Dubbhism’s DUBB with 2 ‘B’s

Instead of expanding the meaning of "dub" with his eclectic mad-hatter approach Dubbhism (a.k.a. Tony Dubshot) made it something completely new by adding another letter 'b'.Dubshot has uploaded over 100 tracks to Soundcloud from his Dubb Revolution Think Tank in Leiden, NL. A dub lab only 20 minutes Read more [...]


Yeah!!! The darkest day of the year!!! SO..what's better than some of the darkest tunes around? I have waited a WHOLE YEAR to put what i listen at home..lol.. u might get surprised..or not.. but for sure..you'll get the sweetest tunes for HALLOWEEN! including Die Antwoord vs Amon Tobin, Grindcore, Bloodstep, Read more [...]


Some of today's post is a lil' nepotistic, in that, it includes a lot of people I know, have met or who live in my home city..lol..but they're all here on merit, just so you know!!!I don't do that cash for questions bullsh** or put me on yer blog and I'll do this for ya crap!  Ask me that and I'll Read more [...]


Just grabbed this cut from a guy known as 3re who hails from Melbourne, Australia.Apparently it uses a sample from a movie called ZEITGEIST, must confess I ain't seen it.  Anyway, I really like this track and I like it even more for the fact that he classifies it as a new sub-genre called SHITZTEP!Now Read more [...]