10154106_819319251458278_5893433208988332187_n FRESH OUTTA SERBIA: MEET THE RAWBUTT!!!   I came across this artist the other day while i was listening to some JungleTerror... and I liked the sound very much. I`ve checked his location and it turned out to be my city: Belgrade, Read More
artworks-000122775969-zqheb9-t500x500 Offshore Devices Vol​.​2: Dynasty I really enjoyed Volume 1 (which you can still grab below) and I'm loving Volume 2 from a trio of Middle Eastern producers Al Rajul Al Hadidi, Munma and Jad Atoui. Volume 2 takes in a bit more of Read More
artworks-000123133479-hbrwzk-t500x500 DARKSLAVEZ – STOLEN PC MIX [ GQOM] This awesome mix just dropped from the heart of Gqom from Durban producer Darkslavez. Here's what is said: DARKSLAVEZ is a 21-year-old from Durban. This mix showcases a collection of tracks produced Read More
cover_1 Bolango, future baile by Rocky Wellstack and Ruxell Bolango is the perfect experience how differing views of electronic music can be explored, in this specific case, on Baile Funk. How to predict the future of a movement? I don't know the answer but Read More
mia-matahdatah-scroll-01-2015-billboard-650 Watch M.I.A.’s ‘Matahdatah’ Video Featuring New Track ‘Swords’ New M.I.A vid just dropped: In May, M.I.A. made headlines for claiming that she couldn’t put out a forthcoming video of a dancer in Côte d’Ivoire due to issues with cultural appropriation. Read More
HolographicFoil Mega Mixtape Roundup It's high summer now. In the Netherlands we're experiencing a heatwave as we speak, but the important thing is that summer is usually one of the most crucial periods that shape the course music will Read More
avatars-000151250299-dj4i3f-t500x500 ROZZMA : MIDDLE EAST IS CALLING!!! Thanks to western political interference :-( we already know the Middle East is blowing up.  But I mean it is really blowing up from a musical perspective too. And I don't just mean Western Artists Read More
a3252475928_16 Muudra : Resistance // مقاومة // Berxwedan [ Transnational Dubstep] Loving this release by Muudra, whoever he is. It's a sublime slice of Deep Transnational Dubstep, hypnotic, enthralling and trance-like. We need more of this kinda stuff, executed so masterfully Read More



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