avatars-000001107344-j1lc7o-t500x500 A Beginner’s Guide to Skweee Some things remain timeless as is the case with Skweee. To my ears this vastly underrated genre aka Scandinavian Electro-Funk still sounds fresh, much fresher than many genres that have come and gone Read More
a2341139462_10 CHUCK UPBEAT: ORIENTAL BASS [ALBUM]   Chuck Upbeat`s Far Eastern fascination continues! Now he unleashed a full album - a must if you like Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese or Korean traditional music, all wrapped in global bass Read More
doc_adam_055 DOC ADAM : ALMOST 50 2016 EDITS One of the original Moombahtonista's and all round nice dude and hyper intelligent guy, Doc Adam unleashes a glorious number of edits, totalling almost 50! Ranging from Adele through to Young Jeezy Read More
Desert Wave 4 - chillin @ the PyramidsbrownFULL DesertWave Part 4 – Chillin’ @ The Pyramids Desert Wave is an Arabic/Eastern themed concept which is both ambient and rave in equal measure. It conceptualizes a hallucinogenic & psychedelic vibe where you can trip' out in mellow mood Read More
artworks-000156373261-dij6b1-t500x500 8ulentina & Tobago Tracks Present : Dismiss U A compilation very reminiscent of Muslimgazue and latterly Mutamassik has just dropped on Tobago Tracks label. It's been curated by Club Chai resident 8ulentina who you should be familiar with by Read More
WEB_PHOTO_AF_FASHION1_06082015 Gqom : Like This! Streamer has been at the Gqom again and he's come up with a storming new track which is an awesome prelude to the Walking with Camels Remix EP that we'll be dropping soon.  Incidentally, a Gqom remix Read More
bored-lord-195x150 Bored Lord… The Global Artist. Bored Lord is part of Rare Nnudes, a digital collective that includes fellow cyber artists BastienGOAT, minivan_markus, and p l a i n t e x t. Their Bampcamp contains some truly ace releases by a variety Read More
avatars-000018930504-lfj6aw-t500x500 Himuro Yoshiteru : Vibe & Dreamcast We've had a long-standing love affair with Japanese producer HIMURO YOSHITERU who started out in the 90's alongside guys like Squarepusher and Freeform and who was bigged up by the likes of the late Read More



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