Varying degrees of wonkyness from this week’s selected selectas with breakcore/gypsycore/whatevercore from Fexomat, murky dub & bass action from Goosensei and some moombahton-and-other-slow-stuff from Slugrave. Jump in… Fexomat I downloaded this first thing on Monday morning this week, feeling Read more […]


Welcome back to part 2: 1. GoldRush 2. NastyNasty 3.DemoKracy 4. Udachi 5. Chris B 6. Stephan Jacobs 7. SouRce 8. Profresher 9. Toro 43 10. Fancy Mike 11. (∆bstract-ONE) GoldRush 2 cutz to make you feel like Gold and 2 give you a BloodRush! You can still buy the original Love Hz release from Read more […]


Mixtape time my friends! This week opens with a mix from none other than yours truly… I’ve been passing judgement on your mixes, now it’s your chance to do the same to mine… Then we have some afro/funky from Bizt and some sublime soundscapes from Demdike Stare. andykisaragi Yeah that’s right Read more […]

Sharkslayer ATTACK!!!

BEWARE !! there’s a shark dropping furious bangers!! From Finland let me (re)introduce a guy i have been following for the last months..and i am sooooooooooo in love with his tunes that i was waiting to start 2011 with this wicked and FREE POST only about his tunes!!!! Last time i posted something Read more […]


Vienna´s KU BO returns with a big boom. After four acclaimed EPs, KU BO tracks have been licensed to Crookers “I Love Techno” compilation, Buraka Som Sistema´s “Fabric Live” mix, and played out by everyone from Brodinksi to Diplo. Now KU BO returns with his “Kawaida” EP. The EP presents Read more […]

Certified BANGERS ® !!

Heavy weight Dj Reaganomics created a digi dancehall that had this 80’s analog african vibe but he blended it with a great glitch attitude and in the end he put sorta dubstep wooble that makes the cherry on the ice cream.. it was soo good i joined with some positive lyrics ( in spanish) Grab it for Read more […]

BERT ON BEATS : "SUOMO" feat. Anbuley

I’m a big fan of Bert On Beats, he deserves to be bigger than he currently is as he produces certified dance floor club banga’s. I’ve been loving this release and my favourite version is the original by Bert On Beats albeit all of the remixes are great too. Anbuley is gonna be a huge star, just watch Read more […]

Kuduro+ Moombahton+ Barefoot+ Cumbia = BANGER

!!!! MUSIC is moving forward and getting elements from everywhere!!! MASSIVE B.A.N.G.E.RS!!! & BIG NAMES TODAY: Uproot andy, Top Billin, Joao Brasil .. UPROOT ANDY with a JEWEL (not free) Manuelita (Uproot Andy & Geko Jones RMX) by Uproot Andy Top Billin with an ass banger!! (not free) Read more […]

The 13th!!Mixes Massive Extravaganza!!

GOD!! New GenBass…New stuff!! MASSIVE POST!!!!.. I’ll be posting a MASSIVE SELECTION OF MIXTAPES FROM THE GLOBE!!! not 13 tho 😉 Basically you only need to put play, turn the volume up, get beer, or whatever u wanna get 😉 and enjoy the rest of your day!!!! So… to start: BUKARA SOM SISTEMA!! who Read more […]

Hey mr. Dj? can u make me sweat??

Sure Mofocas!! Let’s start dropping few free tunes and one that is not 🙁 THE NEWEST MOBY song!!!remixed by Zodiac Cartel Moby – Wait For Me (Zodiac Cartel Mix) TASTER by Zodiac Cartel So let’s move to the free section hahahahaha STEPHEN MARLEY refix by subswara Read more […]