Bison X Kush Arora X Squareffekt – Northern Migration


#Future Tarraxo, Tarraxo, Zouk, Kizomba, whatever you wanna call it, I’m still really loving these sensual vibes and especially the place where Bison & Squareffekt take this sound.

The opening and often ending of their tracks always remind me in some way of the 1983 epic Scarface and the Soundtrack by Giogio Moroder, albeit the music itself bears no relation to the story line, imagery or themes of that movie.

I still think the full potential of Bison has remained unmatched since his first EP which we released “The New Wave of Tarraxinha” but this and his subsequent releases with Squareffekt have come very, very close.

On this new number, they have teamed up with a very familiar and established name in the scene, Kush Arora, who we’ve known since the beginnings of this blog. With Kush in tow, the #Future Tarraxo sound is the dominant backdrop but it is stretched further to include a subtle Indian influence on the percussion and also in my view a very surprising hint of Pop Arabia in the strings, now that is something I’d really love to hear more of in their productions because it just seems to fit in so naturally.

Another gorgeous track that deserves so much more attention than it is likely to receive online.

Here’s what they say about their collab:

After having a internet admiration for each other’s music, and a desire to learn from each other on their traditions, the three of these folks across the world started to trade sketches in 2015 which lead to this song, the first of many that will be emerging.

Bison & Squareffekt are a Portuguese production duo on the rise, who have a unique, futuristic and melancholic take on the sensual cadence of Angolan kizomba and tarraxo. As the zouk bass sound spreads across the globe and producers push these sweaty 90BPM into new and unfamiliar territories, the duo takes an organic approach to the genre as they reimagine the tarraxo sound from within. Putting a modern electronic twist into the slow sexy beats that make the ghettos dance provocatively from Lisbon to Luanda, Bison & Squareffekt are definitely here to stay.

Kush Arora has been producing a variety of indo carribean, kuduro, industrial, and ambient sounds in San Francisco for over 18 years. He lends his sound design, beat structures, and evolving landscapes to the tarraxo formula, propelling it further and further into space.

Shaman Sisters – Nu Age Riddim


Carlos the dude behind the artists Shaman Sisters and bblos and the label/arts community Soft Curfew is one of the coolest dudes I speak to on Soundcloud. He always starts with calling me “playa” and ends a convo with “Stay fresh. No bad days playa” which I think are the coolest words anybody has ever said to me on Soundcloud. I can just imagine him saying them in a humble, friendly, chilled out, stoned and hazy Cali voice with emphasis on ultra slow delivery. Maybe it’s just a Cali thing, I don’t know but I like it. As I do the Shaman Sisters.

There’s something very simplistic and naive about their music but it has tons of feel good melodies and I just keep a track on loop, like forever, which is a good thing cause it means it’s really good if it can withstand multiple listens. Their EP is due out soon. Their music always puts me in a good man, much like Carlos’ convo’s with me.

Stay fresh, no bad days playa!

Orange boy after firing it, will Crash It!


crash it capa 6

While 80% of producers still follow the ‘way of success’ from other producers, I found Orange Boy, a brazilian guy from Goias – Middle West from Brazil. He is enjoying metallics-synths with dancing beats, walking from twerk to moombahton and remixing tracks from his childhood, as music by Michael Jackson.
He Has a good hand to synths and remixes. I spoke with him to understand why he is releasing his second EP, Crash It, only with remixes, since the first EP – Fire It, there was only originals.

The EP will be available to download on Friday – 18/march – but Orange boy mixed all 8 remixes in this mini-mix. He also said me, that who download the EP will receive a bônus remix and a unreleased remix from Sigma! So take attention to don’t lose it on Bandcamp (free download in exchange to your email).

– Who is the Orange Boy?

Pure fire, anger and restlessness.
– How did the idea of the EP of remixes ‘Crash It‘?

Man, I love remix. I love reworks, mashups and edits. This is the soul of electronic music. I made many remixes and saw that some I had already ready made. So I wanted to bring something new to the scene with my music remixes and I’d like to hear this kind of music in the club and, damn, how I like to hear. So I took the opportunity to explore many styles that I enjoy in the Bass music with this EP.

– What can we expect from the Orange Boy in the future?

Man….A lot of thing! I have a side project ‘underground’ to come out soon, and my 3rd EP is already in half. My mother said it would be loud as well as being only original. And other things too early to tell. For now, I’m just enjoying this crazy politic tense atmosphere in my the country.


Presskit 1


Follow him at: Soundcloud // Facebook

Banginclude & Comrade : To The Floor EP


Our dude Banginclude (f**kin’ rhymes) and my comrade in arms, DJ Comrade have come together in titanic force to drop this new EP bristling with the freshest take on Carioca Funk, B-more and Jersey Club.

5 massive club tunes to blow the roof off any club. These are anthems guaranted to cause mayhem!




“Don’t f**k with DJ Haram”!, sound advice and I’d take it if I were you. The Philly DJ/Producer who is on the rise this year has just dropped this mega fresh track with a Dubby vibe underpinned with Middle Eastern percussion and a raw Jersey backdrop. Sounds kinda sleazy, yet totally enthralling and unlike much else around at the moment, rare, like a Bird of Paradise.

Absolutely loving this:




This guy could make millions only if Björk could hear him, trust me. He`s from Belgrade, Serbia and is complete avant-garde artist, very cunning in breaking of all known rules of music. Equipped with plastic r`n`b piano grabbed from YouTube and autotune stuck in C major, Mr. Adnan constantly pushes the boundaries of possible since his first on-line appearance some years ago. HE`S THE NEXT LEVEL. Check it out:



Though it may seem out of tune for most of us – try to think about this outside the box. Who needs rules? Who invented the rules in music? Was it God or was it us, the humans? Do we have to obey them by all means or our urge to express ourselves can overthrow them? I think that artists doesn`t have to follow them. They have to know them in order to avoid them. Thus the C major lasts forever as long as Mr. Adnan is concerned. Before you dare to judge anything, please remember that THE ARTIST COMES FIRST.




This music is natural. Nature has no straight lines as we all know. And the lyrics are about love. It`s actually a natural love call, a primordial sex drive, similar to deer roar in springtime, with the same function as those shiny feathers of peacock`s tail. It lasts at least until the sex partner is attracted. Let`s hope it`s going to echo much longer than that.



And now behold the video of Mr. Adnan featuring Mr. Arbenita, his sister:




Some great new kizomba tunes by DJ Ghost Face


We’ve been digging the Milan based kizomba experimentalist Edoardo Simoni a.k.a. DJ ghostface ever since we found out about his gothic kizomba tune. Since we gave our first shoutout last summer, he has uploaded lots of new music. We picked our favourites!


Ghost town (gothic-romantic kizomba)

Whats App tarraxa

SuperMario Bros Tarraxa

Dark Side (StarWars tarraxa)


Follow DJ Ghost Face:




Sam Tiba (Club Cheval) 人へ 。 ヒトを 。 人か – S O U N D S F R O M J A P A N –


Really cool mix here from Sam Tiba from Club Cheval incorporating his memories of music from his childhood which I guess was spent in Japan or in a Japanese household or in a household that loved Japanese musicians, who knows.

I can’t remember the last time I blogged Sam Tiba but I remember the first time with his brilliant “Barbie Weed” track back in 2009!

I don’t know a majority of the stuff on this mixtape but I do know and am very familar with Ryuichi Sakamoto who features on this mix with one of my all time favourite tracks featuring David Sylvian “Forbidden Colours”.  Sam has chosen to use the Cinematic version as opposed to the original but I never tire of hearing either version of this awesome tune.

This is a great chilled experience.

MSC – 宿ノ斜塔
Cornelius – Fantasma
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Forbidden Colours
Masuda Toshio – Tsuyu wo Suu Gun
Inada Shintarou – Fruits
M-Flo – Ro-Ri-Tanjou
Norikiyo – NEXT Pro.K-NERO
Loop Junktion – 弔
Nujabes – Luv(Sic) Pt. 4 feat. Shing02 (Instrumental)
Shuren The Fire – Yudachi
Ryuichi Sakamoto – War & Peace
Sakura Ensemble – Ensemble 16
Asa-Chang & Junray – Senaka
Tujiko Noriko – I Love You
Towa Tei – Happy
Shuta Hasunuma – Discover Tokyo
Masuda Toshio – Mushishi no Theme
Some Shakuhachi Melody
Tomita – Clair de Lune
Aoki Takamasa -Tujiko Noriko
Notuv – Valse (Sam Tiba Edit)
Seiho – Someone To Call My Lover (Sam Tiba Edit)
Ozrosaurus – Rollin’ 045
Shintaro Aoki – Kai no Kanashimi
Akiko Yano – Kanashikute Yarikire Nai
Keiichiro Shibuya – For Maria
Kyo Ichinose – Never Always
Nujabes – Mystline (Reversed)
DJ Krush – Living in the Future (feat. tha BOSS)
Yoko Kanno – Atomic Bird (Cosmic Voices From Bulgaria)
X-Japan – Endless Rain (Music Box Version)
Eri Sugai – Mai
Tomomichi Takeoka – Shinshu Plains
Koichi Sugiyama – Melancholy (Reversed)
Nobuo Uematsu – Zanarkand (Intimate Version) (Reversed)
Buddha Brand – ブッダの休日

Maramza : Umlungu WeGqom


Since the Tarraxo wave, one of the only things that’s been grabbing more and more of my interest, save for Arabic stuff, is Gqom and its evolution, especially in the hands of dudes like South African Maramza.

Maramza has added an Apocalyptic flair to his Gqom productions much in the same vein that dudes from the Portuguese Bass Underground did to Tarraxo & Fodencia. This makes it super exciting, interesting and highly relevant.

Maramza has just dropped this 4 track EP consisting of Gqom set in a dystopian, apocalyptic world where the future is bleak. There’s very little hope for humanity mirroring much of the world today. Where you have a savage Neo-Facist Nazi like The Trump trying to take over the world and lead one of the world’s most powerful nations into total annihilation. A world devoid of dignity and respect for humanity.

It’s an intoxicating listen:

Don’t forget to check the awesome remix he did for our recent Neki release:



Norwegian artist Center of the Universe aka Jørgen Skjulstads has been on the Generation Bass radar for a few years now. Center of the Universe does a unique brand of quirky electronica that takes in all manner of things. His releases contain traditional songs remade alongside original compositions inspired by archaic entertainment consoles and pre-iPhone computer culture ranging from Azeri Skip, Post-Reggaeton, BalkanBit, Oriental Dub, Arabic Skweee, Balkan Skweee through to Post-Rembetika amongst many other things.

For Generation Bass he has dropped this free Arabic Skweee/Oriental Dub/Greek/Turkish EP which he calls “Never mind the böreks”. This EP consists of 4 tracks.


Following our short preface, C.O.U. tells us about the tracks in his own words:

1. Sigara Böreği

This track has a very Kraftwerk vibe about it in terms of tempo and melody.

“This started out as a remix for Oslo avant-rockers Moon Relay. First I sang upon their guitars and added a lot of instruments for their remix. Then I wanted to do a break-dance-version of that remix and in the process everything except some ring modulated synths and the beat was gone out in favour of some more oriental vibes. The track is heavily inspired by Swedish Skweee-pioneer and Dj Daniel Savio.”

2. Black Feta

This is an epic track and we love the way that it builds up to that nastier wobble section. It’s got an air of Oum Kalthoum about it, that epic, lengthy, big Egyptian sound.

“A few years ago I made a bootleg of the Bendaly family “Do you love me?” I wanted to do a similar track but without sampling someone. For this I recorded some oud, some synths and a cimbalon and tried to edit them into an oriental dub-mix.”

3. Songs of Today

At first, we thought this was a Balkan track, Serbian or Bosnian, surprised when we found it was Greek. It’s got a Trap vibe about it and is a great opener for a DJ set. Sounds like a contemporary urban version of a track from a good time musical soundtrack.

“This song started with a sample from a Greek old record bought at a flea-marked. There are only Greek letters on it except of the title “Songs of today” I got a Greek friend to translate the words and it is a nice love song.

Chorus goes like: (get out my delalis* and agas** in
sejiani***) * Turkish word for the man that used to shout the news on the streets ** Turkish word for the prince *** serjiani = relaxing by looking at the horizon without doing anything.

Pretty lyrical innit!”

4. The Power of Börek

This reminds us 50 Cent. A very melodic track with an awesome DnB section.

“This song is named after a home-made semi-modular synth called the Börek energy, which provides the bass-line for the track. It is homage to US producer Lazercrotch that made a lot of nice music a bit similar to this”.

5. Sigara Böreği (Streamer’s Late Night Take-Away Remix)

A bonus remix by our friend Streamer (“Walking with Camels” EP on GB) takes C.O.U. into 90’s Madchester territory with a bumpy, groovy ‘twistin’ my melons man’ mood!


Inspired by folk music and rhythmic excesses from all over the world the Center of the Universe made his first recordings in 2000. The group, which admittedly is not a band, but rather Jørgen Skjulstads (Now we’ve got members, Salvatore) solo project, combines heavy bass, odd meters and various exotic elements with a lo-fi approach in his recording methods.

Center of the Universe has been active in the Norwegian underground music scene since 1998 and has in addition to participating in several other projects, found the time to release a whole host of solo albums, including a trilogy where the theme was space and time. It is difficult to give a clear definition of the band’s musical impression, as this tends to change from release to release, but it would not be wrong to say that melody is always at the center. What apparently may begin as a pop song entices you into a world where nothing is as it seems and musical expectations are seldom met. For the Center of the Universe no surna is too high and no bass too deep. He has always walked off the beaten path next to the road less travelled and keeps trudging on in a landscape where the sun shines, vulcanoes erupt and it’s raining guitars, sitars and just plain’ol tars.