014 when discussing a crossover of doomcore and dancehall/moombahton on which Vague Entity and Rioteer inmediately responded with “DOOMBAHTON”. A new genre was born.

And after some facebook meeting up, lots of jokes, some hunting of people (of which Victor was a huge contribution) we present you the first installment of DOOMBAHTON. A fresh and new sound in industrial music. 11 tracks of people from hardcore, industrial and moombahton meeting up to create a new thing. Behold!

The compilation brings together a unique combination of producers from different backgrounds and nationalities. Moombahton rockstar Champion Rocka (US) & dancehall innovator Savana Painter (US), up-and-coming breakcore & future-bass genius Masayoshi Limori (Japan), industrial electro/techno giant and Generation Bass founder Drvg Cvltvre, the innovative hardcore producers Vague Entity (Netherlands), Rioteer (Netherlands), Shatterling (Finland) and of course TPROE, latino-tronic-metalhead Caballo (Colombia/Canada) with the balkan-bass formation ShazaLaKazoo (Serbia), alround bass experimentalist DODBB (Netherlands), avant-garde futurist Sxmbra (Netherlands) with dark-favela-trapper JAKZ (Brazil) and the goth-industrial experimentalist Grimstatic (US). Vibes next to industrial hardcore, dancehall and moombahton, include kuduro, bubbling, baile funk, dark trap, Balkan-cumbia and metal.



Bison & Squareffekt - Odissey Of The Mind Part 2SML

Generation Bass presents: Bison & Squareffekt – Odyssey of the Mind Part 2

“Space Age Beats from Africa, created in Portugal and presented to the world.”

We were not sure how to describe their sound when they released the first ground-breaking and innovative EP of this series and so we said it was “Future Zouk”. Since then, a far more apt and accurate description has availed itself to us, “Future Tarraxo” and these guys are the innovators of this new style.

Both of these producers are of the Portuguese New Wave and they hail from Lisbon. From Lisbon they have re-imagined Love Songs for The Blade Runner Percussion Ensemble. This second EP continues the Love Story from where the first EP left off. Lush melodic lines, hypnotic futuristic riddims, space-age synth-pop sounds, cinematic atmospheres, rhythmic percussion rattles the cages and the kick drums almost reluctantly gave way to bass lines and melodies but this is some serious emotional vibe.

On this EP the Lisbon boys have left earth and entered into hyper-space.

The first cut is “Lightning on Jupiter” and it opens in full HD wide-screen CinemaScope style with carefully timed synth-stabs and then the drums kick in and we’re on our way only to pause for a moment to stand a gasp as the gorgeous string arrangement sway in. Strings, that any epic blockbuster worth its weight, would kill for.

“Saturno” comes next with dramatic and epic builds and a longing in tone. This is Space Age Tarraxo! The tears of an Android never sounded so desperate!

“On it’s Way to Orbit” is the third cut and just by reading the song titles, you can tell a theme is emerging here, to go where no Tarraxo has gone before! The lush and majestic piano sounds like the finest that Erik Satie could curate the strings mirror the greatest of Bach’s adagios all under the setting sun of the Tarraxo.

The final cut “Futura” says it all really, this is the Future. A moody, sensual piece that all the walkway models would die for.

A new, mutant strand of African Diaspora has emerged from Lisbon and these two are stretching it out as far as possible!

This is Future Tarraxo!

You can now grab this is glorious WAV format:

Release Date MAY 2015
Description EP
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Freddy da stupid : "I Love You 2" EP Out Now on Digital


Freddy da stupid is another talent who we’ve had an eye on for a while now. He hails from Mozambique and on his debut EP for Generation Bass he explores the ancestral textures of Afro House in a deep, mystical, slightly Jazz infused kind of way.

On “The Ceremony” the same mystical mood carries us forward into an initiation that lulls us into a deep trance like state of euphoric spiritualism.

“I Love U 2” is a sublime slice of hazy, mystical, chilled Afro House that sounds like some kind of spiritual awakening of sorts. Here he goes for a slow crawl, stripped back Mozambican Roots approach.


Artwork: Steve Ohh

Album Title I LOVE YOU 2
Release Date APRIL 2015
Description EP
Tracklist1. THE CEREMONY
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“Just heard the finals and personally it’s the best release of 2014, real talk”- Munchi

Here’s a new name to watch from the heart of one of the most interesting musical countries in the dance world, Angola. The place that gave birth to Kuduro, Tarraxinha, Tarraxo, Semba, Fodencia, Kizomba, Future Tarraxo and Zouk Bass!

This is the Motherland of some of the most interesting riddims & sounds to have gripped the Western dance world in recent years and which have been brought to greater prominence in the West via the help of the Portuguese New Wave, most of whom are in some way linked to Angola.

“Nazar” is that new name in the game!

“Rough Kuduro” is his invention – a brutal, dark & sinister kind of Justice meets an Industrial Kuduro sound with experimental drums which remind us of dark techno, breakcore and, of course, Munchi’s iconic skullbass genre!

As Nazar explains…”Rough Kuduro was to give another narrative – more politically – to our genuine music style called Kuduro. By exploring rawness and the extreme violence of the 27-year Angolan civil war.”

This ground-breaking and innovative EP consists of 3 mind-blowing, cinematic and thought-provoking tracks. Nazar is best placed to shed some light on them all:

NIHIL, my project – obviously inspired on nihilism – tries to translate into distorted frequencies, emotions as fear, anxiety, hate, the feeling of belonging to a rebel group, arrogance, Hubris syndrome and so on. ”

I. “Hate”

“….is my take on how the Angolan society was divided during that war. And what drove the violence of this conflict after Political implication and purposes. I think it’s really powerful energy that makes with stop caring around yourself and the possibilities that you may be wound and killed when you go fighting. So I just tried to translate in a song that can provoke you same thing. You’ll feel invincible while listening to it.


“….. – is the consequence of this main emotion.”

III.“10 000 Africans”

“….– was named after an approximate number of men it takes to overthrow a government in Africa. Angola is of course the main inspiration behind this work, but I look at other stuff going on all over the continent. 10000 Africans was named after a situation created in my mind where “imaginary rebel gang of 10 000 men, were heading down to the state head quarter to commit a Putsch (Coup D’Etat) while cheering up themselves, with evil chants, burning village on the ways, raping women. Shooting in the air etc.”

Grab it now in Wav on the digital platforms:


Artist NAZAR
Album Title NIHIL EP
Release Date APRIL 2015
Description EP
TracklistI. HATE
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On his 3rd official EP release on Generation Bass we unleash his classic “Bubbah Meck” track which first made gigantic waves back in 2013 and is still a staple track in any DJ set worth its salt.

The original track is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before adopting riddims originating from Angola, Africa and blended with Big Room western dance sensibilities with all sorts of mayhem occurring in between from the monkey noises (that are a trademark Banginclude feature) to squeaky synth stabs through to wild animalistic tribal percussion. All done in an original style unique to the Banginclude Brand! It’s a classic!

The EP comes with 3 official remixes and 3 competition winners of the Remix Contest.


The official remixes kick off with “Zouk Bass” originators/creators DZC Crew who stay faithful to the original but who put their own Tarraxo (Tarracho) spin on it complete with delicious vocoder vox making that plainly clear.

Jameston Thieves rip up the track and make it sound even more Big Room than the original and we never thought that was possible. They create a driving electro-core behemoth of ginormous proportions. This epic remix would be able to slay both King Kong & Godzilla at the same time whilst teasing T-Rex with a light fluffy butt-feather that Banginclude uses to make those funny monkey noises!

Baaze completes the official remixes with a more minimalist, industrial percussive take with a fair amount of funkiness.


The main man himself chose all the Competition Winners.

Treovr flips the track and reduces all the madness and mayhem of the original into a melting pot of fun & games – like a candy coloured sea-monster bobbling on the waves of a psychedelic ocean.

Searchl1te takes the track and soaks it in a Tarraxo Glitch with a helping hand of bleeps and police sirens whilst retaining the Future Bass atmospherics of the original.

Finally, Antea comes up with an exciting alternative interpretation of what the track would sound like if you put it through regimented training in the army with an all singing and dancing drill Sergeant.

Grab it now on DIGITAL RELEASE:

Banginclude is a Brooklyn, New York based producer and visual artist who aims to make music that keeps the ladies moving on the dance floor as well keep his fans on their toes, by always cooking up something different. He calls his style “Global Booty Music” and draws inspiration from various sounds and styles around the world.




DZC Deejays:

Jameston Thieves:






Artwork : Antae

Genre BASS
Release Date APRIL 2014
TracklistAS ABOVE
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Generation Bass Presents : Neft – Dead EP


Generation Bass presents: Neft – Dead

Neft are a Hebrew experimental duo comprising of Rocky B aka Tropikal Camel and Guvibosch. Both are a new breed of Hebrew punks/rebels – brave and willing to be outspoken about what they feel is right and wrong in the Middle East.

Neft, the name they have adopted for this project means “Petroleum” in Russian and also in Hebrew. It’s literally a metaphor for setting the politics of the Middle East on fire and they do just that with this, their worldwide debut release on Generation Bass.

This EP has it all, hypnotic beats, heavy bass, dark political undertones, satire, expressions of loneliness & a post apocalyptic stream of consciousness with biblical metaphors!!!!!

Rocky B’s wild energy on stage, with his broken metaphoric lyrics and Guvi’s acrobatic MPC moves create a unique ritual, Jerusalem style.

The Neft EP is dark liquid, creating and destroying at the same time, harmonizing and dissenting. A sound of contrast, of conflict, of rage, wrapped in silence! Mad houses and empty cult halls, the preacher and the black stone. The moment is the true meaning; free improvisation is the key, a connection to the world beyond, mysticism without a guru, a tribe without a god, lost in empty cities. The themes of ostracization, loneliness and rage all pervade the many subjects of the tracks on this release. This is an angry Jerusalem, an alternative anger – a reasonable anger to unreasonable circumstances. An anger that many of you do not hear of, one which is usually overshadowed by the more well-known commercial and destructive politics that you read about on the world news everyday emanating from that part of the world. You need to listen to this alternative anger, as it has more meaning and purpose!

Heavy shit, you bet!


A satire against the Israeli/Hebrew hip hop scene, “the hip hop in Hebrew is dead dead dead. this is the truth truth truth”, it’s a kind of joke song using a trap style beat and quotes from one of the earliest and most famous of Hebrew Hip Hop songs “Hummus”.

2 Black Stone

A post apocalyptic stream of consciousness, with biblical metaphors from the story of Joseph and his brothers. A song about loneliness and betrayal. “in my dreams on a rocky shore, black stone drift black stone drift”.


This lyric deals with friendship and lies amongst friends and lovers. A very personal song about lies. “I Hallucinate I Hallucinate I Hallucinate I sink deep and I cannot see, this lie, this lie.”


An existential song about the absurd place of men in the universe. “in the Desert I see steel, a sculpture and on the steel sculpture I see writing, there is no God: signed by God.”

5. Jackals

A personal heartfelt ballad about the sad times of loneliness.

Artist NEFT
Album Title DEAD EP
Release Date 07.04.15.
Description GBEP00061 EP
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We’ve released a fair bit of music inspired by the Middle East and North Africa in our 4 years as a label. Here’s a playlist of all our releases so you can check them out and maybe you’ll stumble across stuff you might have missed in the past.

There’s a whole load more to come into the future!

C-Production – "Morocco Express" EP : Out Now!!!


The free downloads stopped but this EP is still hot, so what u waitin’ for, u just gotta GOT!

Buy now you

This great new EP was first premiered in the esteemed and respected GUARDIAN PLAYLIST.

Generation Bass has been at the forefront of introducing new names who no-one knows about and some of whom go on to make a big impression around the world. We’re well known for that!

We hope and believe that C-Production is another one of those artists who is likely to make a similar impression with his North African Bass Bombs!

On his “Moroccan Express” EP for Generation Bass he explores the realm of possibilities between the fusion of authentic Moroccan/Berber riddims & melodies and popular dance genres like Dancehall, Trap and Electronica.

“Moroccan Dancehall” is the track that first grabbed our attention with its driving percussion, mystical Berber melody, Orchestral Arabian stabs and stomping basslines. It literally blew our minds, we hope it blows yours.

“Habibi” opens up with the desert winds and then the gorgeous Orchestral Arabian strings kick in lending themselves to a Trap beat making it one of the realist Arab Trap tracks we’ve heard thus far.

“The Hand of Fatima” is a very familiar image if you have ever travelled to Morocco and it is commonly used in Jewellery and wall hangings as a sign of protection as it is believed it provides a defence against evil. It is a common sign amongst Muslims, Jews and Christians who all use it signify something within their religions. Here C-Production uses it to possess the musical spirits of the East & West in this track with its deep Berber bassline, Arabic percussion and Western melodies.

All aboard the “Morocco Express” which, starts out sounding a bit like that Deep House classic “Show me Love” but here it is supplemented with kick-ass Middle Eastern percussion. Then the Arabic synth stabs kick in signalling a gigantic fanfare to something epic and everyone goes mental!

The EP closer “Navel Gazing” is like its title suggests, a deep, thoughtful contemplative haunting piece of music that would set the scene for any Post-Apocalyptic Dystopia mirroring some of the places in the world that we live in today. But we chose the title because we were too busy staring at the Belly Dancer whilst it played in the background!

C-Production aka “Badr” is a Netherlands based producer who hails from Kenitra in Morocco.  When he was 14 years of age he moved from Morocco to the Netherlands to further his studies.

He’s been a music lover since childhood and has spent some years creating music focusing on urban instrumentals. Now, however, his music is made up of different backgrounds reflecting his experiences of the different cultures he has encountered and the different countries that he has lived in. These experiences have helped to shape him as a person and as a musician.

He experiments with a variety of styles and blends the different influences into a delicious melting pot of sounds of urban and ethnic flava’s mainly of the Arabic/ Moroccan variety.




Artwork : Steve Ohh

Release Date 12.10.14.
Description EP
Tracklist1.Moroccan Dancehall
3.Hand of Fatima
4.Morocco Express
5.Navel Gazing
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NXNW#1 compilation OUT NOW!


NXNW#1 ‘The New Wave Of Northern Industrialism’ is a compilation of up and coming producers from around the globe in the industrial, techno and experimental corner of modern dance music. This comp is directly linked to the NXNW / North By Northwest series of blogposts on acclaimed blog – a weekly update on recent developments in these genres. Generation Bass is a blog and label that started out to gather and make visible dance music from all over the globe. We started the blog in 2009 and have had over 5 million visitors these last 5 year. At its peak the blog has between 2000-3000 visitors a day, from over 58 countries in the world. We’ve been responsible for a lot of non western artists’ break in western media and have won several awards for the blog and our way of curating it.

This comp features everything from Bleaching Agent’s bleak slow techno to Chris Moss Acid‘s heavy duty uptempo acid and everything in between. From Hamburg’s Wosto (half of FALLBEIL) to Argentina’s Alejandro Mosso, From Poland’s RNA2 to Italy’s Alessandro Parisi, this is a global excursion in the new wave of producers waiting in the corners. There’s a Dutch connection of course with Drvg Cvltvre, Matt TDK (by way of uk) and Ian Martin as well. Slow dark techno from Tronik Youth with a clear EBM element and the vocal techno from Bat Thats a Fact (half of Bruxhellz Acid Mercenaries) complete a full overview of whats going on right now.

Drvg Cvltvre (Vincent Koreman) started doing the NXNW posts mid 2014 to create a place where the more interesting developments in experimental techno and industrial could find an audience, interested in those genres and discovering new artists. Since that start the posts have become a fixture on the blog and the visitor numbers keep rising. Most of the artists featured are from Europe, but there are no limitations to where artists are from or which level of stardom (if any) they have achieved. This is the next step in that evolution. NXNW will be putting together compilations with artists they feel are relevant, authentic and on the verge of reaching bigger heights. These overviews will appear two times per year, and we are working on crowdfunding vinyl versions of the most popular tracks as well. Stay tuned for more on this project and the artists! – the comp is curated by Drvg Cvltvre for Generation Bass. Copyright by the artists. Complete album download only. Price is 2.99 euro

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Special thanks to the artists participating in this special project and thanks to all that keep supporting the true underground artists and labels!