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Desert Wave is an Arabic/Eastern themed concept which is both ambient and rave in equal measure. It conceptualizes a hallucinogenic & psychedelic vibe where you can trip’ the **** out either in mellow mood at the Sand Dunes (dreaming your dreams) or more upbeat at the Light Fantastic, raving till dawn. Part 1 – Trippin’ at the Sand Dunes: A collage of cinematic, ambient & club sounds draw from music made by emerging artists from the Middle East, artists from the past, western artists with an interest in the Middle East, movie soundtracks, the deeply spiritual, video game composers and much, much more. Nestled amongst all of this is one of the world’s greatest ever rock bands but in this collection they are made to sound just as anonymous as many of the other artists they feel comfortable to sit with in the mix, truly hUMBled DesertWave – Part 1 Trippin’ at the Sand Dunes (March 2015) by Dj Umb on Mixcloud Part 2 – Trippin’ the Light Fantastic: The higher octane side embraces psychedelic club sounds that take you on a shamanic journey that lilts you into a deep trance and draws from music on the leftfield of the […]]]> 0 LovelySummer : ラブリーサマーちゃんのオールナイトニッポン [Japanese Youthwave] Mon, 30 Mar 2015 22:42:32 +0000 avatars-000063264093-siamdz-t500x500
I did a big post on Japanese Youthwave last year and since then I’ve been following some of the artists with great interest.  This one, Lovely Summer really has some good things going on.  In particular, I love this new track that she just dropped which is an 8 minute epic that consists of her warbling over a looped jazzy R&B backing track.  No idea what she is saying but it sounds absolutely fantastic and it goes slightly mad towards the end! Here’s more of her stuff with another artist Yoshino in a mix.  Ok, the vox need a bit of work but I still like it man:]]> 0 DJ N.K. I LOVE KUDURO (MIX 2015) Mon, 30 Mar 2015 22:11:22 +0000 artworks-000111795765-xfin5u-t500x500
The brilliant DJ N.K. of the Portuguese New Wave crams 19 hot Kuduro tracks into a blistering 7 minute mix. Awesome! 1. ZABORA 2. LIMAS DO SWAGG FT. DJ BILLY B – DO COTUVELO 3. OS PILUKA – BAIXOU 4. PUTO COSSA – QUADRADINHO DE TRÊS 5. DJ HABIAS FT B. REQUENTADO – QUADRADINHO 6. DJ LEO – DE RELACHE 7. TITICA – CHÃ CHÃO 8. MADRUGA YOYO – VAMOS LÁ 9. TITICA FT ARY – OLHA O BONECO 10. DJ ZNOBIA – REVERVAN BEAT 11. DJ ZONE & DJ NERVOSO – BEAT LUANDA 12. PROPRIA LIXA – UDAM 13. PUTO PORTUGUÊS FT. NACOBETA – BABABA 14. NOITE DIA FT. PUTO LILAS – FOGAREIRO 15. DJ ZNOBIA – BEAT2 16. DJ DORIVALDO MIX – BLOCO AZUL (REMIX) 17. INSTRUMENTAL NOITE DIA 18. DJ KILAMUM 19. DAMA NELA FT. NAIO CRAZY – MANKELEMA His brilliant EP is still available on Generation Bass:]]> 0 BDW Mon, 30 Mar 2015 18:43:03 +0000 avatars-000134135225-3jeeu4-t500x500
BDW is a producer out of Italy and I’m feeling his vibe. I think like Tilha (Future Tarraxo guy) there’s simplicity, a rawness and just like Tilha, needs some fine-tuning here and there but something’s def there.  He’s got a vibe! Another for the future to keep your eye on.]]> 0 Mexican Jihad: music to… perrear (tu gata es mi homi) Mon, 30 Mar 2015 17:47:24 +0000 artworks-000111767638-ch8foa-t500x500
We love to support some of the indigenous labels doin’ it for themsleves and Naafi are one such label doin’ it for Mexican Bass music in all its forms. Hence why we agreed to permit them to release our Javier catalogue on CD whilst we retained Digital rights because that is the perfect home for it. Their Creative Director just dropped this mix for ID and it’s a really interesting concept: Alberto Bustamante, a.k.a. Mexican Jihad, is originally from Oaxaca, Mexico. He is the creative director of N.A.A.F.I, his independent record label. He’s currently developing the brand #MexicanJihad by doing DJ sets that include genre frictions and easy to dance music like perreo, Mexican club music and mainstream pop. @Mexican_Jihad Tracklist: ​1. Horror Piano (LAO Tormenta Costeña Ha Mash) -Unknown Artist ​2. Comprendes Mendes -Control Machete ​3. Wiggle (Version Perreo Dj Bekman) ​4. Lo Vamos A Danzar (Perreo RMX) -Ivy Queen ?- DJ Bekman ​5. Mi Vecinita -Plan B ​6. Maldades -La Mafia del Amor ​7. Wudang (ZUTZUT & LAO reggaeton bootleg) -Fatima AlQadiri ​8. Vernáculo -Future Brown ft. Maluca ​9. Nuestro Combo Mixeo (CULO) -DJ Hate ​10. Mix Jhon Erick Edition Bachetera -DJ AZA ​11. 96 Rakata […]]]> 0 David Bowie : Modern Love (Dj Cremoso Remix) [Tecnobrega] Sun, 29 Mar 2015 12:31:59 +0000 davidbowiemodernlove1-500x362
It’s been almost a year since the last DJ Cremoso track, which was a remix of The Smith’s “This Charming Man”. Now, Cremoso is back with another classic Tecnobrega remix of a Bowie classic. Cremoso Rules!]]> 0 THE PLAYLIST : FODENCIA Sat, 28 Mar 2015 13:59:33 +0000 artworks-000048093946-qzsie2-t500x500
Fodencia – an even rawer version of Tarraxo emerging from the Portuguese Underground via Africa. We first covered it HERE. As Okayafrica said: “‘Fodencia’ is an under-the-radar subgenre of tarraxo that’s forbidden in Portuguese clubs. There’s very little online about the genre, but with last year’s burst of zouk bass and its accompanying Tarraxinha/Tarraxo revival, Fodencia has started to be gathered up by those closely plugged to the scene.” Here’s a playlist to give you a taste:]]> 0 TRNAH x |CRPT| – DARK is Better LP Fri, 27 Mar 2015 15:04:27 +0000 DarkIsBetter
This appeared just too late to include in my huge future-dark-eclectic post but this unique, fresh project is one of the best examples of the dark music that is emerging today, blending dark flavours from techno and minimal to industrial, synthwave and hiphop! Like our current favourite act RSS B0YS, TRNAH X |CRPT| are another promising avant-garde duo from Poland who blow my mind! While still recognisable as techno, they constantly push the limits into unknown territory, without ever becoming inaccessible or undanceable. ‘DARK is Better’ is a 10 track LP summarising all facets of their style, running from the very minimalistic experimentalism to hypnagogic ambient and more melodious percussive techno. Follow TRNAH x |CRPT|: Soundcloud > TRNAH X |CRPT| Facebook > Bandcamp Tumblr]]> 0 NKOTB – Roundup 6 Thu, 26 Mar 2015 20:22:05 +0000 transferir
Time passes really quick, half a year doing this… It has been a pleasure doing it and I hope this is the first of many “half years” writing in GB. In this one I will try to keep the jibber jabber to a minimum and let you just enjoy the playlist. As usual there is a lot of chill trap, future beats and all that kinda of stuff. Heads up to the stuff from Babel and Sango.]]> 0 Acid Arab ft. Sadat & Alaa50 – Hez hez Thu, 26 Mar 2015 18:45:23 +0000 artworks-000111358268-mnd27n-t500x500
Our boys Sadat & Alaa50 just teamed up with the awesome Acid Arab who really are taking Arabic fusion to an altogether new level with their solo stuff and collections for this new track. Check it out, loving it: You can still grab the Sadat & Alaa50 album on Generation Bass:]]> 0