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Hi fellas! Here is Nico bringing you the best new and old cumbia in all its varieties. We cannot start this new post for cumbia listeners without bring some tune from “Tormenta de Sudor”, One of the compilations for the 4rt anniversary of Cassette Blog Here is “Antibala” from the mexican project: Lengualerta. Dat Garcia is a female songwriter that mix cumbia – folk – electronic and native sounds from Argentina. She just released a free download album with the Chilean label “Regional”, called “Hermitaño Interior”.   And here we have a delightful remix by the mexican producer Yelram Selectah of the bomb track “Know what I want” from the new wave queen Kali Uchis.   And from Brooklyn – US, here is Captain Planet with one of the tracks from his Album “Esperanto Slang” that combines pure afro and latin rhythms:   We’ve had “Tu Guaina” tracks here but here is a new tasty one:   Robin Perkins alias “El Buho” has done a wonderful mix for the INI Movement. Its a mix about the moon and great tunes, here is the explanation of the mixes: “The idea of the 13 Mooncycle Mix is based on the natural time phenomenon. Within the system of […]]]> 0 C – Production : African Bass Bombs Fri, 21 Nov 2014 14:13:50 +0000 samira
Our boy C-Production who is based in Netherlands but of Moroccan origin has just dropped these 2 new African Bass Bombs! One is of one of my favourite Arabic Pop Princesses, the delicious Samira Said that he flips from an Arabic Pop track into a Bass Bomb! The other is more of a nod to African House with spacey 70’s Disco stylings. Great stuff!!! Make sure you check out the brilliant EP that he released with us a few months back:]]> 0 Drvg Cvltvre presents North By Northwest Fri, 21 Nov 2014 13:00:18 +0000 nxnw9
whats cooking folks! back again with some banging new stuff from all around the globe… Kicking off with this extremely heavy cut by HELENA HAUFF & F#X as BLACK SITES, what an absolutely awesome tune, love the weird distorted percussion on it! BARNT – Born in the 70s, kid of the 90s When his classmates were into Grunge, he was exploring Techno, when the same classmates discovered Techno, he was already taking a closer look into Hip Hop (battling in the nationwide DMC and ITF championships), when everyone went to Berlin to celebrate Minimal, he was being on a trip back in time to inhale early German electronic and rock music – attracted by the main oppositional poles of this era: accuracy and free rein. Mainly these biographical key points and his (now over two decades spanning) DJ experience are the base for his formula of pathos, calculated dilettantism and dance floor functionality that characterize all his productions. Take the infamous “Geffen” or his earlier work with Cologne Tape on the EP “Render”, the first release on his own conceptual imprint Magazine, that he co-runs with Crato and Jens-Uwe Beyer. “Render” and his debut solo EP “What Is A Number, […]]]> 0 New Kid On The Blog – Roundup 2 Fri, 21 Nov 2014 00:16:59 +0000 artworks-000090154015-qrkbh5-t500x500
Well, this took longer than expected. More than one month after my first roundup i’m bringing to you guys my second one. It doesn’t have the quality of the first one, but my time to search for new music was very little, studying to become an engineer isn’t easy. Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment.    ]]> 0 BANX & RANX: FROM JAMAICA TO OUTERSPACE! Wed, 19 Nov 2014 17:48:33 +0000 BANX+RANX
If you really identify with the green, yellow and red colors; It’s very likely that you are a reggae music lover! And if this is the case, I guess you also enjoy enormously the magnificent descendants rhythms of reggae, such as: Dancehall, Raggamuffin and Dub, without a doubt! But, if at the same time you identify with the power of the sounds of the EDM, the fusion between this two styles will send you to the space! And precisely this fusion of which we are talking about is the fusion that characterize this amazing duo: BANX&RANX. Banx & Ranx is a Jamaican Electronic Music Group based in Montreal, Canada. The group was founded in 2014 by Soke (Producer / Artist & Dj ) and KNY Factory (Producer / Artist & DJ). The idea was born with the strong desire to make a hybrid sound between Jamaican music and Electronic Dance Music. Both founders share a love for the 2 distinct sounds but never perfected the blend before. This project needed the two skilled producers together in the studio to finally blossom. The name of the group was agreed upon after a list of names like: United Islands, Tuff & Tall, Ragatron… […]]]> 0 Roundup Sessions #10 Tue, 18 Nov 2014 19:23:27 +0000 abca
Ok, first of all i’ve been busy so this roundup took a bit longer than excepted. And consider this is subject to my taste and I share what I like and I feel is worth being shared to everyone. And there’s also a lot to cover and I don’t want to spam you with so much tunes all at once so I’ll make another session this week. Here goes:]]> 0 Steven Deblat – Helicopter Blues EP [Free Download] Mon, 17 Nov 2014 19:25:35 +0000 StevenDeblatHelicopterBlues
Living life like a typical Soundcloud junkie, I am constantly presented with new stuff, most of which is all equally impressive. But once in a while you stumble upon something that sticks out in a way that is hard to rationalise. Sometimes, right from the moment you start a track, in an almost magical moment, you know that something is extraordinary. This fresh EP from the American producer Steven Deblat is such an example. ‘Helicopter Blues’ is an absolutely unique, dark-flavoured mix of vapor/cloud/alter-trap and psychedelic dubstep, which even includes elements of ambient-metal. As you all know, I am a huge fan of vapor trap. I’ve been following this scene for a little while now and, no matter how much it blows my mind, sometimes it seems to get a bit saturated, using the same futuristic architecture-animation pads, 90s mall-lounge samples and crystal-bright drums over and over again. But this EP opens a whole new knew avant-garde sound that definitely calls for furhter exploration! Get it here for free! Tracklist 1. My Hedgehog Dilemma 2. Solitude (ft. Pearl White) 3. Time Flies When You Can’t Sleep (ft. Hellion) 4. Constantly Conflicted 5. Lost In Limbo (ft. Ghostfish Goon) 6. Stuck (ft. Net Worthy) 7. Retrouvailles (ft. Lordeiris)]]> 0 Everything you’ve always wanted to know about global bass Mon, 17 Nov 2014 18:18:17 +0000 GBVapor
A while ago, I made a global bass blogging guide as an instruction leaflet for new members of our team. In the end it became a compilation of all my knowledge I’ve built up so far, which also contained a graphic visualisation of the ‘music landscape’ and how the concept of global bass relates to that landscape. The picture was shared about 50 times on Facebook I believe and it caught the attention of our friends at Rhythm Travels, who asked if I could draw up a short description. That description, in turn, evolved into this article. *** Let’s face the question straight away: what is global bass? Is it a scene at all? And if yes, what are its boundaries and what binds it together? Or better, who decides about its boundaries and about what binds it together? I can guarantee you that if you ask three different people active in global bass music, you will get three different answers. Or no satisfying answer at all. Along the lines of ‘global bass is whatever I’m feeling today’. So instead of asking what people themselves think, it could be illuminating to imagine a ‘landscape of music’ where all the different genres are arranged according […]]]> 0 CHAKRUNA : CUMBIA BASS MIXTAPE Mon, 17 Nov 2014 17:54:32 +0000 10353654_590316781073740_9202018610893135532_n
First thing that struck me about this mixtape was the brilliant cover art and so I had to check it out. It’s by a Peruvian dude based in Lima called Chakruna and it’s a glorious mixtape of amazing Cumbia sounds and so get in!!!! DOWNLOAD IT HERE! STREAM HERE: CHAKRUNA – CUMB1A BA$$ MIXTAPE by Chakruna on Mixcloud]]> 0 Was it worth attending Les Inrocks Philips festival ? Mon, 17 Nov 2014 17:45:56 +0000 IMAG0057
  The festival took place in La Cigale a superb venue where I went once to see one of the best performances ever : Cut Chemist in a wild generous Dj set. Imagine an old theatre with balconies, old fashioned seats, red tapestry… A full week of music with various bands touring in different places with a long stop in Paris. Among all the nights proposed we went to the one on November the 13th which was really promising.   SEINABO SEY After a couple of beers we got inside a bit late as Seinabo Sey had already started. This young Swedish artist raised in Gambia has a powerful captivating voice, moving every single fiber of your dermis. Slowing down the heartbeat, pacing the breath to the rhythm of her singing she took her audience for a short magnificient trip, far away from the damp cold night of Paris. The only negative point about her performance was the early hour she had to be on stage and the too-short 30 minutes given to her to display her talent.   GLASS ANIMALS   Soon she was followed by the quartet Glass Animals. Dave Bayley led the dance perched on his feet […]]]> 0