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It’s been a while, but we’re back. GBMIX#5: S X M B R A by Generation Bass on Mixcloud With alot going on behind the scenes at Generation Bass, I managed to re-launch the mixtape concept. With many names still to come, we look at one of our own members again, this time the pioneer S X M B R A made his addition to the series.   S X M B R A One of the main things that keeps fascinating me is the blurring line between science-fiction and reality. The rapid technological changes taking place in today’s world as well as the extreme, pre-collapse, manifestations of capitalism and growing inequality mirror the dystopian visions of the cyberpunk movement of the 1980s.   The 1980s inspired a wave of all kinds of dark music which contrasted with the sounds from the previous decades. Now, in a similar way, after the innocent optimistic 90s and the hyper-hedonistic 00s, a new dark era is taking shape around us, but this one is truly digital and the internet is changing everything around is that has existed before by continuous destruction and reconstruction of existing concepts and realities. Underground movements like cyberpunk, hiphop, […]]]> 0 Ricky Vaughn & Daron Vande’s New Tune is Flames ! Sat, 29 Aug 2015 18:15:56 +0000 VaughnVande Edited
For some, this may already be old news, a week after it came online. But if you haven’t heard it yet check out this fresh music vid of Ricky Vaughn‘s new track featuring Daron Vande! After a couple of passionate rants to keep music underground and close to a grassroots scene, you might think of me as a purist who is entirely against making catchy tunes that can appeal to a larger audience. But that’s not true at all. Wine On Me shows that moombahton influenced mainstream music doesn’t need to be a festival-EDM banger, an artificially exoticised gimmick or depend entirely on Major Lazer. I’ve been arguing for a while now that being absorbed into the different future directions that are being explored right now inside styles like reggaeton and dancehall, those in turn being part of a whole melting pot together with hiphop and RnB, feels to me like a much more permanently future for moombahton. This doesn’t put the overpriced DJ on a gigantic rave stage at the aspired end of all artists making this kind of music but also gives room to a new generation of MCs/rappers, singers or maybe even bands. The same goes for all the other innovations and hybrid genres that have been pushed by blogs like this over in the […]]]> 0 MACHINES IN HEAVEN : “DISPLACER” (NIGHTWAVE REMIX) EXCLUSIVE & LIVE @ SUNDAY CIRCUS BIRTHDAY PARTY [GLASGOW] Fri, 28 Aug 2015 11:50:25 +0000 art work-new
You can catch the brilliant Machines In Heaven live at the Sunday Circus 8th Birthday celebrations in Glasgow this Sunday. MiH are on early doors at this show, around 5.30 for an experimental set and so make sure get there early. Read more about the event below. To get you into the mood, you can check out this exclusive, a brilliant remix of the MiH track “Displacer” lovingly re-worked by Nightwave. You can grab the full release HERE. Here’s more about the event: MICHAEL MAYER (KOMPAKT) 3HR SET Petrichor (live) (Soma) Tricky Affi Koman Machines In Heaven (Experimental set) 5.30PM START 5pm-1am £15/20 EARLYBIRD & FIRST RELEASE SOLD OUT RA: SOLD OUT TICKETS SCOTLAND: 0141 204 5151 Michael Mayer, boss and co-founder of Cologne’s seminal Kompakt label (celebrating 20 years this year)- Always distinctive and yet wildly multi-faceted, Kompakt has, throughout its continuing evolution, represented mind blowing big room techno, leftfield pop experimentation and chin-stroking shoegaze. As a DJ Mayer is known for weaving together long and story telling sets of house and techno from across the ages, he is also a super producer and remixer with an enviable and often referenced back catalogue. An integral part in the […]]]> 0 AFRICA IN YOUR EARBUDS #65: AFRICAN APOCALYPSE [OKAYAFRICA EXCLUSIVE] Thu, 27 Aug 2015 12:32:35 +0000 DJ-UMB-EARBUDS-DARKER-715x715
Go over to the site and read what Okayafrica  have to say about the mix. Download here: Africa in your Earbuds – African Apocalypse Here’s what I have to say: Okayafrica asked me for an Africa in Your Earbuds Mix at least 2 years ago. It’s taken me this long to get around to it because I always wanted to do something extra, extra special for this mixtape series and for this site. It’s a site and series that I really love. And it’s taken me over 2 years to get into this extra special mood to lay down this mix for them. As usual, recorded live on CDJ’s with manual mixing, basically, a live DJ mix, like all my mixes are. Artwork – Underdog Beat Laden – Mastering Don’t book for me for gigs, book one or more of these guys below and enjoy the mix: Dj Znobia Dj Paparazzi Bison & Squareffekt Deejay Anderson Dj Liu K Mambos Da Casa Nigga Fox Dj Marfox King Kong Lx Monkey Beatz Roulet Dj Marshall Nazar Beat Laden Dj Doraemon Dj BeBeDeRa Dotorado Pro Dj Lilocox Dj Finicox Dj Zulox DZC Crew MZK Dj N.K Nidia Minaj Diamond Bass Dj Satelite […]]]> 0 Aïsha Devi – Mazdâ [Meta Love Song] Tue, 25 Aug 2015 21:02:25 +0000 artworks-000127437187-yfbws8-t500x500
Wow, this is pretty mind-blowing and I love the description too: “Mazdâ’ is “an ‘R’n’B incantation. It’s about burning the ego and finding inner peace. It’s a meta love song.” It’s by Swiss-Nepalese artist Aisha Devi who sounds like a cross between a Transnational Bjork & Kate Bush creating a soundtrack to a David Lynch movie. It’s her second outing on London’s Houndstooth label following her earlier EP release “Conscious Cunt”. “Here, the conceptual musician and label owner resumes her dark and intricate self-journey, described as both an identity search and spiritual quest challenging our perception of reality and the possibility of alter-invisible dimensions, ‘the disconnection between matter and spirit in our society’.” Aïsha Devi’s “Of Matter and Spirit” LP is due for release on 2nd October via Houndstooth. Pre-Order 2xLP / CD:…spirit.html Pre-Order on iTunes / Google Play: PR: Kathryne Chalker – Be sure to check out her amazing previous EP too, totally slept on this one: Besides founding her label, Danse Noire, releasing leftfield electronic music from the likes of IVVVO and Vaghe Stelle, Swiss-born, Nepalese-Tibetan electronic producer @aisha-devi’s latest solo productions are further testament to her personal evolution. The ‘Conscious Cunt’ EP explores different […]]]> 0 Prince : “This Could B Us” [PrinceStep] Tue, 25 Aug 2015 20:41:23 +0000 Prince-This-Could-B-Us-Artwork
I made a special request not so long ago for my Purple friend to start embracing more underground sounds into his music and it seems he has started to take on board some of my advice. He teased us with snippets of it on his last release Art Official Age and some of it worked and some of it didn’t. It seems he’s intent on doing more of the same on his forthcoming new record HitNRun. Shades of PrinceStep on this track, perhaps a few years too late but at least he’s now starting to get it a little bit more and it’s possible you’ll hear some Purple Fodencia, Tarraxinha, Tarraxo or even Future Tarraxo in the coming years. Here’s hoping. I’m feeling this track and would be interested to hear where the full thing goes. Thanks to our good dude Eddie from Okayplayer for letting me know about this and here’s what his site says: A 30 second preview of “This Could B Us” has been put online for those abstaining from TIDAL, but don’t expect to see it pop up in your Spotify or SoundCloud feed anytime soon. Prince has gone on record calling much of the conventional […]]]> 0 HotGem – Everybody hustlin’ mix Tue, 25 Aug 2015 17:43:53 +0000 a-tiger8
Another great mix here from our Hottie Head Honcho from the HotGem label (that sounds catchy, she ought to use that Starts off in terrific ambient mood setting the scene for a great journey into HotGem Land. Features Ruff Sqwad, Nancy Sinatra, Chaka Khan, her matey Koreless, Pusha T, classics by Raze, Caribou, her artists Machines in Heaven, Indian shit like Rahul Dev Burma, Hudson Mohawk, Syrian Dabke, Saint Etienne, some Gen Bass stuff too and so much more.   This is the kind of diverse and wide-ranging mix we love here at Generation Bass cause it kinda epitomizes what we’re all about.  She’s just recently started creating mixes and I gotta say she’s def got a knack for it, keep them coming Clair. HotGem – Everybody hustlin’ mix by Clair Crawford on Mixcloud]]> 0 Classical Trax Brings the Rawest Possible Club Music [Compilation] Tue, 25 Aug 2015 10:31:38 +0000 8ChannelTrax
There are three types of nostalgia: 1.) the one that keeps one’s view permanently directed backwards without any appreciation for the present 2.) the one that tries to strictly immitate or sterilely conserve something from the past in the present, and  3.) the one that uses the past as an inspiration to get out of a present creative deadlock and open new ways to new things. While the first and the second types have brought most of contemporary culture to an almost absolute standstill, the third sometimes necessary to prevent that same culture from such imminent disaster. We know all about that here at Generation Bass. And when Classical Trax, the internet community that hosts the most creative individuals in music on te planet, launches an 8-channel compilation project, you know that culture is on the brink of being saved. The rules were basically as follows: “make something as crazy and exciting as possible with onlly 8 recording tracks with only one effect per track.” The result is a wildly diverse 9 tracks counting compilation from a varied range of producers from different parts of the world. And even though bringing back the restrictions that bring back the struggles from less convenient days of music recording is a ‘retro’ thing in principle, this project is quite the opposite of […]]]> 0 DJ BUSINESS CLASS (LAWRENCE ABU HAMDAN) [ARABTRONIX] Sat, 22 Aug 2015 15:46:57 +0000 image_crop
Really cool Arabic mix here from DJ Business Class dropped for Dis Mag a few months back which I caught up with this week. Features material from a lot of underground artists, some of whom I included in my Arabtronix Volume 5 Mixtape (see below) and also Generation Bass Electro Chaabi dudes. The last track steals it for me from Syrian vocalist Sarya Sawas, absolute killah! 1. Dj Khaled Al Masri 2. Dj Wolfulis Hamada Enani – The Madness 2015 3. Metwa & Saif – I hit myself 4. 808 Mafia – Danny Glover (Young Thug) Instrumental 2014 5. Future – March Madness prod. by 808 Mafia 2015 6. Unknown (Cairo) 7. Dj Amr 7a7a – 50 cent in da club remix 8. Dj Figo 9. Maurice Louca – Malnash Diyah (Spineless) 2014 10. Dj Bouchra al [inaudible] – Unknown mix 2012 11. Tarek al safa7 – remix 2012 12. Dj A7mad Al Da5eel – Volcano remix 2013 13. Sarya Sawas – Just listen to me your driving me crazy 2011 DJ Business Class aka Lawrence Abu Hamdan lives in Beirut, Lebanon and his work frequently deals with the relationship between listening and politics, borders, human rights, testimony and truth […]]]> 0 LYK (Let You Know) …..SAVING BORDERS. Sat, 22 Aug 2015 08:11:58 +0000 artworks-000124576444-jaotw5-t500x500
LYK (Let You Know) are two producers,Angomusic ( Toronto ) and Druture ( Atlanta ).Together they developed this music project,where mixed styles as diverse as EDM,Trap,Footwork,Hip Hop…The future is now and here,listen and enjoy.]]> 0