SaBBo : Voodoo Space Time EP Out Now (Zouk Bass)

VooDoo Space Time HI-Res

Free downloads have ended and this EP is now out as an Official!

Generation Bass presents: SaBBo – Voodoo Space Time EP.

Over the last couple of years we’ve always tried to bring you the latest sounds from all over the globe. Hot stuff, like Moombahton, Juke, Kuduro, Cumbia, Transnational Dubstep, South African House, Tuki Bass and all that good stuff. Recently, another great genre/sub-genre? (We aren’t all decided yet) popped up to be added to this list: “ZOUK BASS”!

Introduced by the might Buraka Son Sistema during their live Boiler Room Session in February 2013, Zouk Bass is like a modern souped-up Bass version of Tarraxinha but still, it is not quite Tarraxinha!

Hence why “We call it Zouk Bass…a brand new sound” as Mc Kalaf of Buraka Som Sistema infamously declared.

One of the originators is the Cape Verde born but Portuguese based producer Deejay Kuimba whose track “Tarraxo Na Parede” opened up Buraka’s Boiler Room set and now that sound is taking the net and the globe by storm.

One of the least likely places you’d expect this to pop up would of course be the Middle East, but then again, it’s the home to one of the most talented and multi-faced producers we know, SaBBo! He has been working on perfecting his Zouk Bass skills and is ready to drop this onto the world. SaBBo’s joints have the same great laidback vibe as the original “Tarraxo Na Parede” and he must be THE guy to bring this genre further.

This sound is so fresh that it doesn’t have those set perimeters yet that screw with any genre once it gets out there. SaBBo gives his all on these 4 cuts that rival the original “Tarraxo Na Parede” track for intensity and groove. Well programmed, deep deep drums and those thin crawly synths on top that sound like bugs buzzin’ round your head. That real tropical flavour in the percussion as well. The world better get ready for this, cause this is a big one. This will be taking over dance floors near you REAL soon!

And yes, we verily believe this is the First Zouk Bass EP in the world ahahaha but none of this could have happened were it not for Deejay Kuimba who made THE track and Buraka Som Sistema who played THE track to kick start a new revolution:

Artwork by Andrew Sandler

Check out the great video by Kutiman:


The video is directed by musician, producer and YouTube sensation Kutiman, a longtime musical partner of SaBBo.

The unexpected success of the groundbreaking Thru-You project in 2009 has put Kutiman on the forefront of the Internet music world. An online music video project mixed from samples of unrelated amateur YouTube music videos, Thru-You was chosen by Time Magazine as one of the 50 Best Inventions of 2009. While taking a break from finishing his next official album or working on his famous mash up creations, Kutiman enjoys creating video clips for some of his fellow musicians.

This video (shot, directed and edited by Kutiman) features the talented Zina, from the prestigious Batsheva Dance Ensemble. This dark, enchanting video captures SaBBo’s talking Doll track’s wild energy.

SaBBo on Souncloud:

Kutiman on YouTube:

Artist  SaBBo
Album Title  Voodoo Space time
Genre  Zouk Bass
Release Date 29 April 2013
Description  EP
Tracklist 1.Talking Doll
2.Bush Woman
4.Bread Fruit
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Escuchas a dj Javier Estrada : Moombass EP is out now

javier small moombass

[Artwork: Eduardo Caudillo – Mexico DF]

We’ve never consecutively released 2 EP’s one after the other by the same Artist on Generation Bass Digital until now!

This guy is very special and this EP is very special too, the energy is incredible and it is one of the best Moombahton EP’s I’ve heard. Also, the sound on this EP is not something you would ordinarily expect to hear from Javier but we’re not surprised because he has been promising to go next level for some time.

This EP sounds like Daft Punk trying to create the hottest Moombahton for the Dancefloor and they succeed!

It is mega!

Generation Bass presents: Javier Estrada “Moombass EP”!

The reign of Mexican producer Javier Estrada ain’t over boys… One of the steady forces in Global Bass in all its facets, and a true Generation Bass family member, Estrada is dropping another load of superb beats on us. Combining the thump of Moombahton with the steady pulse and bass power of bass line house, here’s a 4 track combination of modern dance music dubbed the Moombass Ep. From the get-go, the opening cut “Down to The Floor”, with its wobbly bass and cut-up vocals means business. Dirty, sleazy dancing type business. Again you instantly notice the immaculate production of Estrada. One of the few guys that drops bombs every time he touches his gear. Pristine and clear sounding beats, armed with loads of tropical and cumbia-esque percussion. “My Own Sun” is propelled by a classic house bass line, nice warm pads and again a heavy dose of infectious percussion. The joint after that though, with its incessant thump on the one, “Sunday Morning” is the money shot here. It feels more like a really really late Saturday Evening, but then again, maybe that’s what he meant. Pre-hispanico percussion and breaks, heavy duty synth work and a great breakdown. Pure awesomeness with a real global vibe! The EP’s closing track “Welcome To My Party” has a stripped down vibe, focusing on the rhythms completely. Its cut up vocals sound like a Mexican Daft Punk or something. The vibes at Estrada’s party are glowing and positive. Pure Moombah riddims here as well, with accents that make you want to shake your hump. Solid and bangin’ EP from one of the most interesting producers out there right now.

Album Title  MOOMBASS EP
Release Date 25 MARCH 2013
Description  EP
Tracklist 1. DOWN TO THE FLOOR
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je  (1)

[Artwork by James Gyre:]

One of our favourite producers, Javier Estrada with his second Official release on Generation Bass and his brilliant second volume also in the Prehispanico series.

We expect big things for Javier in 2013!


Here’s a track from the release to give you a taste of what it is all about:

Music is everything man. Music is global and music is power. Music is the means to global communication, in rhythm and words, and in harmony. We are always on the lookout for new people to join the ranks of the growing, global Generation Bass family that communicates through sound, and it looks like we struck gold with Mexico’s most exciting new producer, Javier Estrada. He is new to many people but we’ve been championing him since 2010 after giving him his first exposure on the worldwide blogosphere.

This man delivers everything from tribal to moombahton to pre-hispanic dubstep in a unique, fun-loving, high-energy and tropical manner. Javier’s prolific production portfolio is a tour-de-force through the best that Latin America has to offer in this new burgeoning tropicalized electronica scene and a show of all the possibilities that exist within the ever-expanding world of tropical bass.

This forthcoming EP on Generation Bass is something REALLY special though. This is a slice of deep, Prehispanic rhythmic music, which tries to capture the essence of the Aztec people. The shuffling, slowly evolving and hypnotizing riddims remind us of the impenetrable jungles of South-America and the mystic blood rituals of the Aztecs.

We can try to paint this picture through words but the real power of this release is in its actual musical form. The combination of South American melodies, rhythmic and bass elements that refer to cumbia and of course, guarachero, mixed with the sheer power of crisp modern production is what does the real talking here.

Everyone at Generation Bass has been blown away by this release and everyone who has heard bits and snippets of it is equally impressed. We believe this might be one of the most interesting things you will hear in 2013. If you have ever seen the clips of young kids in Mexico that wear shoes with tips that almost reach their face dancing to this, you know it is the real deal… Be sure to pick this up and keep your eye out for Javier Estrada, a prolific and skilled producer that will take on the world one percussion layer at a time.

Grab some freebies, follow the mediafire links as downloads have expired:

Release Date 21 JAN 2013
Description  EP
Tracklist 1.ACORDEON
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Streaming services Spotify

OKULUS ANOMALI – The Sun Rises From The Beast EP out now!!


This awesome new EP of Massive Moombahton Bangers and Deep Dark Dubstep Deliciousness drops TODAY in most leading Digital Stores, see below!

Check it out by streaming this brilliant Promo mix :



Also you can grab this fantastic free digi booklet which contains Okulus’ philosophy, musings and general wisdom.  It makes for a great & entertaining and sometimes humorous read.  Plus it contains info about this release.

We luv this booklet!!

Grab it HERE:

‘InSight & ReSound’

Okulus Anomali Bio:

The name refers to “a different perspective” that opens a portal to allow light to shine through veils of darkness. Darkness is not evil…it is the unknown…the unknown becoming known is this very process in motion. There is beauty in the beast and a beast in the beauty. The Sun Rises from the Beast refers to this very concept. Nothing is ever black and white…it’s all a shade of grey.

Okulus Anomali is an Artist (Composer, Producer, DJ, Multi-Instrumentalist Musician, Poet-Philosopher/Writer, Graphic Designer, Chef, Opener of Minds…) Born in Budapest, raised in South Florida and travelling much of the world from a young age onwards to the day, Okulus Anomali’s music is saturated with his passion for History, Culture, Science, Irony/Satire, Depth, Humor and Fun. His sound explores the full range of human emotion…for all emotion is an inspiration and has it’s time and place for reflection.

Okulus Anomali infuses his own live instrumentation and DIY production techniques into his tracks along with working with some excellent musicians such as Iraklis Kalamenios (Greek flautist/Musician/Promoter) as well as various vocalists & percussionists. Okulus Anomali plays Guitar, Bass, Dumbek, various Percussive Instruments, Vietnamese Jaw Harps, the Fujara and some drone flutes such as the Snake Charmer and a few others. Okulus Anomali has performed DJ and Live sets for way over a decade in regions including Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Spain, Hungary, Nevada and more. He continues to play at clubs, his residencies in Miami & such esteemed events & festivals including Ultra Music Festival, WMC, Earthdance, Burning Man. Okulus has written theme music for indie films, media projects of various forms.

SOUNDCLOUD: Okulus Anomali

For Bookings: [email protected]

Release Date 14 JAN 2013
Description  EP
2.MOOMBANAMOLI feat The Beast
3.GRIAMI feat Iraklis Kalamenios
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Generation Bass presents: CY KOSIS – 7 Deadly Beats EP Out Nowww!

You know we don’t mess around when it comes to music. We have a strong opinion about artists and styles, but every once in a while even the Generation Bass team is forced to rethink their opinion about stuff. Or about TRAP, the fastest growing online music phenomenon since eerrr…? Moombahton? That is largely due thanks to two awesome producers, Munchi and Cy Kosis!

Based out of Los Angeles, (originally from Queens, New York) Jamaal Taylor aka Cy Kosis has been hard at work refining his unique style of production. With support from heavyweights like Diplo, The Partysquad, Aylen, ETC! ETC!, J-Trick and gLAdiator, and constant mentions on both domestic and international blogs, Jamaal continues to inundate the scene with original tracks and huge remixes. We’ve been supporting this dude for some time, and now he has dropped a certified TRAP banger on our asses.

Containing 7 Deadly Beats, the aptly titled EP combines the dark booming 808’s of trap with Moombahton, some Baltimore Club and sick bass music. Titles are of course, the deadly sins themselves! “Envy” kicks like a mule with some sick chiptune distortion in there as well. “Gluttony” and “Greed” are close to the ‘original’ TRAP sound, with booming subs, rattling hi-hats and snares and dark melodies. This is TRAP, but not as we know it Jim!? The rolling downtempo sound is there, but there’s some aggression lurking in there that sometimes takes over completely, references are ARAAB MUZIK or THA UZI, who both try to take this sound to a next level, combining it with some trance effects and house and techno vibes. CY KOSIS adds some global bass to the mix as well and then when you least expect it, he even adds some old school GABBER to the mix in “Wrath”. This is next level TRAP. Don’t sleep.


Album Title  7 DEADLY BEATS
Release Date 18.12.12.
Description  EP
Tracklist 1.ENVY
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Streaming services Spotify


This awesome and totally unique Remixes EP of the ultra-gorgeous “Queen of the Game” track by the Anglo-Japanese, The Dolomites, is out now on Generation Bass Digital.

With massive remixes by a whole host of our carefully chosen and talented buddies:

Dot. AY. aka Alex Yabsley – Fitzroy, Victoria – Australia
Andy Kisaragi – Bristol , UK
Copia Doble Systema – Copenhagen, Denmark
DJ Delay – Berlin , Germany
Noms – Boston, USA
FlecK- Athens, Greece
Cy Kosis aka Jamaal Taylor – Los Angeles, CA – USA
Joro Boro – Queens, NY – USA

Taking in Chip Bass, Dubstep, Trap, Cumbia and Balkan amongst other stuff, this is one ESSENTIAL release that you need to have.

Cop a taster via the mini-mix, more info coming soon!

Vocal narration by Natsumi Suzuki

The Dolomites project has belted out an amalgamation of styles extracted from Europe, Japan, America, South America and other parts of the globe at intervals since 1998. Founded by Stevhen Koji Iancu aka Stefanko Selecta (Half-Japanese and Half-Romanian British-American National) in 1998, the Dolomites had their beginnings in an art punk house in Portland, Oregon.

Their first album “A Hogshead of Whiskey” was released in the year 2000 on Walking Records. Originally consisting mainly of drinking songs in Pogues styles with a Tom Waitsian accent, they later incorporated Gipsy, Jazz and Evil Disney sounds on the “Medicine Show E.P.”, released in 2002.

The Dolomite´s second album “Darumanian Chophouse” (2005), recorded and produced in Brooklyn, New York, brought out more Gipsy elements scrambled together with Japanese Pop and Enka style melodies. Stevhen Koji later went on hiatus from the Dolomites and started working with diverse musical projects, such as Gogol Bordello, Reverend Glasseye, Yerba Buena, Romashka, Mad Juana, as well as with OPVC, a gamelan theatre from San Francisco.

After being re-acquainted with his motherland (Japan), Stevhen Koji spent some time touring and recording in Japan and independently released 3 EPs on Monster Muzik : “Gaijin Gadjokai” (2007), “Nanjya Korya?-(What the F@%k is this?)” (2008) and “No End” (2009).

Following the Japan years the Dolomites sound steadily morphed into something nomadically fresh, as of today bringing crunked out beats and bass to the Gipsy melodies, fusing 8Bit, chiptunes, glitch hop and wonkyness to an unmistakeable Dolomites “8Bit Balkan” (2011) sound released on If the Kids Records (Berlin).

Release Date 10 DECEMBER 2012
Description  EP
Tracklist 1.Queen of the Game (DJ Delay Remix)
2.Queen of the Game (Copia Doble Systema Remix)
3.Queen of the Game (FLeCK remix)
4.Queen of the Game (Andy Kisaragi Remix)
5.Queen of the Game (Cy Kosis Pharoah of the Game Remix)
6.Queen of the Game (Joro-Boro Lost Oddity Remix)
7.Queen of the Game (Dot.AY Sega MegaDrive Remix)
8.Queen of the Game (Noms Remix)
9.Queen of the Game (Raw Acoustic)
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Drvg Cvltvre – Frost (digi -single) OUT NOW!!

“Frost” – This is a tune that was made for the Football/Soccer Stadiums of the world! – UMB

Generation Bass’ first SINGLE is out now!!!!!!

Grab it from Beatport, Juno or I-Tunes below!

We at have been pushing the melancholic sound of modern music for some time now. Moombahluv, luvstep and all other things luv have always ranked high on our blog and our priority list. Trying to make the world a better place through music, that sorta thing. The next step is to dedicate a generation bass digital release to one of the finest tracks we’ve heard in this genre that Drvg Cvltvre himself calls Doomdisco. Generation bass has been posting a lot of material by this producer, one of those guys that creates so much awesome music that it’s hard to keep up.

Getting massive acclaim for his recent 12” on the legendary Viewlexx label and an album on his own Snug Life Records, Drvg Cvltvre’s rise to fame has been steady for the last couple of years. His edit series was highlighted by blogs like Xlr8r, Factmag and of course Generation Bass. We couldn’t wait to do something special with this guy.

For our label he drops a two headed monster! Side a, for vinyl purists, is a tune called FROST, which redirects your feelings right back to the golden age of jingly melancholic guitar driven pop of the late ‘80s like Echo & The Bunnymen, The Mission, The Chills and The House of Love. Driven by a shitload of percussion this tune leads up to an epic break which will bring tears to your eyes while your dancing your socks of. This is a tune that was made for the Football/Soccer Stadiums of the world! The track is kind of trancy and repetitive, but also slowly evolving and organic. The flip is a tune called GOODBYE COOLBOY, which has a deep 303 acid line and some very old school jackin’ house vibes. A slow melody crawls into the track and then at a bit past the middle, Drvg Cvltvre flips the beat and accents the offbeat in a way that is extremely funky. Excellent percussion here as well with a hint of the tunes of legends like Paul Johnson and Mike Dunn. Great deep and slow doomy disco and deephouse with a percussive edge!

Grab some freebies:

Artist  Drvg Cvltvre
Album Title  Frost Single
Genre  DoomDisco
Release Date 03.12.12
Description  SINGLE
Tracklist 1.FROST
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Streaming services Spotify


Our second EP from Elonious called “Muses” is out now!!!

Cop a taster here:


Here’s the PR:

New Club Anthems by Elonius!

Award-winning global dance music blog Generation Bass proudly presents Muses, a new multi genre EP by Elonious. Ranging from 108-ish, club floor shredding moombahton to uptempo bass line driven house and electro, this is a very diverse offering in style and tempo from the Vancouver, BC located young producer. There’s some classical chilled out vibes on “Hard Goodbye’s” featuring vocalist Rose Black, some synth heavy late night clubbing vibes on “Freaky Lady VIP” and Elonious touches almost every style in between the two. Elonious (real name: Elon Sharar), proves to be a versatile producer, creating a perfect blend of hard-hitting dance floor vibes and catchy melodies.

Recent developments like Trap Music and UK Bass leave their marks, but omnipresent is the tearing, metallic sound of the wobble, a leftover from the dubstep and drum & bass days. Well.. leftover.. “Paranoid Shift” is actually a solid, straight up drum & bass banger! The new EP has a heavy focus on use of vocals, giving the tracks a catchy hook as well as dance floor appeal. A lot of stuff on here could easily be played on radio, is all we are saying. If most radio had better taste that is. EP closer is the whopping 9 minute original version of “Freaky Lady” that takes you from the 20’s swing era all the way to the distant future in sound. It’s easy to see why a young lad like Elonius has gotten so much support from Dj’s in all different sorts of genres over the last couple of years. He switches styles with an ease and feel that is the mark of true talent.

Grab these freebies he did recently:

Album Title MUSES
Release Date 20082012
Description  EP
Tracklist 1.MUSES
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Streaming services Spotify


The second EP release from our dude Mosillator is out now:

Artist  Mosillator
Album Title  Let’s Grow Together
Genre  Dubstep/Bass Music
Release Date 10 AUG 2012
Description  EP
Tracklist 1. Perpendicular
2. You Think You Know Messy
3. Phrase
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Here’s info on his first EP again:

Filtered Forest EP is out now on Generation Bass:

Mosillator – Bolero 192 kbps – From Filtered Forest EP coming soon… by djumb

Mosillator – Filered forest -Minimix by Mosillator

The hotbed for Transnational Dubstep, Generation Bass, returns to its roots with an amazing EP by mysterious producer MOSILLATOR.

Blending organic and electronic influences into something really special, his Filtered Forrest EP takes dubstep and bass music to the next level. Beyond steady wobbles and crazy and sick bass lines, beyond hard hitting and mosh pit male energy, this is a seductive piece of work that can be enjoyed both at home and in the clubs.

MOSSILATOR wants his identity to remain unknown, to shift the focus from the maker to the actual music, but this is so powerful that it transcends any question about the background of the producer. You can pick up some middle eastern vibes in his tracks, hear some Indian sounding percussion here and there, but the general tone of the tracks touches on so many different parts of the globe that it is hard to pinpoint where these cuts could have been made. Who cares anyway, this is music that touches the very core of what Generation Bass is about: “Cool music from wherever!”

The EP opens with “After Dark”, a slow evolving track that blends lush strings and female voice samples with a sharp dubstep riddim and bass. “Bolero”, the second cut adds a heavy dose of organic bass and live played percussion to the plate, blending this with a really sick bass line that sounds like air bubbling up from the deep seas. A dose of funk is brought to the mixing desk in the third cut, “Cannibal Dance”, adding reggae wonks and a beat that could be from any of Prince’s albums in the 80’s! Lastly, kicking everything into 5th gear is the drum and bass killer “Burning Slow”, which does everything but what its title claims. Hard beats, a beautiful guitar sample and classic drum and bass build-ups give this cut a definite 90’s Metalheadz feel, but the production is so super tight and modern it can be instantly recognized as something that’s created today. The different percussion layers and breaks add an almost Indian raga feel to the cut though, without becoming too obvious. A modern day drum and bass classic? We think so!

MOSILLATOR drops four cuts that are hard to define and classify and that’s what makes them so interesting over multiple listens, both in a home and club setting. Ranging from gentle funk to hard hitting dub step and drum and bass influences, this is simply bass oriented music, to be enjoyed by any modern music lover!

Release Date 14.11.2011
Description EP
Tracklist 1.AFTER DARK
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Streaming services Spotify


[Artwork credit to: VELCKRO –]

This is out now exclusively on BEATPORT – BUY HERE.

Watch the video put together by our mate Hector Heathcote aka The MatheMatical Brain:

Stream a mini-mix:


OktoRed, hailing from Metro Detroit MI, has been gaining some real momentum of late as one of Beatportal’s “Artists to Watch 2012” following his first Yosucka! Imprint,”Futures Sounds of 8 Mile” EP.

Oktored continues a long lineage of Detroit Electronic Music, limitless, genre expanding and intelligent. This artist is pushing genre classifications wide open as he morphs between Future Bass, Post-Moombahton, Juke, Footwork and Ghetto Tech.

Detroit has a real history of forward thinking producers that have taken pieces of its electronic music past and fused them together with modern production techniques. Recently, he has come under the tutelage of Brian Gillespie (Starski & Clutch), Detroit vinyl legend, part founder of Databass, Twilight 76 and Throw Records and purveyor of the Detroit ghetto tech scene. Acting as Jedi to this young Padawan, Gillespie is attempting to take Oktored away from the dirty, scandalous, mind-control-tricks business side of the music industry, and just let him concentrate on being an artist, which is something we at Generation Bass believe in as well.

On his Galactic Ghetto EP for us, Oktored’s stuff sounds like classic Detroit techno, filtered through a Generation Bass palette. Pulsing Moombah riddims get fused with deep synth bass and stuttering footwork cut-ups (Ganymede Night Club) or get re-upped like Derrick May’s classic synth driven techno anthems (Outer Rim of Oort). Everything from acid to deep house gets thrown into a blender here, and comes out all fizzy and sparkling. This has soul and technology combined. Heart and Feet. Dance floor and Brain dance.

This guy has the potential to write a new ‘Strings of Life’, ‘Good Fun’, ‘Ass ‘n Titties’ or other Detroit style classics. More techno than we’ve ever heard in Moombah and Future bass before and more sophistication as well… Be sure to stay ahead of the pack and cop this sublime slice of Post-Moombahton right away!

Grab a free mix:

OktoRed Live Set From Movement 2012 :

Download it HERE!