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DALLJUBSTEP  are a japanese bass music band.Was formed in 2012 by a.t.p as a drummer/fx (ex-DACOTA SPEAKER), Bench as a bass player​/singer (ex-DACOTA SPEAKER) and Yuta Hoshi as a fx/singer (WOZNIAK).Their sound is made of the powerful bass sound and the flowin​g/free drumming and electronics with improv​isation and experi​mental​ism. They are making truly alternative music embracing various music genres such as Dubstep, Jungle, Juke/F​ootwor​k, Techno​/House, and HipHop. Enjoy!!!!              ]]> 0 DJ Ghost Face [Kizomba Crossover] Wed, 01 Jul 2015 20:06:37 +0000 Ghostface
We’ve been zooming in on kizomba lately, a vibrant semi-mainstream movement in much of Africa and Europe for many years now. Here we’ve got more kizomba, from an exciting producer who likes to push the boundaries of the genre by combining it with flavours not that often associated with kizomba. His name is DJ Ghost Face, based in Milan, Italy and I found him when googling for ‘gothic tarraxo’ since I wanted to hear how a gothic song like this, which I randomly stumbled upon, would sound reworked into tarraxo. Google found this brilliant, nocturnal graveyard flavoured tarraxinha track on Youtube and my mind was blown! On his Soundcloud he has many more brilliant kizomba crossovers with the most unlikely genres, of which I selected my three favourites. Unfortunately not all of it is for download and he hasn’t been active for about half a year now, but definitely a name to watch! Tantric Africa : erotic new-age ambient kizomba ! Urban Kiz : chill-trap kizomba ! Go hard Tarraxa : psychedelic acid trance tarraxo ! Follow DJ Ghost Face: SOUNDCLOUD FACEBOOK YOUTUBE]]> 0 Phaylaq : Syrian Electronica [فيلق] Wed, 01 Jul 2015 12:40:18 +0000 avatars-000143811560-zzqkp4-t500x500
Another interesting find from Syria is this producer Phaylaq who is now based in Istanbul given the situation in Syria atm. We’ve already blogged some interesting names from there like Hello, Psychaleppo! and Khan El Rouh and this dude joins their ranks. His edit of this beautiful cover by Sophie Hunger of a Noir Desir track first caught my attention but then I checked out his other stuff and man, most of it sublime! He lives by a great maxim too: “To me art is something made with joy and good art is when this joy is commun​icated.”]]> 0 SAINT LAURENT COLLECTION : LIKE HARRY DEAN STANTON – BY SWIMMER Wed, 01 Jul 2015 11:49:54 +0000 avatars-000023851271-ywr6at-t500x500
Had my fill of derivative Global Bass or Global Club Music type of stuff, so passé and for me really not interesting anymore unless of course it is real stuff from real places like #FutureTarraxo, Tarraxinha, Tarraxo, Fodencia, Afro House, Kuduro etc..etc… Here’s something pretty derivative too in the Rock world and yes I’ve heard it a million times throughout the years, I have enough rock star mates to hear it from, that same old “face on a magazine like James Dean” and always something to do with liquor or cigarettes or chicks but strangely enough I’m feeling this soundtrack and find it pretty refreshing and kicking. Maybe cause I haven’t listened to stuff like this for some time? who knows but I dig! Maybe a Rock N’ Roll renaissance is on the cards? Maybe it’s time for Rock music to kill EDM lol… SAINT LAURENT SURF SOUND COLLECTION / A TRIBUTE TO CONTEMPORARY CALIFORNIAN SURF MUSIC CULTURE SAINT LAURENT COLLECTION XIX JUNE 28TH 2015 SWIMMERS ‘LIKE HARRY DEAN STANTON’ ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK FOR SAINT LAURENT / RECORDED IN OAKLAND, JUNE 2015]]> 0 URL Future’s ⒺⓂⓄⒿⒾ ⒸⓄⓂⓅⒾⓁⒶⓉⒾⓄⓃ is Rad !! Mon, 29 Jun 2015 19:50:11 +0000 EmojiCompilation3
I was too late to announce the virtual live showcase which was held last week Sunday, but the 10-track Soundcloud compilation came online this week and the tracklist is gold! The theme was ‘emotional electronic music’, which was translated in a multitude of different styles and flavours from retro-gothic synthpop and Jersey club to breaktbeat, moombahdeep and ‘vapor-noir’ flavoured hiphop, delivered by familiar names and newcomers to the URL Future family! >> GRAB A FREE DOWNLOAD! << Tracklist: 1. Audioviscerate - Suction Cup Scum 2. J.Holiday - Bed (ZZZ Remix) 3. CND9 - Foehn in The Jungle 4. Cora Violet Moon - Sad Snowman Emoji 5. Danky - Stompin’ 6. MiscellaneousT - Messy (High Score VIP) 7. Shinji - Empathy (Crystal Castles Cover) 8. Squirrely Bass - ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (Biggie X Tyga - Lil Wayne) 9. TCP – IP さん - Cantforget 10. WΔGNΞR ¥ΔRDS✞ΞP - GLVG IV]]> 0 Vaporwave and Music Culture in the Internet Era [Short Doc] Fri, 26 Jun 2015 17:45:53 +0000 VaporwaveArtwork2
Artwork: ‘How to Vaporwave’ by matheusrosa94 Usually you’re getting big think-pieces from me myself, focused on the cultural background, history and future of the genres that we blog. But now I stumbled upon a brilliant short-doc from a relatively unknown Youtuber called Wolfenstein OS X, that brings up some very important points which aren’t relevant only for vaporwave but for the whole of today’s music culture, including the scenes and movements we are involved in. Vaporwave is the core genre of what I’ve been referring to in earlier posts as the (post-)internet underground: a universe of micro-genres of music, usually with specific 90s web-art inspired visual aesthetics attached to them, that emerged and spread entirely via the internet’s cultural grinding mills such as Tumblr, Reddit and the controversial 4Chan music board /mu/. It were these dynamics online that enabled yearly waves of hyped music movements since the turn of the decade, completely isolated from the attention of the blogosphere. While Generation Bass and neighbouring blogs moved from introducing Balkan beats, baile funk, kuduro, 3ball & cumbia (2009), to moombahton (2010), zouk bass, tarraxo & electro chaabi (2013), gqom & jungle terror (2014), the internet underground presented witch house (2010), seapunk (2011), vaporwave (2012), memerap / sadboys (2013) and bubblegum bass (2014). While the blogosphere uses […]]]> 0 Moombahtonistas, Before You Ever Touch Ableton Again, Read This !! Wed, 24 Jun 2015 15:14:26 +0000 MoombahStore
Forget everything you’ve believed so far about moombahton. The story about the teenage skipping party where Dave Nada slowed down his Dutch house set to 108 BPM to keep the reggaeton-vibe the crowd was dancing to, is false. A myth, made up to give the genre a more inspirational ‘birth story’ than it really has. After all, it is much more exciting to be part of a whole movement of new generation teens in DC than of a publicity stunt designed by a number of eager DJ’s-producers to capitalise on the blogosphere’s global club fever and the hunt for the ‘Next Big Thing’. No attendants of the skipping party have ever been able to be identified… In one the most important posts in the history Generation Bass, we have shown that the the combination ‘dembow + electronica’ had been around in many ways and places long before Dave Nada. This will show how it has continued to thrive in many ways and places, independently from the EDM bandwagon called moombahton.. Having been part of it for a while now, I’ve come to the conclusion that the main thing which the moombahton movement seems unable to get rid off is the persistent stench of inauthenticity. After a short passionate community period, which the Generation Bass team […]]]> 0 DJ WILLY G – Kizomba Afterparty Mix Mon, 22 Jun 2015 23:00:45 +0000 artworks-000121042581-uhs8kg-t500x500
DJ Willy G from SFMuzik drops a hot Kizomba mix too, the second one on the blog today. Hot!!]]> 0 i-DJ: Débruit Mix Mon, 22 Jun 2015 22:48:26 +0000 artworks-000121015715-q4fpwi-t500x500
Débruit has been one of our favourites for some time and here he drops a mix for i-DJ encompassing a lot of his fave music. Here’s what they say: It’s time to take a journey through West Africa via New York with one of the most exciting underground producers of the moment. French-born musical explorer, Débruit first caught our attention with his infectious 2009 tune, Nigeria What? His new album, Outside The Line, transcends West African music and Afrobeat rhythms through the synth work of 80s New York, and it really is something special. His evolutionary sound perfectly captures musical eras gone by while making a unique and futuristic sound seem effortless. For all these reasons and more, we are delighted to welcome him to the i-D mix family with this incredible sonic journey. “It’s made of tracks that I’ve always liked and that inspired the album a lot,” he says of his offering. “Tracks from west Africa to NYC. Some slow and contemplative like Arthur Russell and Mamane Sani, some compulsive like Suicide and James Chance, others dancey like Dr Adolf Ahanotu and ESG, or polyrhythmic like Steve Reich and Konono n°1 and their electric trance likembés.” Press play! […]]]> 0 Dj Snypah – DéjàVu (The Ultimate Kizomba Experience) 2015 Mon, 22 Jun 2015 22:39:13 +0000 avatars-000151206897-1q23ri-t500x500
Dj Snypah is from the DZC production powerhouse and here he unleashes a new Kizomba mix featuring some of the hottest tracks from that scene. This is perfect for the summer sun. DJ SNYPAH | BOOKINGS : (+44)7455 931 312 Here’s My Latest Work, DéjàVu – A new Concept . The Ultimate Kizomba Experience Hope You Enjoy. Mix & Audio Selection: Dj Snypah Effects & Audiio Adjustment: Dj 2Pekes Track List: 01 -MC Marcus feat. Elizete Vasco – Assim Assim 02 -Thanya ft. Prodigio – Refém 03 -Atim – Ta me Doé 04 -Zona5 ft. Landrick – Segunda Mão 05 -Gasso – Jeito Dela 06 -C4 Pedro – Vamos Ficar Por Aqui 07 -Jey V feat. Yudi Fox – Duas Caras 08 -Alirio feat Lil Saint e Dj Barata – Vou te Corromper 09 -Kawam – Nao Me Agarra Ai 10 -Badoxa – Não me Toca 11 -Edwin Allexandre – Não Me Deixa (feat. Boy Teddy & Twenty Fingers) 12 -Mika Mendes, Ravidson & Elji Beatzkilla – Uma Chance [Remix] 13 -Mito Feat. Mr. Kuka – Que tal]]> 0