OtinaOtina : Basslines & Culture 5


For me this year the most interesting artists making new underground music, creating new scenes and concepts and coming with the “attitude” are the ladies. They really are on the rise this year in this scene. People like Dj Haram, Foozool, 8ulentina, Sinerise, Maieli, OchoBoyz, Zhe Pechorin, Deena Abdelwahed, Soisy and many others including of course OtinaOtina. Then you have the more established artists like Fatima Al Qadri and Asma from Nguzunguzu, Mutamassik, Venus X and many others who have inspired and set the tone for this new breed.

So keep a look out for all of that stuff cause it def has a foothold in setting the scene for the future of interesting dance music with a Transnational flava without going all EDM or colonial on us!

Here’s the latest mixtape offering from OtinaOtina from her Basslines and Culture series and in this one she’s taking in Genre-bending Bhangtrap x Bollytrap x Arabtronix x Persiantrap x Sufritronix + more. Right up our street!

Artist Tracklisting:

Nucleya – nucleya.bandcamp.com
They Call Me Jack – @theycallmejack-official
SDM & StringVibe –
Dj Ashwani
illtext x Sampul
Mind over Mayhem
Axel Thesleff – @axelthesleff
Maieli – biancamaieli.com
Rishi BassFakira – rishivyas.com/the-last-bassfakira/
OchoBoyz – ochoboyzbnu.tumblr.com
The Secret Archives of the Vatican –
Sikh Knowledge – realistan.tumblr.com
Foozool – @foozool
Ampresi – @ampresimusic
Panjabi Architect (MDR PROJECT) www.reverbnation.com/panjabiarchitect
Interlude – Rukus Avenue www.youtube.com/user/RukusAvenue
Lookas – Lookasmusic – Samurai
J-Statik & DJ KSR –
Fuego – @fuegomusica
Outro – Jus Reign


Center Of The Universe – Never mind the böreks EP [Exclusive Stream]


Norwegian artist Center of the Universe aka Jørgen Skjulstads has been on the Generation Bass radar for a few years now. Center of the Universe does a unique brand of quirky electronica that takes in all manner of things. His releases contain traditional songs remade alongside original compositions inspired by archaic entertainment consoles and pre-iPhone computer culture ranging from Azeri Skip, Post-Reggaeton, BalkanBit, Oriental Dub, Arabic Skweee, Balkan Skweee through to Post-Rembetika amongst many other things.

For Generation Bass he has dropped this free Arabic Skweee/Oriental Dub/Greek/Turkish EP which he calls “Never mind the böreks”. This EP consists of 4 tracks.


Following our short preface, C.O.U. tells us about the tracks in his own words:

1. Sigara Böreği

This track has a very Kraftwerk vibe about it in terms of tempo and melody.

“This started out as a remix for Oslo avant-rockers Moon Relay. First I sang upon their guitars and added a lot of instruments for their remix. Then I wanted to do a break-dance-version of that remix and in the process everything except some ring modulated synths and the beat was gone out in favour of some more oriental vibes. The track is heavily inspired by Swedish Skweee-pioneer and Dj Daniel Savio.”

2. Black Feta

This is an epic track and we love the way that it builds up to that nastier wobble section. It’s got an air of Oum Kalthoum about it, that epic, lengthy, big Egyptian sound.

“A few years ago I made a bootleg of the Bendaly family “Do you love me?” I wanted to do a similar track but without sampling someone. For this I recorded some oud, some synths and a cimbalon and tried to edit them into an oriental dub-mix.”

3. Songs of Today

At first, we thought this was a Balkan track, Serbian or Bosnian, surprised when we found it was Greek. It’s got a Trap vibe about it and is a great opener for a DJ set. Sounds like a contemporary urban version of a track from a good time musical soundtrack.

“This song started with a sample from a Greek old record bought at a flea-marked. There are only Greek letters on it except of the title “Songs of today” I got a Greek friend to translate the words and it is a nice love song.

Chorus goes like: (get out my delalis* and agas** in
sejiani***) * Turkish word for the man that used to shout the news on the streets ** Turkish word for the prince *** serjiani = relaxing by looking at the horizon without doing anything.

Pretty lyrical innit!”

4. The Power of Börek

This reminds us 50 Cent. A very melodic track with an awesome DnB section.

“This song is named after a home-made semi-modular synth called the Börek energy, which provides the bass-line for the track. It is homage to US producer Lazercrotch that made a lot of nice music a bit similar to this”.

5. Sigara Böreği (Streamer’s Late Night Take-Away Remix)

A bonus remix by our friend Streamer (“Walking with Camels” EP on GB) takes C.O.U. into 90’s Madchester territory with a bumpy, groovy ‘twistin’ my melons man’ mood!


Inspired by folk music and rhythmic excesses from all over the world the Center of the Universe made his first recordings in 2000. The group, which admittedly is not a band, but rather Jørgen Skjulstads (Now we’ve got members, Salvatore) solo project, combines heavy bass, odd meters and various exotic elements with a lo-fi approach in his recording methods.

Center of the Universe has been active in the Norwegian underground music scene since 1998 and has in addition to participating in several other projects, found the time to release a whole host of solo albums, including a trilogy where the theme was space and time. It is difficult to give a clear definition of the band’s musical impression, as this tends to change from release to release, but it would not be wrong to say that melody is always at the center. What apparently may begin as a pop song entices you into a world where nothing is as it seems and musical expectations are seldom met. For the Center of the Universe no surna is too high and no bass too deep. He has always walked off the beaten path next to the road less travelled and keeps trudging on in a landscape where the sun shines, vulcanoes erupt and it’s raining guitars, sitars and just plain’ol tars.








Wikipedia says:

Yavor Yanakiev (Bulgarian: Явор Янакиев, born 16 May 1985) better known by his stage name 100 Kila (Bulgarian: 100 Кила), is a Bulgarian rapper from Varna, Bulgaria. His stage name means 100 kilos in English.

Yanakiev was born and raised in Asparuhovo, Varna. His parents separated when he was 6. His mother moved to Greece and currently works there. From there she sent him money. He lived with his father and brother, until his father left them. Yavor studied in school until 8th grade.[1]

Yanakiev is of Romani Gypsy descent.”

Check this out:



If you dig it DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

Skweee pioneer now known as "Trauma Trauma" – Svart Hål


Yep, you’ve probably never heard of Trauma Trauma, neither had we until today. However, you’d be mistaken cause you have heard of the man behind Trauma Trauma, as have we, it’s Frans Carlqvist aka Limonious aka Pavan and one of the pioneers of the Skweee sound and head honcho of the awesome Skweee label Flogsta Danshall.

He is now going under the guise of Trauma Trauma for his latest release with Swedish label Flora Fauna and this is the first track from an album that will drop on 8th April.

The album will consist of “10 tracks of passive monotone repetitive electronics!”.

This is such a beautiful, hypnotic and unusual Electronic Ambient track, I’ve played it about 10 times already, just love it and it’s free!

Anderson Teixeira : [FirmaDoTxiGa] – 2k16 Tarraxa


The Portuguese Tarraxo scene is still wildly unexplored even though (mainly thanks to DJ Marfox) in the past 18 months it has managed to grace the covers of most of the reputable blogs and mags, something we predicted long before it happened.

This dude is still yet to be recognized for the phenomenal talent that he is. He first hit our radar when he appeared on an EP release by Dj Paparazzi almost 3 years ago and then on The Portuguese Bass Underground EP.

This dude is still unleashing lethal, intoxicating riddims that many others can’t hold a candle to. This stuff is still so, so good and still relatively unknown!

BRAAP and BSBass

EP Cover 1440x1440 (1)

The label Braza, is introducing all kind of electronic music from Brazil. Since you know a little from that big country, you will – at least – know about baile funk, Rio de Janeiro ghetto music. But, since Brazil is the 5th huge country in the world, and his size is almost all south america, you can guess there are another electronic cultures around there. And there is.

The duo BRAAP is from capital Brasília. Brasília is a ‘young’ city, it was born at 1950 more less and from a call of president to brazilian people from all country to help to build the capital. So there is a big mix of culture there and BRAAP grab all of it the EP BSBass.

They open the EP with Greengo, a trap music with brazilian influences. Then follow with VAI, moombahton song grabbing funk carioca influence. Going through, they met MC Jimmy Luv – from SP – and the group MOVNI.

MOVNI is a rap group from Brasília. They don’t have a characteristic accent – remember, BSB is a younger city, they are coming to the 3rd generation now in 2016. What is most interesting here are the lyrics talking about orbit, space, world, planets and another dimension things. They are 3 guys very intelligent and creatives, I never listened to any other kind of rap like that. And again, they are original.

I like the EP by the quality and technique, the BRAAP – Leandro Morgado and Marcus Diniz, are taking Brasília electronic music to another level, and including the city on global bass map.

You can download all material for free at Bandcamp – in exchange of your email. Or can support the artist with a regular download at oficial stores.

Follow BRAAP at Soundcloud and Facebook. And keep following Braza to know more about brazilian electronic music.


Concepts of Colour : Back Pain Ft. Zosia


I’m really feeling this production duo. Last week I posted their Desert Gangster track and this week they’ve come up with another chill house beauty full of dark atmosphere.  Very Trentemolleresque!

Here’s what they say:

Being trapped in a snow covered, wooden house in the mountains with @zosiabaroody led to this and the discovery of arguably the worlds best breakfast combination.

P.s. I ate a very crumbly apple crisp granola bar on a long chairlift yesterday and thought the situation was rather surreal so I laughed a little bit as I admired the view.

Free Download: bit.ly/1oJtgLV

A few weeks ago, @itskaasi told me of a beautiful idea he’d had about a way to be able to upload more of what he was really making on a daily basis. Real and raw, the motivation behind it, he’d worded beautifully;


His concept of ‘stamping’ an idea in time thrilled me mainly because of the fact that it allows you to hear the stepping stones between our releases or, as I like to think of them, the little moments of madness that would have otherwise remained private.

As producers, we’re often working on many projects at once, and ideas that could have actually been realised then and there in the moment, instead sit forgotten. Usually, an actual ‘song’ will have waited around for about a month or two before it then gets its scheduled release.

So, here is this Soundcloud, where I can share with you what I’m making today; just pure unabashed exploration and the things that weren’t ever meant to be anything more than what they are, this isn’t so much about my ‘songs’, so much as the sounds of my everyday.

I hope for this to serve as a map of my creative path, so you can see where my heart is going between my official releases, and more importantly what it is that is inspiring me now rather than a few months ago.

Ultimately, I can get back to feeling that this is all a humble journey, and not a deadline ridden marathon of milestones.

– TÂCHES (29.01.2016)