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In the midst of a totally reshuffling music landscape, 2015 has so far been the best year for music in a long time. In a way it looks like 2009, very early days of what would come to be known as ‘global bass’, when a small circle of enthusiasts, producers, dj’s and bloggers, engaged in a passionate underground community on the internet, passing around the freshest finds from all over the world to remix, mashup, insert into mixtapes and to make the next round of tracks with ever more influences and flavours. The atmosphere was to inspire and to be inspired and to celebrate the diversity of the most exciting club and bass music coming from places ranging from Baltimore to Luanda, from Rio de Janeiro to Tilburg. Previous essential EP’s >> #1 ; #2 ; #3 ; #4 Then came the mainstream media attention and the rise to fame of one platform from this underground, becoming EDM’s innovation magician, drawing hype after hype out of its hat. But under the covered table supporting that hat was still this underground, blogs like Generation Bass, who kept on finding and, against our will, scouting talent from around the world who could then readily be grabbed by the ears and pulled through the hat. Hyped as if […]]]> 0 SHA SHA KIMBO, Breaking Stereotypes Thu, 30 Jul 2015 15:12:03 +0000 sha sha kimbo 2
Sha Sha Kimbo is an American DJ/ Producer/ Radio & Club Host, residing in Los Angeles, California.Her frenetic activity is focused on Underground club and bass music,footwork and grime.Her last soundcloud reference is a own track and two remixes manufactured by Swisha Sweet and Lillia  Betz, three different ways to define the concept of Club Music. The three tracks are free download… Enjoy!!!  ]]> 0 NIGHT: THE BRAND NEW BORIS VIANDE EP Sat, 25 Jul 2015 12:04:23 +0000 11057521_10153088994582972_1751734588245023030_n
  When it comes to Balkan-electro music – France is a new SuperBalkanPower! As an example, check out this new technoish-Balkan EP from Boris Viande, simply called NIGHT. Simple, minimalistic, yet Balkan; it`s a without any doubt fresh approach to the music of my peninsula. Actually, the EP cover says a lot (this time). Well, enjoy!     Yeah, but where are the free downloads? Here, grab this:  ]]> 0 BAZAAR KINGS: THE PANNONIAN SEA TROPICAL BOMB! Thu, 23 Jul 2015 17:47:40 +0000 11699077_1638288883054319_6090852895315509715_o
The Pannonian Sea? “The Pannonian Sea was a shallow ancient sea located where the Pannonian Basin in Central Europe is now. The Pannonian Sea existed during the Miocene and Pliocene epochs, when a three to four kilometre depth of marine sediments were deposited in the Pannonian Basin.” So that`s where they get their vybz from. And who are they? Bazaar Kings are DJ/producer duo from Budapest, Hungary, consisting of DJ SuperStereo and DJ Pozor. It`s a brand new collab project, not older than a year i think, but they already have a lot of nice goodies out there on the InterWeb! Check this out first, this is their official video of the “Summer Things” track that features Italian MC Attila (BUY THE TRACK HERE):     Or check out their twist on Lambada:     Now let them introduce themselves:       And for the end – check out their mixtapes! Worth a listen definitely!          ]]> 0 SOUNDCLOUDS OVER ZAJEČAR TOWN Tue, 21 Jul 2015 07:46:31 +0000 ZAHotelSrbija
  Zaječar is a town in Eastern Serbia nationally known for rock music because of Gitarijada, the oldest giutar-oriented music festival in the Ex-Yugoslav region. But the town has something else – electronic folk music individuals that make something rather extraordinary and hang it on the SoundCloud. So let`s check the soundclouds over the skies of Eastern Serbia. Enjoy!   — FUKUSHIMA —   — PRŽENO —   — MR FOKUS —]]> 0 The Rise and Rise of N·A·A·F·I Mon, 20 Jul 2015 16:48:57 +0000 NAAFIdesign
It is almost exactly five years ago now, since the Mexican label & music collective NAAFI started pioneering in Mexico City with forward looking club nights. They called their concept ‘ritmos periféricos': a blend of underground styles, just outside of the mainstream, by which the new generations of youths growing up in today’s Mexico express themselves. Within those five years, their sound would come to pave the way into the future of music, in Mexico and beyond. NAAFI has functioned as a magnet and gathering spot for the most creative minds in the country such as Lao, Siete Catorce, Mexican Jihad and Dj Smurphy, who have transformed Mexico City into one of the most innovative hotbeds for music and culture on the globe. Internationally, they work closely together with the trax avant garde. Names like Venus X (US), Massacooramaan (US), Imaabs (Chile) and Dinamarca (Sweden) have all worked together with the NAAFI crew. The power behind the ‘ritmos periféricos’ his hard to pin down to one single thing. They truly manage to connect global developments on the internet with homegrown youth cultures in the city. Their IRL club nights, seamlessly combine experimental jersey club and grime with urban flavoured cumbiaton, 3ball, reggaeton and hip-hop, bringing people from a wide range of scenes and backgrounds together on the dance floor in a friendly and inspring setting. This has sparked an […]]]> 0 FRESH OUTTA SERBIA: MEET THE RAWBUTT!!! Sun, 19 Jul 2015 10:41:49 +0000 10154106_819319251458278_5893433208988332187_n
  I came across this artist the other day while i was listening to some JungleTerror… and I liked the sound very much. I`ve checked his location and it turned out to be my city: Belgrade, Serbia. I`ve seen the artist info – and it turned out that i actually know the guy! He`s well known in Serbia as SevdahBaby, doing some disco-funky-vocal-housey stuff (with a hint of Balkan music from time to time)… But this is something else, it`s a RawButt: “Milan Stankovic a.k.a RawButt is no stranger to futuristic concepts, nor to raw, butt-shaking tribal beats. He is a veteran in both areas, as he is an architect by education and also a full-time posterior lover. This raw-butt wordplay explains the whole „robot“ idea perfectly, since the beats Milan makes are both „kraftwerky“ and also irresistibly physical and funky. If you could imagine a loud, lustful robot doing the booty shake, you wouldn’t have difficulty imagining the RawButt sound.”   Well, check it out, follow the guy, most of the downloads are free:                ]]> 0 Offshore Devices Vol​.​2: Dynasty Wed, 15 Jul 2015 14:51:02 +0000 artworks-000122775969-zqheb9-t500x500
I really enjoyed Volume 1 (which you can still grab below) and I’m loving Volume 2 from a trio of Middle Eastern producers Al Rajul Al Hadidi, Munma and Jad Atoui. Volume 2 takes in a bit more of a Far Eastern Oriental vibe, part Hip Hop and part chilled out affair but totally enthralling. Offshore Devices Vol.2: Dynasty by Offshore Devices Here’s Volume 1: Offshore Devices Vol.1: Ravikkai Groove by Offshore Devices]]> 0 DARKSLAVEZ – STOLEN PC MIX [ GQOM] Tue, 14 Jul 2015 00:07:09 +0000 artworks-000123133479-hbrwzk-t500x500
This awesome mix just dropped from the heart of Gqom from Durban producer Darkslavez. Here’s what is said: DARKSLAVEZ is a 21-year-old from Durban. This mix showcases a collection of tracks produced in 2014 and early 2015. The PC containing all of the project files was stolen so they only exist as low-quality MP3 files, compressing the already rugged sonics to claustrophobic extremes.]]> 0 Bolango, future baile by Rocky Wellstack and Ruxell Mon, 13 Jul 2015 23:48:24 +0000 cover_1
Bolango is the perfect experience how differing views of electronic music can be explored, in this specific case, on Baile Funk. How to predict the future of a movement? I don’t know the answer but this track can be a way to see a direction to it. Rocky Wellstack did his first experiment on “Come on to me” a old way to remix electronic music that a lot of producers are usual to use: insert the volt mix beat on track. But – I suppose – what made the difference is that remix rescued the 128 BPM! Man, how I miss that, all those new tracks are on 100, 110, or trap style, on 140,150,160.   Baile funk is based on 128 BPM and it’s easy to mix tamborzão and volt mix for electronic tracks. After his first experience, Wellstack gave the next step and created Bolango with Ruxell, a producer from Rio de Janeiro, which is also exploring more about this culture of his own city. His main work is with Ragga. So with two different view, this can be the best way to create a new direction to baile funk. And “Bolango” used the best elements of baile […]]]> 0