AlmightyDeities Bęđŧīmĕ Šŧōŗĩėş – Āłmįģħŧŷ Đęįŧįęŝ Kįŝŝįŋģ EP [Witch House + Classical Music] No genre is absolute any more. Was 2015 the year where genres definitively died, 2016 is the year in which even overarching categories of music such as 'club', 'dance', 'bass', 'avant-garde' or 'band Read More
sex sat cumbia Dar Al Naim 1 SEXXY SATURDAY CUMBIA – JUNE Art by Dar Al Naim As the clothes start coming off, the days getting longer, and the festival season slowly winding up, we are very happy to present a summery selection of freshly backed cumbia tracks!   COCONUTAH Read More
IMG_3585 ARABTRONIX VOLUME 6 – R’N’B ARABIA Volume 6 of the ArabTronix series takes in a heavy dose of R'N'B slow jamz from Arabia, North Africa, Turkey and includes some vintage American cutz from Aaliyah who sampled a many Middle Eastern classic. Read More
13346507_1751962051710063_6234921670124782651_n Zhe Pechorin – Delhi Dance Another dark broody and haunting Tribal track from Zhe, an artist with heaps of substance and credibility and her sounds 100% match up to that. Here's what she says about it, this is deeep man in more Read More
avatars-000156296870-vlbvs3-t500x500 Hermanas Chamàn – Lego Mi Limbo A great new simple lizard edit with shaman vybz from the Soft Curfew Crew. Once again, a melody to die for! Read More
FASTA TRACKPACK GRAB NOW >> DJ FASTA’s ULTIMATE TRACKPACK Vol. 2 !! [25 Free Tracks] Half a year after the first edition, DJ FASTA's long awaited second Ultimate Trackpack is up for download! Fans of the Dutch urban-eclectic sound have already been able to enjoy some of the tracks, Read More
LucifersDream1 LUCIFER’s DREAM : A New Live Electronic Formation from Outer Space Zidonian X, the new moniker of the industrial/EBM producer-DJ formerly known as Aztlan Zidonia, joined forces with multi-talent Giek, one half of the performing arts duo Kots, forming a fresh music Read More
pelolargo SEXXY SATURDAY CUMBIA – MAY Art by Tropi Delia   Before we start this months musical intake, here’s is a little ‘aparté’ on a solar powered festival organised by good friends of La Selva and great tropical lovers Read More



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