artworks-000150178880-wv6xlx-t500x500 Shaman Sisters – Nu Age Riddim Carlos the dude behind the artists Shaman Sisters and bblos and the label/arts community Soft Curfew is one of the coolest dudes I speak to on Soundcloud. He always starts with calling me "playa" and Read More
crash it capa 6 Orange boy after firing it, will Crash It!   While 80% of producers still follow the 'way of success' from other producers, I found Orange Boy, a brazilian guy from Goias - Middle West from Brazil. He is enjoying metallics-synths Read More
artworks-000150978092-9asnx7-t500x500 Banginclude & Comrade : To The Floor EP Our dude Banginclude (f**kin' rhymes) and my comrade in arms, DJ Comrade have come together in titanic force to drop this new EP bristling with the freshest take on Carioca Funk, B-more and Jersey Read More
artworks-000150988119-sht5im-t500x500 DJ HARAM : BIRDS OF PARADISE "Don't f**k with DJ Haram"!, sound advice and I'd take it if I were you. The Philly DJ/Producer who is on the rise this year has just dropped this mega fresh track with a Dubby vibe underpinned with Read More
Desktop MEET MR. ADNAN THE KING OF AVANT-GARDE   This guy could make millions only if Björk could hear him, trust me. He`s from Belgrade, Serbia and is complete avant-garde artist, very cunning in breaking of all known rules of music. Read More
Ghostface Some great new kizomba tunes by DJ Ghost Face We've been digging the Milan based kizomba experimentalist Edoardo Simoni a.k.a. DJ ghostface ever since we found out about his gothic kizomba tune. Since we gave our first shoutout last summer, he Read More
artworks-000150100500-f6bi4q-t500x500 Sam Tiba (Club Cheval) 人へ 。 ヒトを 。 人か – S O U N D S F R O M J A P A N – Really cool mix here from Sam Tiba from Club Cheval incorporating his memories of music from his childhood which I guess was spent in Japan or in a Japanese household or in a household that loved Japanese Read More
artworks-000148278757-qudjp1-t500x500 Maramza : Umlungu WeGqom Since the Tarraxo wave, one of the only things that's been grabbing more and more of my interest, save for Arabic stuff, is Gqom and its evolution, especially in the hands of dudes like South African Read More



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