You may have noticed a new tab on our homepage named "TOP 10", well this is what it is about.  It's about people choosing their Top 10's, movies, all time tracks, dance tunes, transnational bass tunes Read More
I listen to all forms of music on a daily basis, but these 10 tunes listed below shaped my view of how I hear, perceive and compose music. 1. M83 - Midnight City This song to me is special, this Read More
Rising Ballroom/Garage/House producer "Cvnt" gives us his current Top 10 in the Ballroom/House genre. CUNT: (adj) a term used in gay slang to describe someone who is impressive, original or fantastic Read More
JSTJR's Top 10 tracks that influenced him as a producer. In no particular order: 1. MF Doom - Sorcerers I got into MF Doom when I first started at Hofstra University for a short semester studying Read More
For me Happy Colors aka Hector Mendoza is the realest of the realest when he says: "I make music for.....ME" BIO: Dominican DJ/Producer Hector Mendoza a.k.a. Happy Colors invites you to a Read More
You had Cain & Abel, Cal & Aron Trask (East of Eden), Liam & Noel Gallagher and UMB & Caballo. lol. Caballo contacted me on My Space back in 2009 and I showed him some support and Read More
It's a great honour to present to you this Top 10 by leading Club Balkan band Balkan Beat Box (BBB). BBB have been around since 2003, 10 years now, and I always remember their first album dropping, Read More
Neki is one bad ass producer, one of the finest and most underrated producers in the Transnational Bass scene. If Transnational Bass was massive like Trap or Twerk or any other of the big fad genres, Read More
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