avatars-000027406698-lwsgk3-t500x500 Zhe Pechorin – Ensō The amazing Serbian/Bosnian producer Zhe Pechorin who is one of our faves returns with a an amazing new number which haunts and stays long in the memory. The subject matter is "Emptiness" and this Read More
IMG_0267 SEXXY SATURDAY CUMBIA Art by @misskgp   SEXXY SATURDAY CUMBIA WITH LA SELVA – HERE WE GO WITH THE MARCH EDITION As usual, it is a pleasure to present March´s edition of Sexxy Saturday Cumbia. An incredible Read More
artworks-000151524039-slrtp1-t500x500 CLU : BLADERUNNIN You know I'm a huge fan of Bladerunner, the visuals of the movie at the time it came out and even more now completely blew me away and then there was the soundtrack, perhaps one of the greatest movie Read More
eq why EQ Why…. Chicago Rules! With releases on Duck N' Cover Records and Booty Tune, and recently launching his own record label Equalized, @eqwhy is making big steps both in Chicago and throughout the world. And now we are proud to Read More
artworks-000151346257-42u31r-t500x500 Bison X Kush Arora X Squareffekt – Northern Migration #Future Tarraxo, Tarraxo, Zouk, Kizomba, whatever you wanna call it, I'm still really loving these sensual vibes and especially the place where Bison & Squareffekt take this sound. The opening Read More
artworks-000150178880-wv6xlx-t500x500 Shaman Sisters – Nu Age Riddim Carlos the dude behind the artists Shaman Sisters and bblos and the label/arts community Soft Curfew is one of the coolest dudes I speak to on Soundcloud. He always starts with calling me "playa" and Read More
crash it capa 6 Orange boy after firing it, will Crash It!   While 80% of producers still follow the 'way of success' from other producers, I found Orange Boy, a brazilian guy from Goias - Middle West from Brazil. He is enjoying metallics-synths Read More
artworks-000150978092-9asnx7-t500x500 Banginclude & Comrade : To The Floor EP Our dude Banginclude (f**kin' rhymes) and my comrade in arms, DJ Comrade have come together in titanic force to drop this new EP bristling with the freshest take on Carioca Funk, B-more and Jersey Read More



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